How to Find Food Trucks for Rent in New York

Looking to book a food truck for your next event? Find out how to get started with our comprehensive guide to booking a food truck in New York.

Written by: Blake Moore

New York may not be known for its food trucks right off the bat, but take a closer look and you’ll find that food trucks warm the bellies of many New Yorkers, day in and day out. There are many different cuisines to be found within the small kitchens of these mobile meals, each with their own proud chef. 

If you’ve never leased a food truck before, or even experienced the outstanding food cooked within one of these amazing mobile food stations, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you why you should rent a food truck for your next event, whether you’re a big brand or a brand-new company looking to make a statement.

Satisfying your hunger for a clean, delicious, and timely food truck in New York has never been easier. With the New York Food Truck Association (NYFTA), all you have to do is decide which of the 50-plus cuisines you want to include on your menu. We take care of all the rest, from food truck permits and licenses to ensuring your food truck is on-site, on-time, and on point.

The History of Food Trucks in New York

Serving food from a mobile station in New York dates all the way back to the 17th century. Oysters and clams were the delicacy of choice, but what began as a way to sell seafood certainly bloomed into one of the most lucrative business models on the streets of New York today. 

Between the years of 1892 and 1954, a total of 12 million or more immigrants made the historic journey to Ellis Island. With them, they brought an entire culinary culture vastly different than what native New Yorkers were used to. These immigrants struggled to make a living in the new world, but many of them found success in food vending on the streets. 

Before the time of automobiles, pushcarts were popular ways to operate a mobile business. Immigrants loaded up their delicacies on these pushcarts and walked the streets, enticing members with unique smells and sights. In the year 1929, there were over 6,000 pushcarts operating the streets of New York alone. 


Nypl Push Carts

However, in the 1930s and 40s, automobiles began to dominate the streets, pushing street food vendors to change their tactics. Automobiles were tangling with street vendors who weren’t paying attention. Plus, many people were beginning to think about a family car and taking day trips out of the city. The appeal of a pushcart food vendor began to fade a bit. 

Those that were able to adapt and overcome this historic transportation change soon found motored trucks they could use to vend their food. Many chose to work in the ice cream industry, especially since their main audience was children. You might be able to take a car out of the city and visit new places, but everyone has time (and an appetite) for a sweet treat like ice cream. 

Today, those same pushcarts that traveled the early days of streets in New York have evolved into the same food trucks you often see marketing their unique cuisine each day.

Who Can Rent a Food Truck?

Renting a food truck might seem like something a company does for their employees on occasion, but there’s more to food trucks than just special events. For example, there are many people who would benefit from renting a food truck, such as:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Schools
  • Companies large and small
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Event coordinators
  • Individuals and/or couples

In fact, many people prefer food trucks to traditional options for their catered events. The stress of place settings, courses, fancy desserts, and suited-up waiters and waitresses can overwhelm an event, rather than feed it. Food trucks can provide a mobile option that’s flexible, so you’re not pinned down to one location for every event, no matter how busy your schedule. Plus, food truck permits and licenses regulate the industry so you can find a clean solution to a hungry staff. 

Why You Should Rent a Food Truck

There are many reasons why you might rent a food truck, the root of them found in saving money, time, and space. There’s also a certain novelty to a food truck that you just can’t get anywhere else. Isn’t that the reason why the ice cream was so popular?

Low-Cost Option

Food trucks are a great way to offer multiple cuisines at an event without having to pay for separate catering services. For example, hiring a food truck for a company party or annual get-together could cost you hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. With the kitchen confined within the food truck and all your guests relaxed with a more friendly and laid-back setting, cleaning up is as easy as putting out a trash can. Some food trucks even provide their own power, so you don’t even have to worry about paying a little extra for those hot ovens.

Clean Eating Experience

You might think that hiring a food truck can be similar to skating around local health laws regarding food preparation, but the opposite is true. Food truck rental companies often vet food truck permits and licenses before they offer a company on their menu. The cuisine served from a food truck must meet the same standards restaurants are held to, so members can be sure everything is on the up-and-up

Most people don’t realize that food trucks are typically equipped with enough cooked-to-order food to serve 100-150 guests. When prepared ahead of time, prepackaged meals can increase that number. This allows you to host a larger event without having to worry about a steeper price tag.

Adjustable Truck Rental Terms

Plus, you can choose between short- and long-term leases. Whether it’s a single one-time event or a month-long endeavor, food truck rentals have the food covered. Long-term leases typically last a month or more, whereas short-term leases can be as short as a few hours.     

