The Best Outdoor Office Party Catering Tips For 2021

Learn about the top tips and tricks to planning a safe and responsible event with outdoor office party catering. 

Spring is around the corner, and that means warmer weather and more quality time outside. Employees always enjoy a festive office party or a catered lunch. But that conference table has probably seen one too many pizza boxes and Chinese takeout cartons than it should. 

As the pandemic dissipates and employees return to on-site locations, why not welcome them back with outdoor office party catering from food truck vendors that have experience feeding crowds. Whether you want to introduce new employees to colleagues in-person or enhance employee morale, treating everyone to a great meal is a surefire way to boost team spirit while keeping them safe in a naturally socially-distanced environment. 

Read on to learn more about the top tips and tricks to planning a safe and responsible event with outdoor office party catering.

Outdoor Office Party Catering



You’re probably wondering why you should limit your guest list when your office party’s outdoors. Remember, there’s nothing more important than ‘safety first.’ Being outside isn’t a guarantee that everyone will remain COVID-free, but it is a preferable alternative to hosting an event in a cramped boardroom. 

While you may want to allow employees to bring a guest or open up your guest list to partners and vendors you do business with, a smaller event just for your employees will create a more intimate and relaxed environment. But if you do want to host a larger event, your office party catering should book multiple food trucks that’ll help keep guests spaced apart in a way that’s not restrictive. 

Try different cuisines that’ll pique everyone’s interest. How about tacos from New York’s El Toro Rojo and burgers from Shake Shack? And don’t forget the drinks! Let guests wash down their food with a cold beer or bubbly glass of champagne from Bubbles & Brews

Tacos Office Party Catering


When we think of catered events, large aluminum trays of food under heat lamps come to mind. But à la carte menus allows your employees to order and customize what they want in a safe and sanitary way. 

You can’t go wrong partnering with food trucks. Preparing, cooking, and serving meals per person is their business. When artisan ice cream company Van Leeuwen Ice Cream launched their first truck in 2008 crowds lined up almost immediately, and they haven’t stopped since. Today, they boast 25 ice cream trucks and physical locations across New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. 

Outdoor office party catering with individual meals reduces the risk of cross-contamination while cleverly personalizing your guests’ tastes, allergies, and dietary restrictions.

Ice Cream Office Party Catering


You know your office party will be outdoors, but how will it be setup? What’s the layout? How do you even get started? In a COVID-world, events look different, and even though yours is outside, similar rules apply. But it’s not a bad thing, as long as you can optimize a flow that’s organic while still safe. Think spaced-out lounge areas or limited seating at tables. 

Working with experienced agencies helps. Aside from having their fingers on the pulse of the best food truck vendors to cater your event, they’re also expert party planners and understand logistics. 

While you may want to go it alone, you should be mingling with your employees instead. Let the experts handle the details giving you the freedom to mingle with and celebrate your team.


Planning outdoor office party catering with food trucks revolves around the food and decor. But what’s the point of spending the time and money planning your event if it gets shut down because you don’t have the right permits and licenses? 

Rules, restrictions, and requirements vary by city and state, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to where and when you can throw your party. And in many places, approval is also required from local health departments and fire marshalls. Break the rules? Be prepared to pay hefty fines. 

Again, you don’t have to do all the legwork. There are professionals who’ll work with the necessary agencies and secure all the paperwork your outdoor office party needs.

Outdoor Office Party Catering Ideas


Relying on your iPhone weather app to predict whether you’ll see rays of sunshine or cloudy skies on the day of your office party is a risk you should never take. When it comes to the weather, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

That’ll require proper planning. With the right protocols and supplies in place, you can keep the party going without missing a beat. Many outdoor catering supplies aren’t weatherproof, like extension cords and generators, so covering or keeping them in an enclosed space will prevent a disaster. Canopy tents are readily available and can provide shelter from the storm for your guests and equipment.


