3 Reasons to Book a Pretzel Food Truck For Your Event

If you’re like most people, you love a great snack. But on the long list of munchies that satisfy our mid-day or late-night cravings, which one tops the list? Cookies? Nope. Chips? Try again. Think of a snack that’s portable and on the go. A treat that’s versatile and can be savory or sweet. That’s right: pretzels. Those twisted, distinctively shaped pastries have stood the test of time— dating back to the 7th century A.D. Hungry yet? We thought so. But ditch that stale bag of store-bought pretzels and elevate your hankering by booking a pretzel food truck that takes these beloved goodies to the next level. Why? Because pre-packaged/over-processed is out, and homemade/handcrafted is in. Still not convinced? Well, not to worry! We’re here with three reasons why pretzel food trucks are the perfect catering companion for your next event. 

Pretzels Are the Ultimate Street Food Snack

From sports stadiums to city sidewalks, pretzels are the standard-bearer of classic street eats (sorry, hot dogs). For many of us, buying a big doughy pretzel on a New York City street is a quintessential experience. Or, if you’re in the suburbs, a trip to the mall means you’ll be leaving with an Auntie Anne’s slathered in butter or dusted with cinnamon sugar. The pretzel’s ubiquity is one of the reasons why it’s a no-brainer when you’re looking for a catered snack that everyone will love. 

Pretzel food trucks and carts like New York’s Sigmund’s Pretzels are famous for crafting batches of homemade artisanal pretzels. While Sigmund’s “I’m a Purist” soft pretzels are their specialty, try their “Churro Pretzel.” Shaped like a doughnut, this sweet pretzel is rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of Nutella. It’s so good; it’ll have you tied up in knots!

Pretzels Offer Options Galore

Now, don’t get us wrong; we love pretzels the old-fashioned way, as you’d find on the streets of American cities with their roots dating back to German immigrants in the 19th century. But pretzels are also one of the most versatile snacks on the market— none of which disappoint. Today’s pretzel food trucks are getting seriously innovative with their creations. But there’s one pretzel food truck most Americans know and love that’s been leading the pretzel revolution for decades. 

Remember the previously mentioned mall trips to Auntie Anne’s? Did you know they’re also the country’s largest operator of pretzel food trucks? Yep, and they’d love nothing more than to cater your wedding, block party, or corporate event. Aside from having pretzel food trucks cruising all across America, their options are almost endless. Whether garlic parmesan, pepperoni, sour cream and onion, jalapeño, or cinnamon sugar, you’re bound to find a pretzel you’ll love. What’s our favorite? Well, it has to be a Nathan’s hot dog wrapped in an Auntie Anne’s original pretzel. These bite-sized pretzel mini-dogs are the perfect tailgating party snack to munch on during the big game.

Pretzel Food Trucks Are Everywhere— and They’re Cheap

Especially if you’re living in a major city, chances are you’ll find a pretzel food truck or cart on almost any street corner. Pretzels are also probably one of the last snacks that remain relatively inexpensive. That’s a win/win when you’re scouring online for the best catering options. Pretzel catering doesn’t require much: just a simple mixture of flour, water, and salt. That’s it. 

Pretzels are also filling— almost like a meal in itself. Aside from the fact that they’re so easy to find, all it takes to make them even better are a few tasty yet inexpensive toppings and condiments. For savory ideas, try melted cheese, pepperoni, jalapeños, bacon, horseradish, and— of course— mustard. If you want to sweeten up your pretzels, melted chocolate, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, Nutella, and marshmallow creme will tickle your sweet tooth.

Now that you’re a pretzel connoisseur, you’re ready to get twisted and incorporate a pretzel food truck into your next event. Big or bite-sized, savory or sweet, soft or crunchy, pretzels are the obvious choice when you need a fast, fresh, and no-frills catered snack. So, get out your favorite dip and get in touch with pros who’ll connect you with the best pretzel food trucks for your party, from coast to coast.

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