Branded promotions are a common vehicle for food trucks as well. Realistically, any promotional event can leverage the mobility of a food truck to bring guests savory cuisines meant to enrich the eating experience. In fact, many full-fledged restaurants use food trucks to promote new items or inform members of a new menu altogether. Used in the right way, a food truck can have a huge impact on your business. 

In the end, food trucks can be a great way to bring people together, no matter why you’re gathering.

Rent with New York Food Truck Association

Preparing food is a personal thing, so don’t let just anyone connect you with food trucks. Here at NYFTA, we understand the challenges our members face when renting or leasing a food truck, and we’re here to help.

One of the most common hurdles to overcome when hiring a mobile meal solution are food truck permits and licenses. Food trucks are no different than restaurants in that they must be approved by the New York Department of Health in order to legally serve food, and we ensure that the options you have access to in our vast network are properly vetted and approved. 

Speaking of approval, we also happen to know how each menu tastes. In fact, there are over 50 cuisines to choose from in our gourmet food trucks, from cooks who pride themselves on clean eating that’s as delicious as it is fun. At NYFTA, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years to provide custom catering options to over 200 annual events. 

Customized Event Catering Options

NYFTA goes beyond just coordinating food truck permits and licenses. We also offer custom-tailored solutions, such as insurance paperwork and a point of sales system. 

In addition, we also offer our members the ability to customize their food truck as they see fit. For example, you can choose the menu based on your preferences, choosing from an array of local tacos & burritos, bbq, or even classic New York hot dogs. If you’re unsure of what will work best, speak with a member of our staff for guidance. 

We also offer branded goods and packaging so you can get your name out there in the best way. Looking to do a pop-up or experiential marketing event? We’ve got you covered with our full-service branding and activations alike.

When it comes to the food truck itself, we also allow you to customize the interior and exterior. We provide wrap services by working with your graphic designer to come up with the best use of your new mobile space. After all, as much as food truck catering provides meals to your members and clients, it’s also the perfect marketing space for your project. 

If mobile catering solutions are something your colleagues and clients—and their bellies—could use, go online or speak with one of our representatives today. You can also join our association for free to become a member and enjoy a number of perks, from social media advertising to working with local food truck owners in New York. We only work with food trucks who have earned an “A” rating from the New York Department of Health

Food Trucks for Rent in New York

There are many places where you can find a food truck for rent, but nobody does it like the New York Food Truck Association. We work directly with food truck business owners and event planners to align each of them with the best food trucks for their needs. 

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate event, NYFTA has your back. We work with local food truck owners in the New York area to bring you the best cuisine you never thought would show up on wheels. Trust us, your taste buds, staff, and members will thank you.

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5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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9 Food Truck Permits and Licenses Your Business Might Need

Food trucks have a unique challenge when it comes to permits and licenses. Everything from food safety to where you can park is regulated at the federal, state, and county levels.

Starting a food truck or expanding an existing food truck train into a new area is a tremendously exciting endeavor. New customers, new experiences, and new opportunities are the lifeblood of a food truck owner’s business.

But mobile food startups have a unique challenge when it comes to the regulatory landscape, since they are a food service enterprise, a physical location, and are often considered a means of transport as well.

Everything from food safety to where you can park your food truck is regulated at the federal, state, and county levels. It’s a spiderweb of permits, licenses, and application processes. Let’s dive into it and unravel what needs to be done before your mobile food truck hits the road and the tastebuds.

How To Find Information About Food Truck Permits and Licenses

Before we get into the nitty-gritty. we should go over how you can find specific information related to food truck permits and licenses.

The fastest and most common way to find this information is through government websites. Almost always, there is some information about rules and regulations for food trucks on your state or county website. Depending on the size, your city website may also contain a lot of valuable information.

When searching on the internet for food truck permits and license information, be sure to make sure you are on the official government website. Private websites can be a great way to find information, but they may get something wrong or be outdated. Check the URL of a website before accepting any information or advice from it. A legitimate government website will always end in “.gov”.

While even government websites can be incorrect or outdated, at least using the information from them gives you some strength in your appeal should you be ticketed. You can prove to the ticketing body that the information you used in order to make your decisions came directly from the state or county.

Joining a food truck association in your area is also a great way to find relevant information, especially because the members are likely in your same locale and therefore face roughly the same regulations.

To be extra safe, however, it’s always best to consult a lawyer before committing to getting, or not getting, a given food truck permit or license. Many lawyers specialize in food truck operation, so you can have peace of mind that your business is safe from penalty.


The very first step in launching your food truck is obtaining a business license. Also called a vending permit, business licenses are issued at the state, county, and sometimes even city levels, so it’s imperative to check with all of them.

A business license is a recognition from your state’s, county’s, and city’s government that your food truck is a legitimate approved business and that you have permission to operate. Some places don’t actually require a business license, but most do.