In 2021, throwing a party isn’t just about focusing on the fun. It’s also about safety. But, these two elements can go hand-in-hand. Food trucks pioneered that strategy long before the pandemic and they’re the perfect match for your outdoor office party catering needs. 

By streamlining your guest list, serving individual meals that offer variety and customization, keeping an open flow, securing the right permits, and considering how to prepare for inclement weather, you can organize a fantastic event for your employees that’ll have them primed and ready to get back to work!

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Raise a Glass and Celebrate With Beer Catering at Your Party

Tap into something special for your wedding, party, or special event with food trucks that serve beer and satisfy hungry appetites and quench guests’ thirsts.

Tap into something special for your wedding, party, or special event with food trucks that serve beer and satisfy hungry appetites and quench guests’ thirsts. With indoor dining and bars shuttered in many major cities across the U.S., we’re currently living in an age where going out for a good time or celebrating a special occasion in public isn’t in the cards. Food truck catering with beer brings the party directly to you! Serving gourmet delicacies and craft beers, you can give back to community-based businesses and impress your guests with high-quality cuisine and beverages that’ll make your event one to remember. 

If you’re not sure how to get started, read on and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about food trucks with beer, so you can soon raise a glass and toast to a party that’s a smash hit with your guests.

Food Truck Beer Catering



Understandably the most important question to ask, the simplest answer is that pricing varies depending on the type of event you’re hosting and where. And that’s a good thing. Pricing should mirror the uniqueness of an event and the market it’s hosted in. When you consider your vision, a more accurate picture of how much it’ll cost will become clearer:

  1. Do you want beers on tap? Ciders? Wines? Custom cocktails? A mix of everything? Your menu is the main factor that will determine how much you’ll pay.
  2. How far will your food truck with beer have to travel? And how long is your party? While most vendors include a base rental rate, extended travel and service times will raise the cost.
  3. Is your party an intimate affair? Or is it the party of the year? Depending on your vendor, a higher guest count may translate into discounts and savings.
  4. Most vendors will provide bartenders for your event, but to cut costs some will offer options sans staff. But, beware. You’ll be held liable for any damage to equipment.
  5. Depending on the state your party is taking place, laws and regulations may prevent your vendor from supplying alcohol. If so, make sure you include in your budget beers, wines, and spirits needed for your party. 
Food Truck Catering Beer


Just like with cost, it depends on the size and scale of your party. Let’s say you’d like a food truck with beer to cater your wedding. The last thing you want is to have your reception run dry, leaving guests thirsty and looking to continue the festivities elsewhere. 

Think about timing along with the guest count. The first hour of your wedding reception will be spent with guests hanging around the bar, guests will also drink while eating, and when you open up the dance floor. The Knot offers a handy rule of thumb. As a starting point, guests will have one beer or cocktail per person per hour or about five drinks throughout your wedding.  

Keep in mind the devil in the details as well. Will you have to provide glassware? Make sure you plan these seemingly minor, yet important details.

Beer Catering The Knot
Photo Credit: @jdkanee & @_amandapetersen ⠀


Generally, three types of bars make up the bulk of parties and events serving alcohol: open bars, limited bars, and cash bars. To determine the one that’s right for you, think about your preferences and those of your guests:

  • Open bars are the most accommodating – serving drinks at no cost – but the most expensive option. Everyone can order what they want, but you’ll be picking up the tab when the party’s over. 
  • Limited bars offer a pre-selected choice of beers (and perhaps wine and spirits) and set specific times to drink. This is where having a staff is advantageous, as they can be designated to serve drinks at the appropriate times. 
  • Cash bars are budget-friendly but only offer this option if your party is casual or informal. It’s not like you invite people to dinner and then charge them to eat. It’s an option to consider, but there are certainly other ways you can cut costs and keep your guests happy. 


While food trucks with beer can be set-up almost anywhere and are largely self-operating, they still need space. Vendors like New York’s Bubbles & Brews offer compact vintage vans and mini-trucks that can be pulled up under large tents or can fit through standard 6’0” double doors for indoor events. 

