That’s Amore! Why Pizza Food Truck Catering is the Perfect Match For Your Wedding Reception

There are plenty of pizza food trucks offering classic and creative New York-style pizzas that’ll give you a delicious reason to say “I do!”

Weddings are centered around exchanging vows with the love of your life but, what’s supposed to be your big day is, perhaps, more so about the guest experience. After all, every bride and groom aims for their wedding to be remembered. 

But fear not, because the food you serve is the best way to ensure a memorable event. Sure, you could go the traditional route of an elaborate buffet (complete with those stuffy carving stations), but why not try something new? Something homemade, handmade, and not sitting under one of those blinding heating lamps? 

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a slice of pizza. And with New York serving as the pizza capital this side of Italy, there are plenty of pizza food trucks offering classic and creative New York-style pizzas that’ll give you a delicious reason to say “I do!”

Pizza Food Truck Wedding


Are you a pizza connoisseur who craves an authentic Margherita? Or, feeling adventurous for a bacon, egg, and cheese pizza with an everything bagel crust, a spin on the famous New York breakfast staple? 

Abeetz, named the “Best Food Truck in Westchester” by Westchester Magazine, brings authentic wood-fired, thin-crust pizza to the streets of New York using a gold-tiled brick oven imported straight from Italy. 

Founder and Westchester native David D’Amico’s passion for pizza led him to spend years traveling the world to find out what it takes to create the perfect pie. And thus Abeetz’s pizza truck was born, named after the way his native Italian grandparents pronounced the word ‘pizza.’ Specializing in weddings and other catered private events, Abeetz brings the party straight to you!

Pizza Vita Pizza Food Truck Catering
Photo Credit: @livingtomunch



Inspired by traditional trattorias of Naples, Pizza Vita set out to perfect simple, yet delicious cuisine when they opened their windows in 2011. 

Led by chef Adele DiBiase (known as one of the first “Pizziolas” working in the U.S.) and Ernesto Santorelli, Pizza Vita takes pride in their Italian wood-burning oven that stays scorching hot at a continuous 900 degrees. That’s why they’re able to cook personal pies in their pizza food truck in just 90 seconds! 

Plus, they’re serving more than pizzas with Italian fare like, delicious plates of pasta, fresh salads, and even homemade gelato. So, upgrade your wedding reception with true Neapolitan pizza that’s hot and fresh right out of the oven from Pizza Vita. Because “not all pizza is created equal.”

Groundlings Pizza Food Truck Catering


Looking for a slice that’s known as one of the best in New York? While that might be a bold statement to make, Groundling Pizza Co. delivers the goods. 

Twin brothers, Danny and Luke Bruckert have got wood-fired pizza down to a science. And it all starts with the fermentation process of the dough. But, luckily you won’t need a Ph.D. to understand the language of pizza once you’ve had a taste of their pizza. With classics like the “Mighe-Lon” and “Re-Gu-Lah” to artisan creations like the “Milk and Honey” and “Trouble,” Groundling Pizza Co. uses only quality, local ingredients baked on top of a perfectly-crisped crust.  

With a pizza food truck constructed from the wheels up and transported on the ultimate road trip from Portland to New York, Groundling Pizza Co. is committed to giving your guests a delicious experience on your wedding day.

Pizza Vitale Pizza Food Truck


Pizza Vitale’s “little silver box on wheels” holds a special surprise inside: some of the finest authentic Neapolitan-style pizza you’ll find in New York. Which makes sense, since chef Francesco Vitale was born and raised in Naples, Italy. After 30 years of experience around the world crafting old-world style pies, Vitale decided to open his own pizza food truck.

Putting a premium on quality ingredients you have to taste to believe, he uses Caputo 00 flour imported directly from Napoli, which gives Pizza Vitali’s signature crust it’s distinctive, chewy bite. Whether classic creations like Pepperoni and Margherita or unique pies like “Diavola,” featuring spicy pork Soppressata and chopped Calabreses chilis,  Pizza Vitale will be the star of your wedding, after you of course! So, don’t wait, and make sure to book them for your upcoming nuptials.


Food truck catering for your wedding is not only an exciting and fun way to surprise your guests and make the day extra special, but it’s also cost-effective and can help make your event COVID-safe (with built-in social distancing in an outdoor setting).

Whether receptions, bridal showers, engagement parties, or post-wedding brunches, pizza food truck catering is waiting for you to get moving with a memorable and delicious wedding experience.

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Why Mobile Bars Are Perfect for Your New Year’s Eve Party

As we count down the final days of 2020, let’s raise a glass with mobile bars and toast to new beginnings in 2021.  

Every December 31st, people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve, saying “goodbye” to the old and “hello” to the new. 