So, how much does a food truck permit cost? Application fees range from $50 to $500 typically, but they vary on location. Some states and counties have an ongoing yearly or monthly license fee.


This is a pretty obvious requirement for driving a food truck, and chances are you already have this one down. A driver’s license isn’t actually required to operate the food side of the business, but it’s definitely required for the driving side. Unless your food truck is permanently stationary, make sure you have a driver’s license and that it’s not expired.


Along the same vein of a driver’s license is your food truck’s registration. Many states require vehicle registration for personal cars. While this may be enough for your personal motor vehicle, your state may require you to get a commercial registration for your food truck.

Vehicle registrations come in many forms, but they typically exist to certify that your truck meets emissions standards and is owned and operated by you, the owner.

You should also have insurance on your food truck. Insurance is almost always a good idea on a regular car, but your food truck is your source of income. Insuring it is a great way to avoid the possibility of having to start from square one.

You may also be able to get business insurance for a food truck enterprise. This can give you a source of income in the event of a crash or fire while your truck is in the shop.


Just like the name says, a food handler’s permit is a way for your state or local health department to quickly make sure you and your team are legally allowed to sell the food you make.

Always check with a lawyer, but typically only the food manager is required to have a food handler’s license. Failure to produce a food handler’s license is met with pretty stiff punishments in accordance with food truck regulations, so this is an important license to have. If you are unsure of the food truck permit requirements in your state be sure to the FDA food truck regulations by state.

Typically, a food hander’s license or certification is issued after completion of a course, or set of courses. Sometimes, you will also have to complete a final exam.

This education serves to ensure you know your way around the concepts of cooking raw food, cross-contamination, and kitchen best practices. Beyond the legal consequences of not having a food handler’s permit, missing out on the training makes it more likely for food to make people sick.


This one comes straight from the top. The IRS issues employer identification numbers, or EINs, to all new businesses. This number functions as a tax ID, and comes into play when tax season arrives, and identifies your operation for the IRS’s automated tax systems.

Your EIN is also often used for other licenses and permits, so if you don’t know your EIN, now is the time to find it or request it. It usually takes about 4 weeks for the IRS to send you one if you don’t have one already.


Depending on your local, your food truck business may need a health department permit in conjunction with a food handler’s permit in order to operate.

While a food handler’s permit authorizes you or your team to prepare the food, a health department permit usually certifies that your facility – your food truck – is up to code with food safety regulations in your state or county.

This can include things like the cleanliness of workstations, the way you store ingredients, and the tools you use. They may also investigate your cleaning processes.


A fire permit or certificate is often required for all businesses that operate from a physical location. While it’s more common to see them required for food trucks that cook food using heat, you should check your local and state government’s requirements to make sure.

Getting a fire certificate or permit usually consists of proving to authorities that your gas lines and other heating equipment are installed properly. They will also check to make sure you have a proper fire suppression system. You should have this anyway, since containing a fire is the best way to reduce the impact it will have on your business.


This permit is usually specific to food trucks, although restaurants also have them from time to time. A commissary is a specialized food preparation facility that offers services like workstations, water, cooking supplies, and ingredients for food truck owners to use before heading out for the day.

Some cities and counties actually require this method, since it makes it easier for authorities to regulate where food comes from and how it is prepared for public health reasons. Your commissary letter of agreement typically delineates costs as well as services provided. While some cities don’t require it, it essentially functions as a contract that ensures you get what you pay for, so it’s a good thing to have.


A reseller’s permit is a specialized permit that allows your food truck business, in some states, to purchase ingredients and materials tax-free. All items are taxed at their sale, which usually includes ingredients. However, after assembling these ingredients into something new – namely. your famous food – it gets taxed again after the meal is sold to a customer.

A reseller’s permit prevents this double taxation by removing the tax at the first step. While it’s very common for food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants, many different types of businesses that have to purchase raw materials can get these permits.

A seller’s permit, also called a sales and use permit, allows you to collect sales tax on your sales under the authority of the state.


The above list should serve as a general guide as you continue your food truck journey. Remember, speak with a lawyer before deciding to apply for or decline to apply for any permit or license for your food truck.

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5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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Top 10 Best Food Truck Festivals in the Country

Food truck lovers rejoice! We’ve rounded up the top 10 best food truck festivals across the country. You won’t want to miss these.

Written by: Sophia Young

Find the Best Food Trucks in The Country at These Events

Food trucks are an entirely new culture that offers successful sales in the food business. If you offer delicious fare, you’ll get consistent patrons that would love you for life. If you’re looking to show off your food and build a bigger audience, joining food truck festival is a quick way to the top.