Equipment for draft beer requires a power source, so your location must have a steady supply. It’s not like you want to have the power knocked out, leaving your guests in the dark. Vendors may provide their own generators, but keep in mind that may increase what you spend. 


The short answer is ‘no.’ If your venue doesn’t have the necessary ATC permitting required, you’ll need to choose a vendor that does. Aside from cost, permits and licensing are the most critical elements needed to ensure your party’s success. 

It’s also important to make sure your vendor can serve alcohol on public property, as some vendors may only be allowed to serve alcohol on private property. When doing your research, you can also ask a potential vendor if they can provide you with copies of their liability insurance. The most reputable ones should have no problem doing so. 

Beer Catering New York


Eclectic and unique, food truck catering with beer is more than just a novel way to feed your guests. These eye-catching vehicles will be the centerpiece of your party. Why not take Bubble Bros’ sporty Bubble Bike, the world’s first motorbike and sidecar bar, out for a test drive?

The bottom line is that whether big or small, whether your wedding day or a small soiree with your closest friends, it’s easy to add a special touch to your event. From finding the best vendors serving the finest ales, pilsners, lagers, IPAs, and more to working with the right agency that will help you every step of the way, you can rest assured that your party will be the toast of the town!

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8 Ice Cream Trucks That Will Make Your Birthday Party Sweet

There’s always a good reason to indulge, but catering from New York’s most popular ice cream trucks will make sweet memories for your next birthday party.

For kids of all ages, there’s nothing more exciting than the sound of the local ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood. A walk outside your front door meant nostalgic moments to look back on and, of course, a few scoops of delicious ice cream to savor. 

There’s always a good reason to indulge, but catering from New York’s most popular ice cream trucks will make sweet memories for your next birthday party. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a closer look at some of these NYC legends and also get a sample of their signature treats.

New York Ice Cream Trucks


Italian ices are a New York staple and everyone knows Andy’s Italian Ices are “heaven in a cup.” With over 45 different flavors to choose from, Andy’s water and crème ices are made daily and bursting with flavor, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Their “USA Rainbow” water ice is a trifecta of classic Italian ice flavors and a must-try. With weekly and holiday specials, and sugar-free selections, Andy’s Italian Ices can cater your birthday party, with healthier choices that are just as refreshing. 

Signature treat: USA Rainbow’

USA Rainbow Ices


If you’re from New York, chances are Brooklyn Ice Cream was probably serving summertime memories to your grandparents way back when. Since 1925, this family-owned ice cream truck has been putting smiles on faces with its wide selection of ice cream cones, sundaes, and more. Get a taste of nostalgia with Brooklyn Ice Cream’s cherry dipped cone. Creamy vanilla soft-serve inside a crunchy cherry coating that’s sure to bring back your childhood dreams. From cones topped with rainbow sprinkles, Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars, and everything in between spread some sweet joy by booking them for your next birthday celebration.

Signature Treat: Cherry-dipped cone’

Brooklyn Ice Cream Truck Cherry Dipped Cone


Synonymous with “soft serve,” Carvel is the undisputed soft-serve champion since 1929. What began as one ice cream truck stationed in a parking lot has grown to over 500 franchise locations in 25 states. There are so many signature treats to choose from, but Carvel’s Flying Saucers are out of this world and helped put ice cream sandwiches on the map. Vanilla soft-serve sandwiched between two chocolate cookies will transport you to your favorite childhood memories. Perfect for any occasion, let the industry leader in ice cream cater your birthday party and make it extra special. 

Signature treat: Flying Saucer’

Carvel Ice Cream Truck Flying Saucer


Speaking of ice cream sandwiches, Melt Bakery has been on a mission to craft delicious ice cream sandwiches and deliver great customer service to New Yorkers for over 10 years. Melt Bakery’s portable treats are sure to be a hit at any birthday party. Who doesn’t love snickerdoodles? Melt Bakery’s ‘Cinnamax’ pairs two of these freshly baked cookies with a heaping scoop of homemade cinnamon ice cream. One bite of this mouthwatering delight and you’ll be hooked.