Even though traditional large celebrations have been canceled this year, you can still ring in the new year with your closest family and friends with the help of mobile bar catering. 

Featuring eye-catching vehicles serving the finest wine, beer, spirits, and more, your party is sure to be a night your guests will always remember. 

As we count down the final days of 2020, let’s raise a glass with mobile bars and toast to new beginnings in 2021.

Mobile Bar Catering



Mobile bars offer a unique advantage over traditional bars and pubs because they’re to-go and naturally offer social distancing creating a responsible way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, as opposed to taking risks by bar-hopping in crowded, indoor settings. 

As social interactions have changed, New York’s Bubbles & Brews has adopted a sensible approach to proper safety and hygiene protocol. From staff wearing PPE at all times and avoiding direct contact with guests while serving drinks to making hand sanitizer available, they’re experts at accommodating attendees to help make them feel more comfortable and secure. 

With their beautifully restored, vintage mobile vehicles and carts offering Prosecco, wine, craft beers, and signature cocktails, Bubbles and Brews is the perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve festivities.

Bubblesandbrewsny Mobile Bar Catering



One of the less enjoyable parts of celebrating New Year’s Eve for many people is having to brave the cold, winter weather just to have a good time. Why not keep warm by bringing the party straight to your door? Mobile bars give you the chance to create an elegant bar experience anywhere you like, even indoors! Bubble Bros “Bubble Bike” is “the world’s first motorbike and sidecar bar” and the perfect option if you’re looking for a compact, mobile bar that’s sure to turn heads. 

This vintage 1969 vehicle has been transformed into a sparkling wine bar, ready to pour ice-cold bubbly on tap. With quick and easy set-up, the “Bubble Bike” will turn your New Year’s Eve bash into a luxurious experience long before the clock strikes midnight.

Bubble Bros Mobile Bar Catering



These artisan pop-up bars are founded on a belief that enjoying premium beverages should be an experience. Ditch those dive bar house specials and tap into craft cocktails, expertly created by people with a passion for creating the perfect drink. 

Citizen Caravan is known for bringing coffeehouse culture to the streets of New York, but they’re putting just as much love and passion into their selection of handcrafted cocktails as well. Want to spice up your New Year’s Eve? Try their signature Poquito Picante jalapeño margarita!

Citizen Caravan Mobile Bar Rental



Get creative and turn any theme into a reality. With customization possibilities that are endless, your New Year’s Eve party can match your own unique style. Heat up your event with Disco Tacos ice-cold margaritas, Mexican-inspired catering, and music that’ll get your guests on the dancefloor. 

Plus, a high-quality mobile bar that comes with professional staffing and the finest drinks is budget-friendly. With mobile bars, you can save money without sacrificing five-star beverages and full-scale service.

Disco Tacos Mobile Bar Rental



Whether you want to stay safe, keep warm, or just kick things up a notch, there’s something extra special about a classy and fun bar on wheels. So, say “cheers!” with mobile bars and enjoy your New Year’s Eve in style.

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Three Times Food Trucks Created Immersive Brand Promotions

Brand promotions with food trucks are perfectly engineered to have customers actively engage with a brand’s identity and its core values.

Experiential marketing can bolster lasting connections between a brand and its target audience. According to a recent Forbes study, 65% of consumers say live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better. 

While there are a variety of ways to engage and make an impact, food trucks drive real buzz. 

Brand promotions with food trucks are perfectly engineered to have customers actively engage with a brand’s identity and its core values.



Companies use immersive brand promotions for many reasons, one of which is to educate and inform. Because there’s no better way for consumers to interact directly with a product than by testing it hands-on. 

As consumers seek new ways to enjoy more convenient ways to checkout for their everyday purchases, contactless payments have become the new way to pay, thanks to its increased speed, safety, and cleanliness. When Mastercard set out to promote its Tap and Go™ contactless technology, its goal was to teach and show busy New Yorkers how much easier commuting can be with a simple tap of their contactless Mastercard.

With the help of a branded food truck and knowledgeable brand ambassadors, Mastercard set-up interactive stations at three busy subway stations in Manhattan and invited consumers to test the speed of Tap & Go™, while also treating them to cuisine provided by James Beard award-winning chef JJ Johnson.

Along with chef Johnson’s delicious and complimentary fare, participants also received free Metrocards just for stopping by and checking out the benefits of learning about Mastercard’s Tap and Go™.



The world’s premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals: Advertising Week NYC is a networking experience featuring a week of seminars, pop-ups, and workshops attended by hundreds of thousands each year. 

With the industry’s biggest brands and brightest minds in attendance, it’s a tall order to stand out and capture audience attention. For a handful of savvy companies, immersive brand promotions were the key to piquing interest and yielding high demand.