Food truck festivals are some of the most fun food truck events you can join. Here are the top 10 best food truck festivals in the US that we know you’ll enjoy.


The LA Street Food Fest is known as Los Angeles’ largest outdoor event for food trucks worldwide. This event gathers some of Los Angeles’ best food trucks in one place, from long-time favorites to the newest flavors around the West Coast. 

Aside from eating, you can also listen to live music while shopping for unique products. Over 100 vendors will be present at the food festival set in Pasadena, California. 

The LA Street Food Fest attracts a large crowd with local favorites and international food every year. VIP amenities are also available to gourmands from all over, including early entry, private parking, and a tasting lounge.


Columbus, Ohio is a fast-growing city in American state, known for its culture and arts, but most people don’t know that it’s also home to some fantastic street food. The annual event, known as the Columbus Food Truck Festival, is a gathering of the “best of the best” in local street eats. 

This event is for promoting a local movement dedicated to promoting and sustaining the community’s local economy and businesses. This is one of the biggest events in Columbus, so you can expect thousands of hungry people ready to satisfy their hunger with delicious meals.  

Aside from the great food, this event also offers a variety of other side events, children’s activities, and live performances. You can even join in for the event and reduce your emissions.


The Atlanta Streets Alive event has been a staple in the culinary community. The annual fest features many exciting activities like dance performances and good food. 

 This is a two-day food and music festival that features thousands of attendees each year. The event is free and open to everyone, so you and your family can enjoy this casual and friendly feast. 

The event will feature 70+ of some of the best mobile eateries, and there will also be a range of other cuisines at the event.


Summertime and early fall are the best months to enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and the ocean at the New Jersey shore. This makes the Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest a big success, with the three-day festival sometimes even held twice a year. 

You won’t want to miss this event, since the best food trucks from the tristate area will join in. A little bit of everything is offered at this festival, from tapas to tacos to even other ethnic specialties.


The Chicago Food Truck Festival offers a wide array of delicious food truck fares for food lovers, aficionados, and families in June. Food trucks, vendors, live music, and entertainment will be performed at the festival by the best local vendors. 

Food trucks always include some of America’s most popular food trucks. You can get them to whip up delicious, made-to-order sandwiches or scrumptious Indian cuisine. This is the place to visit for the most delicious, from Latin-American cuisine and burritos with a twist to crazy good steak and sides.


As the festival’s name implies, it’s all about people enjoying some of the best food truck fare from all over the United States. Having gathered over 200 food trucks from all over the country for years, it is hard to beat it.

Everything started in Tampa Bay, Florida and the rally started traveling from there. You can find almost every type of food you’ll ever want, from a food truck, from All-American hotdogs to Italian Gelato to every Asian fare under the sun.


This is not a simple festival but a food truck competition for business owners from Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC. In addition to the cash prize, the event has outstanding awards that can help elevate a business’ visibility.

Live music, kids’ activities, and local celebrities will be there. Don’t forget about the street food and beer. The event highlights everything you would want when it comes to food truck contests. This is a family-friendly event featuring some of the best that the three cities have to offer.


One of the largest food truck festivals in the Southwest is the Street Eats Food Truck Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition to food trucks, there’s live music, eating contests, and even cooking demos. 

It’s typically held in late January or early February at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, which isn’t the same as many festivals that are in the spring or summer. You can also take cooking classes with some professional chefs so that the experience can be fun for everyone.


If you find yourself along the Seattle downtown, the Seattle Street Food Festival is another event that should sate your palate. As Washington State’s largest independent food festival, Seattle Street Food Festival has grown to become one of the largest. 

There are dozens of food trucks showcasing the best cuisine of the Northwest during a three-day food festival, which boasts more than 85,000 attendees.

One of Seattle’s biggest festivals, the festival has dozens of mouthwatering culinary delights you have to try. The festival celebrates Seattle’s street food scene and supports local businesses and communities along the way.


The Main Street Food Truck Festival celebrates food, music, art, and craft every fall in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The Main Street Revitalization Committee organized the event to bring people back to Main Street. 

From decadent delights like eggs benedict with smoked salmon to homemade Mexican tamales, dozens of food trucks will serve tasty treats. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of local bands while strolling around the stalls and trucks.


As you can see, there’s a lot to love about these food truck festivals and events. Whether you’re looking to show off your food truck skills or you just want to have fun, these are some of the best gatherings to see for delicious gastronomic delights.

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5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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Mobile Market: How Can Fresh Truck Bring Healthy Food To Communities

Fresh Trucks are retrofitted school buses with a new purpose: to bring fresh food to communities so households have access to healthy food.

