Abeetz a Pizza

As you probably already know, us New Yorkers take our pizza very seriously. It’s the food that keeps our city and it’s people going, we could even go as far to say it’s the reason we wake up in the mornings – at least some mornings. Did someone say pizza for breakfast?

White plains pizza food truck

However see, not all pizza is created equal, and here we are quite partial to the best when it comes to our eats. Cue Abeetz, started in Westchester NY, it’s what’s on the inside of this pizza truck that counts. One of the first mobile wood fired pizza kitchens, Abeetz brings the gourmet styling of a wood fired pizza kitchen straight to, well, wherever you want it! 

Chef David D’Amico hails from New York, but his culinary roots spread throughout Italy. Taking his favorite parts of Italian recipes and cooking methods that he learned from his Sicilian and Neapolitan grandparents, and blending them together into the best of both worlds, as only a New Yorker could.  His idea to start a pizza truck came from his love of food, and seeing the way it brings together family and friends.

Abeetz pizza

“There’s nothing more satisfying than serving something I have created and seeing people enjoy it. Watching my grandmothers cook was a magical experience. I learned that cooking with simplicity and using fresh ingredients is the secret to making amazing food. In my grandmother’s house food was available all day long and the motto was ‘ya gotta eat’.”

Fire Wood Pizza food truck

The name Abeetz comes from the way David’s Sicilian grandparents pronounced pizza, and the names of the specialty pizzas follow suit. On the truck they have a gold tiled brick oven, imported from Italy, which makes for the most delicious Italian inspired New York style thin crust pizza, and they can bring all this right to your next event!

– Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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