Parked right in front of New York’s Lincoln Square Theater, FOX’s branded Simpson’s truck served hot cups of coffee and the show’s iconic pink-glazed donuts on branded cups and napkins. Nearby, Valassis’ “Make a Scene Caffeine” mobile bar offered hot and cold Nitro brewed coffee, while Ampersand and PubMatic treated attendees to mouth-watering BBQ, tacos, and burritos. And, Quad had dessert covered with a branded ice cream truck featuring flavors like “KPI Pistachio” and “Insight and Analytics Strawberry Jam,” creatively showcasing some of the services they provide.



Immersive brand promotions are designed to turn passive consumers into active participants. Upon launching its Nite Jogger footwear line, Adidas wanted to pay homage to its retro roots and bring to life the spirit of those ‘who don’t stop when the sun goes down.’

By hitting the streets of Brooklyn and New York’s Lower East Side, Adidas’ branded truck celebrated Nite Jogger’s launch with a one-of-a-kind experience after dark with brand ambassadors serving complimentary coffee, donuts, and hosting giveaways for excited night owls. 

Adidas’ immersive brand promotion not only engaged with its target audience but also captured the product’s essence; that it’s ‘never too late’ to hit the ground running and pursue your passion.


Immersive brand promotions are experiences that don’t just communicate – they connect. Consumers want brands that speak to them and engage in a personal way. With food trucks targeting the senses, immersive brand promotions are the catalyst for striking B2C interactions that resonate even after an event’s over, helping to drive loyalty and increase sales.

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The Touch-Free Way to Paid: Using PayPal QR Codes For Your Business

From simple set-up to a simple transaction process, PayPal QR Codes will help you effortlessly and safely manage your business’ transactions.

While they’ve been around for decades, QR codes have been reinvented with a new purpose – to help small businesses across a variety of industries accept touch-free payments while helping to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe.

From simple set-up to a simple transaction process, PayPal QR Codes will help you effortlessly and safely manage your business’ transactions. 

But, how does it work? Well, it’s a lot easier than you might think. And, no special equipment is needed. Just a smartphone or tablet!

So, let’s take a look at how your business can get started today with PayPal QR Codes.


“Quick Response” codes are a popular type of two-dimension barcode that encodes information and can be decoded by using a smartphone or tablet to reveal data that points to a particular website or application. 

QR codes have come a long way since they were first designed in the early 90s for the Japanese auto industry. Nearly 30 years later, QR codes are used for inventory management, marketing and advertising, education, and (of course) mobile payments. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety has become a priority for businesses across the globe, and QR codes have become increasingly popular. Today, QR codes are commonly added to:

  • Payment options for businesses looking to offer a touch-free experience to customers
  • Table cards to direct customers to digital menus
  • Product packaging, allowing consumers to get detailed product information
  • Business cards, allowing people to save contact information
  • Brand advertisements, allowing consumers to visit a website and/or register for an event
  • Invitations, allowing guests to open a venue’s location on their smartphone’s “maps” application

QR codes are so easy to use, virtually anyone can create and use them for their personal or professional benefit. When it comes to your business, PayPal QR Codes is a touch-free payment solution that lets your customers scan your QR code with ease sending you quick payment safely, securely and at a distance. 



Propelling your business with QR codes is easier than you might think. Once you’ve set up your business account and downloaded the PayPal app, you can create your own QR code through the PayPal Business app (available in the Apple Store and Google Play) or PayPal’s website.  

And… that’s it! Now you can share your unique QR code that’s free and never expires with your customers!

To receive payments, all your customers have to do is open the PayPal app and select the “Scan to Pay” option, scan your unique QR code, enter the amount due, and click “Send Now;” just like a traditional bank account, credit or debit card transaction. Once your customer is redirected to their confirmation screen, you’ll see the completed transaction in your PayPal app. 


There are a variety of creative ways customers can interact with your PayPal QR Codes as you sell your products and services. 

  1. If you have a physical location, showcasing a printable QR code and posting it in your store window will let customers know transactions are safe and easy. 
  2. Make social distancing a priority with your QR code posted at your store’s checkout counter, allowing customers to pay without close contact to you and/or your employees. 
  3. If your business offers curbside, drive-thru, and/or delivery service, attaching your QR code to packages/products for pickup makes transactions fast and efficient. 
  4. Let your customers show their appreciation for you and your team by using your QR code in lieu of accepting cash for tips. 


As businesses around the world look to new and innovative ways to keep their doors open, while keeping the health and safety of their employees and customers top-of-mind, PayPal QR Codes are the fast and easy way to handle transactions and accept touch-free payments in-person. 

Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, online or both, you can get paid and have peace of mind. So, start scanning today!


