The Vendy’s are Coming – Coney Shack

They’re coming quick, the Vendy awards are right around the corner. To prepare, as promised we are going to highlight some past winners to take home the gold! With yes another successful #tacotuesday behind us, it being the middle of Summer, and that spicy flame still burning our tongues it’s only natural that Coney Shack pops right up in our thoughts.

SouthEast Asian Tacos

It’s fusion, it’s tacos, it’s beer battered fish, and since it’s Coney Island they also do hot dogs – Coney Shack is a crowd favorite in just about every category. Their menu includes but is not limited to: Vietnamese marinated beef, carmelized garlic pork, and beer battered crunchy fish tacos. But wait do you need a grilled cheese with your taco? Say no more fam, the Coney Shack special is on it’s way, stuffed with pork cilantro and shack sauce. But if it’s the holy trinity you’re after (like we are) it won’t stop there, one Chicka Dog please! (Beef frank, garlic lemon, pickled daikon carrots, lemon grass aioli, and toasted sesame.

Vendy’S Event Food
Photo Credit: Life is a Rollercoaster

Lucky for us we don’t have to go all the way out to Coney Island to get our fusion fix. They’re totally mobile kitchen that travels to you, bringing the beach vibes right to the streets of Manhattan. Don’t get us wrong, we’re always down for a trip to the beach, but it’s nice to be able to get our Chicka Dog without the hour train ride, the sand in our pants, and while bypassing the mermaid parade. (Sorry Mermaids.) 

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Photo Credit: Life is a Rollercoaster

Unlike Coney Island, it’s historic namesake, which was settled sometime in the 17th century (that’s like, a really long time ago). Coney Shack is a bit of a newcomer, but don’t call them noobs. Taking home the Rookie of the Year Vendy in 2015, Coney Shack was instantly thrust into the big time, now with multiple trucks all around the city. Of course when you’re ready to hit the beach, the OG shack will be waiting for you, along with lots of shack sauce!

Stay in the loop with what’s happening at the Vendy’s at See you at Governers Island September 16th!

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