Written by: Sophia Young

It is no secret that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy diet. However, over the years, access to good quality produce has become more and more difficult. The costs of fruits and vegetables, especially in urban areas, have become expensive, making it harder for people in these communities to afford them. But duo Josh Trautwein and Annika Morgan aimed to change that. 

What is a Fresh Truck?

This initiative all started when co-founder Joshua Trautwein was a community health worker. When the only grocery store in the neighborhood he served closed down, he began to understand just how serious food accessibility was an issue to the health and diet of people. He started About Fresh, the social enterprise pioneering Fresh Truck, after not being able to find healthy food sources for the families of that neighborhood.

Fresh Trucks are retrofitted school buses with a new purpose: to bring fresh food to communities so households can have access to healthy food. The trucks park in the same locations in low-income neighborhoods with fresh fruits and vegetables.

How Fresh Truck is Making Healthy Food Accessible to Communities

About Fresh tackles three key focus areas: the retail access people have to healthy food, their purchasing power, and the culture and built environment that influences people’s beliefs and attitudes toward food. They acknowledge how food and culture are strongly intertwined and they try to uplift the full diversity of food cultures represented in the city, especially a health-centered culture food.

The Fresh Truck mobile market model takes into account the neighborhood they are serving. They track the inventory to ensure that they are offering not only fresh produce but food that people in that neighborhood want to buy. Keeping diversity in mind, they carry cultural staples like mangoes, yuca, and plantains. The prices of their produce are also cheaper than those in retail grocery stores. 

Chief program officer and co-founder of Fresh Truck, Annika Morgan, sites how their East Boston location takes two extra cases of plantains because those sell out quickly, considering how it has a significant Hispanic population. 

Instead of having conversations about foods that are “bad,” the social enterprise focuses on how “healthy food has you at your best” as their message. 

As of the moment, About Fresh has two programs to address their key focus areas. Fresh Trucks are the most visible, with their weekly markets. To keep it consistent with the neighborhoods they are serving, they stop at the same place, at the same time, every week, all year round. 

For those who enjoy the convenience of stress-free grocery delivery services, About Fresh also offers the Fresh Truck Online Market. People can pre-order their produce, pay with any of their supported payment methods, and pick it up at their preferred location. 

Fresh Truck can also be a part of your food and health-focused community events, the truck chock-full of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for the attendees.

To better support households or individuals struggling with food insecurity, About Fresh has also created the Fresh Connect program. When social service agencies, healthcare providers, social workers, or even teachers recognize anyone in their community struggling, they can, as the name suggests, connect these people to About Fresh. 

The program has a Fresh Connect card that the provider can sign up for that person. After they have completed the enrollment on the web-based platform, the card is mailed to that person. 

The Fresh Connect card enables the holder to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables across About Fresh’s network of retailers, including the online Fresh Truck market. To make it easier upon checkout, the cost of the approved healthy foods is automatically drawn down at the point of sale. The data gathered from these sales can also be used to analyze whether or not there are positive health-related trends connected to Fresh Truck shopping and the Fresh Connect program engagement. 

Why Access to Fresh Produce is Essential

Food plays a vital role in our health. It not only affects the physical health of the community but their mental health as well. It is estimated that food is responsible for a trillion dollars worth of direct and indirect healthcare costs. Unfortunately, the food system has had huge discrepancies in the accessibility of healthy options. 

Food insecurity is just the tip of the iceberg of the myriad of challenges that people face. Deeper underlying issues like income inequality, minimum wage, poverty, and housing instability make it difficult for people to access food, even more so healthier options that can better sustain them. Social enterprises like About Fresh are looking to find that balance that can uplift these sectors, meeting their right-now needs while also addressing those deeper-rooted issues. 

While it is not a magic pill to solve all of the community’s issues, providing access to healthy food is a key step to helping them. The more they can better fuel themselves with the necessary nutrients to take on the day, the more their quality of life changes for the better. 

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Greats of Craft vintage truck

5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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10 Wedding Food Truck Ideas for Your Big Day

If you really want to make your wedding an event your guests will talk about for days on end, food truck catering is the way to go!

Written by: Sophia Young

So you’re finally preparing those wedding rings. You and your soon-to-be spouse are brainstorming together, creating mood boards, and sketching out what the entire thing will look like in your head. Maybe you’re considering the traditional route—a big white dress, a grand venue with awe-inspiring decorations, and a food menu filled with dishes that you love. 

News flash: weddings don’t always have to be traditional! You can wear a more casual wedding dress or tie the knot at a non-traditional wedding venue like a planetarium or a library. 

However, if you really want to make your wedding an event your guests will talk about for days on end, food truck catering is the way to go! 

Food can make or break any event, including your big day. So veer away from the boring ol’ dried chicken and side salads! Instead, opt for something that’ll give your guests a unique experience. 

