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Name a better duo than fresh beats and gourmet tacos. Along with cold beer and margaritas. Enter Disco Tacos, a food truck that comes ready to party with delicious Mexican-inspired catering and great tunes. Impress your guests with duck confit or spicy braised lamb tacos, with a side of hot churros for dessert. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new wedding reception experience or to kick an adult birthday party into full gear, Disco Tacos is the perfect food truck to spice up your event. 

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Mac Osborne is the co-owner of Colonia Verde and Comparti Catering in New York City. The Disco Tacos truck was built by friends in Kentucky from a renovated horse trailer. The concept was created to bring a party anywhere with the three basics: great music, great food, and cold drinks. Mac’s career has gone from suit-and-tie (management at Four Seasons Hotels and Mandarin Oriental Hotels) to collared shirt (Colonia Verde) to tee shirt (Disco Tacos). He is a proud member of the NYFTA, determined to elevate food experiences with unique food truck catering.