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New York’s Best Comfort Food Trucks

It’s hard to not associate the holidays with comfort food. Just like mom used to make, these food trucks are serving up satisfying and nostalgic comfort foods that remind us of home.

It’s hard to not associate the holidays with comfort food. Just like mom used to make, the best comfort foods are satisfying and nostalgic mood-lifters that remind us of home.

With many New Yorkers cutting back on their holiday plans this year, that means missing out on those quintessential comfort food classics. But, fear not. Some of New York’s best food trucks are here to bring back those nostalgic memories with dishes that will keep you satisfied from now until the new year.

Gorilla Cheese Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @ariandthefoodie



Embrace your childhood with your favorite after-school snack: melted American cheese on buttery white bread. Gorilla Cheese is one of NYC’s most popular food trucks because they take their ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches seriously. 

Made with freshly-baked bread, local and imported cheeses and the finest quality meat, Gorilla Cheese’s food truck hits the streets daily to satisfy all cheese lovers. Feeling nostalgic? Go for one of their “Classics.” Feeling adventurous? Try their “Sharp Cheddar Melt,” with BBQ pulled pork and caramelized onions. And, make sure to pair your sandwich with a side of tater tots, mac and cheese bites, or creamy tomato soup. 

There’s no better way to satisfy your comfort food craving than with gourmet grilled cheese catering from the food truck that takes “being cheesy” to a whole new level.  

Mac Truck Comfort Food



For nearly 10 years, Mac Truck NYC has reigned supreme as New York’s mac and cheese king. After years working at some of Manhattan’s most critically-acclaimed restaurants, chef Dom Tesoriero took his passion for culinary excellence to the booming food truck industry by serving the finest mac and cheese in New York. 

Famous for his creamy, cheesy mac and cheese with mouthwatering toppings like “Braised Applewood Bacon,” “Mushroom & Truffle,” and “Lobster,” it’s easy to see why Dom’s been nationally featured on Food Network’s “Food Network Star,” “Fox and Friends,” “Dr. Oz” and more. 

If you’re looking to impress your holiday party guests, look no further than Mac Truck NYC, New York’s premier mac and cheese catering food truck. 

Made From Scratch Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @bronxnightmarket



Made From Scratch’s eclectic concept mixes chef/DJ Dallas Green’s passion for both classic Southern comfort food and great music. With a focus on savory dishes and sweet desserts, Made From Scratch is a fine dining experience on wheels. 

With signature classics like “Chicken & Waffles,” “Fried Shrimp & Fries,” and “My Momma’s Mac and Cheese,” Chef Green’s dishes are truly made from scratch from fresh ingredients and lots of love. 

Since its launch, Made From Scratch has been spotlighted in The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly as a successful addition to NYC’s foodie scene, with homestyle, comfort dishes that are always sure to hit the spot. 

Sloppie Joe's Gourmet Grub Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @copenhangry



Sometimes, enjoying great comfort food means getting a little “sloppie” and, Sloppie Joe’s Gourmet Grub has you covered. But, ditch that can of “Manwich” and get a taste of their sloppy joes done right. Made with premium ingredients by chef Joseph Defeis, Sloppie Joe’s two food trucks and walk-up restaurant have been winning over New Yorkers since 2017. 

And, Sloppie Joe’s hand-crafted empanadas, hand-cut “Sloppie Style” French fries, and corn fritters are the perfect partner for your artisan-style sloppy joe. 

Whether lunch, dinner, or your next party, Sloppie Joe’s Gourmet Grub puts a new spin on classic sloppy joes and takes comfort food to the max. 

Superlicious NYC Comfort Food Truck


Looking for the tastiest traditional Irish fare this side of the pond? Superlicious NYC has been bringing a ‘Taste of Ireland’ to NYC since launching their food truck in 2016.  

Featuring their take on timeless classics like, fish and chips, freshly baked scones, lamb Shepherd’s Pie, and their famous fried chicken, Superlicious NYC uses only the freshest ingredients and locally-sourced produce in all their recipes. 

With Chicken Tikka fries, spiced ground beef tacos, and more, their menu also includes a fusion of Pan-Asian, Mexican, and American cuisines that will delight all taste buds, making Superlicious NYC your go-to for food truck fare that’s delicious, flavorful, and unique.

Gyros, souvlaki, Greek salads, and everything in between, these Greek food trucks in NYC will be your new go-to’s for lunch, dinner, a late-night snack, and even catering your next event.


Turns out you don’t need to leave home to enjoy great comfort food as the weather gets chilly. Stick-to-your-ribs goodness is just a stone’s throw away, right here in NYC. So, even if you can’t go home for the holidays you can still enjoy classic comfort foods from New York’s best food trucks. 

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