Below are some ideas that you, your partner, and every person in your wedding will love.

Pizza Please

Pizza is always a good idea, especially at events that’ll go late into the night. After all the dancing and drinking, give your guests a delicious slice to snack on with a pizza food truck! 

Not only is pizza everyone’s guilty pleasure, but it’s also versatile and affordable. You can expand your selections to accommodate everyone! Don’t forget to have options for your vegan and vegetarian friends and your guests who can’t eat a slice without meat on top.

Pizza Food Trucks: Abeetz, Dough Nation, Groundling Pizza Co., Jiannetto’s, NYC Pizza, Pie Oh My, Pizza Vita, Pizza Vitale  

Try These Tasty Tacos

If you’re going to have a fiesta-style buffet for your wedding, adding a taco truck might just make it all the more fun and exciting! For an elevated street taco experience, you can opt for food trucks that offer entrees with fresh and organic ingredients and impressive meat and seafood selections. 

Some food truck options will also serve heavier options such as carne asada bowls, burritos, and quesadillas. If you want to give your guests some snacks while they dance the night away, check if the food truck provider you’re talking to offers chips and guacamole or salsa dips. 

Taco Food Trucks: Carlitos, Chinelos, El Toro Rojo, Kinky Taco, Los Viajeros, Taste of Puebla

Panini Perfection

What’s not to love about a freshly prepared sandwich? Make it even more special with high-quality Italian cheeses and meats on authentic focaccia bread. Your guests’ tastebuds will definitely be in for an adventure they won’t soon forget! 

The best part about sandwiches? Your guests can customize their orders to their hearts’ content. Whether they want a healthier option or something that’ll satisfy their cravings, paninis can be anything they want them to be.

Sandwich Food Trucks:  Cento Percento, Diso’s, Hand Held Kitchen, Kinwich

Oh Shucks

Shelled seafood? At a wedding? Why not! If you’re having a coastal-inspired wedding and your guests are seafood lovers, then a shuck truck just makes perfect sense. Have an expert caterer onsite that will shuck everything from juicy oysters, fresh clams, and fan favorite lobster rolls. 

Remember to check on your guests and their allergies, though! 

Seafood Trucks: Angry Archies, Cousins Maine Lobster, GG’s Fish & Chips, Poke Motion, Santo Ceviche, The Main Lobster 

Warm Hearts, Warm Cookies

Nothing will warm the bellies and hearts of your guests like a fresh batch of ooey-gooey cookies. To make your cookie food truck more interesting, give them a slew of flavors to choose from! 

You can go for flavors that everyone loves, like chocolate chip and smores, and then dazzle it up with options such as funfetti and blueberry cheesecake.  

Cookie Food Trucks: Baked In Color, Chip City

Screaming For Joy (and For Ice Cream!)

A cup or cone of ice cream is a sweet, sweet reprieve on hot summer weddings. So let your guests indulge in a cold and yummy treat after devouring everything on their table. 

Variety will make your guests come back for more! So don’t forget to add traditional crowd-pleasers such as vanilla and strawberry and unique flavors like honeycomb and mint chip. In addition, have vegan options available for your non-dairy eating friends and family members.

Ice Cream Trucks: Carvel, Cold Stone Creamery, Dippin’ Dots, Melt Bakery, Mister Softee, NYC Soft Ice Cream, Sip ‘N Swirl, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Bananas For Baonanas

Looking for a healthier dessert alternative? Baonanas is always an option! Banana pudding is a great dessert for those who love the texture of tiramisu and the sweet and distinct flavors of bananas. 

Let your guests choose from various flavors like s’mores, matcha, and oreo. But, of course, don’t forget the vegan alternatives! 

Banana Pudding Food Cart: Baonanas

A Cup of Joe For The Soul

Sometimes, grand events like weddings get the best of us. We just need a little pick-me-up that’ll give us a much-needed energy boost.

Give yourself and your guests a caffeine kick with a coffee food truck! Plus, most coffee food trucks have a ton of pastry options included. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Coffee Food Trucks: Blank Street, Caffè Aronne, NitroTaps, Ramblin Coffee, The Espresso Guys

Alcohol, Anyone?

A memorable wedding wouldn’t be complete without some alcohol! From beer on tap to bottles and bottles of wine, cocktail caravans or mobile bars will have everything you and your guests need to get a taste of that buzz. 

For friends and family that can’t drink, offer non-alcoholic options such as kombucha, mocktails, and fruit juices.

Mobile Bars: Bubble Bros, Bubbles & Brews, Greats of Craft 

Happy Guests For A Memorable Wedding

Weddings nowadays are taking guest experience a little more seriously than ever before. So it’s a good thing you can make them have fun while keeping their tummies and taste buds satisfied with wedding food trucks. 