Signature treat: ‘Cinnamax’

Melt Bakery Ice Cream Truck Cinnamax


Mister Softee’s indelible jingle and blue and white aesthetic is the definition of what a classic ice cream truck should be. The largest franchisor of soft ice cream in the U.S., Mister Softee is known for their legendary cones with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, as well as their creamy milkshakes. But, have you ever tried their banana boat? This behemoth is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth it. Served in between a banana sliced in half lengthwise, soft vanilla ice cream is topped with chocolate syrup, garnished with cherries and whipped cream. After sixty-four years, it’s no surprise that Mister Softee is the Northeast’s most beloved ice cream truck that’s ready to make your birthday party a smash hit.

Signature treat: Banana Boat’

Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck Banana Boat


Ice cream that doesn’t just make you feel good but good for you? Ice cream lovers rejoice because Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is the ice cream truck that’s just for you. Made with only all-natural ingredients, their ice cream is second to none and tastes the way ice cream was meant to taste: creamy, sweet, and delicious. Van Leeuwen’s Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam is a real crowd-pleaser. Cold-ground Tahitian vanilla, jam from Oregon-grown strawberries, and crumbles of gluten-free oat cookies prove eating vegan can be a mouthwatering experience and the star of any birthday party.

Signature treat: Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam’

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam


We’ve talked a lot about ice cream trucks, but let’s take things up a notch by adding a Belgian waffle to the mix. Waffle de Lys’ crispy on the outside, pillowy-soft on the inside waffles are made from ingredients imported directly from Belgium and France. There’s an ice cream/waffle pairing on their menu that’ll satisfy any appetite, but try their ‘La Classique,’ made with fresh strawberries and bananas and drizzled with rich Belgian chocolate and topped homemade whipped cream. With plenty of combinations to choose from, Waffle de Lys is the ice cream truck with a twist that’s perfect for catering your birthday party.

Signature treat: La Classique’

Waffle De Lys Truck La Classique


A New York institution, Walter’s Hot Dogs has been drawing crowds for over a century. In fact, Walter’s flagship location in Mamaroneck, New York is so iconic, it’s recognized as a nationally registered historical landmark. Known for their hot dog trucks cruising throughout the Westchester area, Walter’s is also serving decadent sweet treats. Their fresh-baked ‘Cinnamon Sticks Deluxe’ are topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. With hot dogs and ice cream, Walter’s is your one-stop-shop food truck that’ll cover all your birthday party cuisine needs.

Signature treat: Cinnamon Sticks Deluxe’

Walter's Hot Dogs Cinnamon Sticks


Ice cream is the type of dessert that brings everyone together. There’s always a good reason to enjoy a scoop or two, but ice cream and birthday parties go hand in hand. Skip those supermarket gallons and take things to the next level. With ice cream and more from New York’s finest ice cream trucks, you’re guaranteed to make your next birthday party a celebration to remember.

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These 6 Taco Trucks Will Spice Up Your Next Office Fiesta

Ring in the new year and a fresh start by celebrating your team with great food from New York’s best taco food trucks.

As 2021 brings new hope, many businesses around the U.S. will be reopening and employees who spent nearly a year working from home will return to on-site locations. 

That means now’s the perfect time to start planning a party with taco food truck catering to introduce new employees to their colleagues in-person and enhance company culture.

Let’s check out some of New York’s finest taco food trucks that’ll help carry your business well into the new year.

Bulgogi Tacos


If there’s one thing Dennis Kum knows it’s great food. Raised in New York’s culinary mecca Queens, Dennis spent his youth surrounded by an eclectic array of food and family gatherings featuring dishes infused with the bold spices of Guyana, South America, and China. His love for cooking is how Big D’s Grub came to be.

