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Substantial, sustainable, and flavorful! Hand Held Kitchen sandwich food truck uses locally sourced ingredients from small farms of the Hudson Valley and the Tri-state area to create sustainable yet delicious sandwiches.  Choose from tasty sandwich combinations like their Southern Veggie Reuben made with spiced collard greens, creamy sauerkraut slaw, Swiss cheese, and homemade Russian dressing with pickled cherry peppers, or take a bite of a New York classic with their bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Hand Held Kitchen food truck doesn’t disappoint when it comes to irresistible cuisine contained between two slices of homemade bread.  

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After graduating from college in the middle of 2020, a very uncertain year for us all, Nate and Charlie decided that there was no better time to pursue their passions and open a food truck. The dynamic duo decided to serve sandwiches from their truck because there’s an option for everybody, but more importantly, it gives them an opportunity to showcase the local ingredients from their community. With Nate’s experience in restaurants over the years and Charlie’s baking expertise, their teamwork results in fresh home-style sandwiches that you can’t find anywhere else.