If you’re looking for a food truck for your New York wedding, we’ve got you covered here at the NYFTA. Hire a food truck today!

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Greats of Craft vintage truck

5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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How Much Does Food Truck Catering Cost? Is it Cheaper Than Traditional Catering?

The average food truck catering cost depends on the quantity of the food and the number of extras offered, such as drinks or desserts, but it is normally a cheaper option for catering.

What makes the foodies excited? Food trucks! From oysters to champagne, nothing provides convenience, taste, variety, and freshness like these mini kitchens on wheels. Today people want something exciting and different than traditional catering, and the food trucks provide just that; a blend of experience and authenticity.  

Food trucks may be seen on every corner, either serving folks in their lunch hours or as part of a fleet catering to festival guests. The fact that the food truck industry is now a $2 billion industry proves that their popularity is growing, and so is your interest in them. With their stoves on wheels, contemporary entrepreneurs deliver creative food to their consumers wherever they may be. Yet, they are not prohibitively expensive for event planners. 

So, how much does a food truck catering cost? 

Let's Talk Money – Cost of Food Truck Catering

If you are thinking of getting food truck catering and you don’t know what the cost would be, remember that you will always receive a quotation that is unique to your occasion. Food trucks price differently based on the type of event, cuisine, number of customers, number of platters, travel distance, and any special requirements.  

If your event doesn’t include a lot of guests, you will be affected by the food truck minimum. Confused? Let us explain.

What’s a Food Truck Minimum?

Regardless of the number of guests, Food Trucks charge you the minimum amount of attending your event. Now, you want to know why it exists? Well, driving a restaurant to a party is not inexpensive. Fuel expenditures, food prices, employee costs, and driving time are just a few of Food Trucks’ expenses. Usually, the minimum food truck catering cost is $500 with tax, and it typically includes the food cost per serving multiplied by the number of persons, cost of travel, and labor.  

Prices vary substantially based on all of the factors above and unique ingredients or special dates such as Christmas, New Year’s, or other holidays or busy summers.

Is There An Average Food Truck Catering Cost?

The average food truck catering cost depends on the quantity of the food, the ingredients used to make the food, and the number of extras offered, such as several cuisines, drinks, or desserts. The typical food truck cost per customer might range from $10 to $35 or more, which is cheaper than traditional catering. 

Now, let’s look at the costs of each of the events separately. 

Crepe It Food Truck Catering

Wedding Price Hikes - Yikes!

Weddings are expensive, we all know that. A couple spends somewhere around $25-35k to tie the knot. Since the couple spends a lot of money on their wedding, everybody from caterers to wedding planners charges you a lot more than usual. Yes, food trucks too! But as compared to traditional food catering, food trucks would still cost you less. Traditional caterers charge somewhere around $60-$70 per person for weddings, but with food truck catering, it would cost about $15-$40. These savings are huge and could add to getting your first home!

Birthdays / Anniversaries

Earlier, we talked about the Food Truck Minimum, and small events like birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers, etc., are subject to the minimum service charge of $500 or more, depending on your event’s time and location. In addition, the trip price is adjusted based on the distance traveled; if you plan to hire a food truck from miles away, be prepared to pay for the fuel charges.

Food truck birthday party catering

Corporate Event Catering

For corporate events, food truck catering costs are no different from weddings; it is determined by the event’s time and location. The nature of the business function, whether it is formal or more of a light and informal party. The sort of food and the variety of catering options are also crucial considerations. Remember the minimum cost imposed on the service, so if you invite 100 guests to your party at $16 per person, you will pay $1600, but if you plan on inviting 20 guests to your party, be prepared to spend at least $1000.

Want more details? Check out food truck catering complete pricing guide.

Corporate catering food trucks

Food Truck Catering Vs. Traditional Catering

So, which one would you choose? I think the choice is clear. Consider food truck catering as a unique option when you’re arranging a catered event. With food truck catering, be it a sales meeting, barbecue, graduation party, wedding, or corporate getaway, everything becomes more enjoyable, memorable, and meaningful. Yes, it can get a little expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several cost-cutting tips that you can use to book affordable food trucks and enjoy the chefs’ one-of-a-kind concoctions without having to spend a fortune. 

Walter's Hot Dog food truck catering


Get Your Food Faster!

Don’t make your guests wait in line to get their food. With food truck catering, it gets much quicker and more accessible for the guests to get their food in time to enjoy the party and not miss the fun.

Variety and More Variety

Whether you want vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free food, food trucks have it all for you! Pizza, burritos, burgers, seafood, and whatnot. Your options are limitless! 

Catering Anywhere At Anytime

Are you planning a barbecue at your friend’s house? What about a corporate meeting in your parking lot? Or your child’s birthday at the park? Food trucks will reach you wherever you wish. 

What are you waiting for? Book your food truck today for the next event to enhance your festivities. Imagine your guests’ faces when the beautiful food truck rolls in with all its glory. Give them the chance to talk about your party for years to come because this experience is something they will never forget. Food trucks, in a nutshell, excite people.

Not sure where to begin? Check out the Ultimate Food Truck Catering Checklist to make your life easier!

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Greats of Craft vintage truck

5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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The Best Ice Cream Trucks in New York

Summer, spring, winter, and fall…no matter the time or temperature, the old adage is true: we all scream for ice cream. Check out the best ice cream trucks New York has to offer.

Summer, spring, winter, and fall…no matter the time or temperature, the old adage is true: we all scream for ice cream. There’s nothing like a truly old-fashioned quality scoop, or a really unique flavor to bring a smile to your day. In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the best ice cream trucks New York has to offer. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill ice cream stops, they bring the “wow” factor to your frozen treats. 


Let’s kick off the list with a classic. Carvel was “born” in 1929, when proprietor Tom Carvel’s truck broke down on a summer day and the ice cream began to melt. As he feverishly sold his softening stock, people clamored for more. Thus, the origin story of “soft serve” and the start of an empire that brought us iconic cultural touchstones such as Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale. 

Carvel continues the tradition with an ice cream truck that serves sundaes, cones, thick shakes, Dashers, and double cones (including waffle cones). A great choice for nostalgia lovers and fans of good ice cream alike. 


Mister Softee is the largest operator of soft-serve ice cream trucks. Their creamy formula has been around since the 1950s, and is known for refreshing customers even in the hottest weather. Still family owned, their trucks bring an old-fashioned charm to parties, picnics, or fundraisers. 

Mister Softee ice cream is a bringer of timeless joys, and reminiscent of simpler times. Soft serve twists come in a variety of flavors that can be enjoyed in a cup or a cone, and dipped into sprinkles for a hit of fun and texture. 


Big Gay Ice Cream is a local sensation that has taken hold all over the country, but has never wavered from their mission to keep the fun in ice cream. Whimsical flavors and names make their quality ice cream treats a delight to enjoy on a variety of levels. From the Salty Pimp to the Rocky Roadhouse, these iconic treats will bring joy to your day. 

You can also choose from a roster of floats, shakes, cones, and sundaes. There are even special treats that change seasonally. And as if all this deliciousness wasn’t enough, by hiring the Big Gay Ice Cream truck, you will be supporting charitable communities including LGBTQIA+ organizations, animal shelters, homeless and hunger initiatives, education, and more. 


Do you crave ice cream, but don’t eat animal products? No problem! Van Leeuwen offers ice cream indulgences that are both vegan and free from gums, stabilizers, corn syrup, and milk powder. They also offer traditional ice creams made in a variety of flavors, and with top-quality ingredients. Their vegan selections are created with a cashew milk or oat milk base, and are just as delicious as the cow-milk versions. 

You can enjoy any of their flavors in a cup or cone, sprinkle them with toppings, or make them the base of an ice cream sandwich or sundae. Van Leeuwen is available for catering for any event, from weddings to festivals. Give your attendees the freedom of choice with an ice cream company that offers delicious choices for vegans. 


Is there anything more 90s than the original “space age” ice cream? These tiny frozen ice cream balls are a cheerful add to any event, and come in a huge variety of flavors. Also available are add-ins like cookie dough, brownie bits, and chocolate sandwich cookies. The frozen dots and add-ins can create any number of treats to satisfy the eyes (so colorful!) and the palate (so tasty!). 

Because Dippin Dots are not exactly your traditional ice cream, their site also offers a ton of fun ways to use the dots for recipes–cocktails, lattes, milkshakes, and seasonal kid-friendly projects. Dippin Dots are a unique way to bring a lighthearted spin to anything from a corporate event to a birthday party. 


Cold Stone became a cultural icon when they began mixing their creamy ice cream base with a series of wild add-ins on a chilled marble slab. They offer their same quality ingredients and exciting combinations on the go with their Cold Stone ice cream truck. You can cater a party or plan your next event with a series of shakes, ice cream treats, and cakes that not only offer Insta-worthy pictures, but taste amazing as well. 


Any event is made better by the presence of ice cream. People want dessert, and you won’t find a dessert with a bigger consensus than ice cream. Give the people what they want, and hire one of the many classic or unique ice cream trucks available in the NYC area for your next big occasion. 

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Greats of Craft vintage truck

5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time!

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