Putting a spotlight on cultures he grew up with, Dennis is serving Asian-fusion fare every day from his food truck. With plenty of options to choose from and using only the freshest ingredients, food truck catering from Big D’s brings exotic flavors that’ll have your employees ready to dig in!

Must try: Bulgogi tacos 

Marinated in their secret spice mix, Big D’s bulgogi taco is one of the reasons why there’s always a line around the block. Using USDA Choice, grass-fed, black Angus ribeye, and marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil, this taco is served with kimchi puree, cucumber, and zesty scallion relish.

Brisket Tacos


Carlito’s Barbeque Taqueria is on a mission to proudly celebrate the cultures of Mexican and barbeque cuisine. Bringing Tex-Mex style eats to New York streets, Carlito’s Barbeque Taqueria taco truck was founded by three good friends, Carlos, Fernando, and Martin who came together to take the world of tacos by storm.

Carlito’s Barbeque Taqueria lives by the motto “food brings people together.” Putting a premium on the history of Mexican culture and cuisine, high-quality ingredients, and traditional techniques, their attention to detail makes them the perfect partner to cater your next office fiesta. 

Must try: Brisket tacos

Homemade masa that becomes hand-pressed tortillas stuffed with pit-roasted slow and low brisket? Sign us up! Forget those fussy toppings, because the meat is the star of the show. No frills, full of flavor, and just the way Carlito’s Barbeque Taqueria likes it. 

Cousins Maine Lobster Shrimp Tacos


Tacos… with a New England twist. Cousins Maine Lobster is known nationwide for its famous Maine and Connecticut style lobster rolls, but they’re also cooking up some of the best tacos from coast-to-coast.

(Actual) cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac launched their first food truck in 2012 after a memorable appearance on the hit TV show ‘Shark Tank,’ by winning over real estate legend and ‘Shark’ investor Barbara Corcoran. Today, 20 trucks are bringing a taste of the Northeast across the U.S. 

Must try: Shrimp tacos

While you can never go wrong with a lobster grilled cheese paired with a cup of New England clam chowder, come take a bite out of Cousins Maine Lobster shrimp tacos. Using North Atlantic shrimp and topped with fresh cabbage, pico de gallo, and cilantro lime sauce on fresh flour tortillas, these shrimp tacos are a real crowd-pleaser that’ll boost any employee’s morale.

Disco Tacos: Super Freak


In search of fresh food and fresh beats? Disco Tacos is your new BFF and New York’s best taco food truck to get the party started. Converting a renovated horse trailer into a fiesta on wheels, Mac Osborne wanted to combine the three basics of a good time: great music, great food, and cold drinks.

Featuring dishes with catchy and creative names, like ‘Overdressed Andy Warhol’ (carne asada tacos), that pay homage to the 70s and signature margaritas and ice-cold beers, Disco Tacos is the food truck that’ll have your employees calling your after-work party anything but basic.

Must try: ‘The Super Freak’

Just like the ubiquitous Rick James song, this is a wild taco you have to try. Slow-cooked pulled pork, seasoned with bold and flavorful spices, topped with tangy pickled onions, and fresh cilantro, Disco Tacos ‘The Super Freak’ will have your tastebuds singing. 

El Toro Rojo Veggie Tacos


Seemingly simple dishes packing big flavors in every bite. That’s the El Toro Rojo way. And it’s a family affair. From their black and red food truck, Dennis Apreza, his father Gabriel, and sister Jocelyn are recreating Oaxacan dishes and introducing them across New York City. With a deep connection to their familial roots, El Toro Rojo brings authenticity, freshness, and quality to any office party, and they’re keeping it all in the family.

Must try: Veggie tacos

Served in a warm tortilla made from traditional nixtamal corn, with sauteed peppers and onions, Oaxaca cheese, pinto beans, pico de gallo, your choice of homemade salsa verde or roja, go ahead and feel good about that New Year’s resolution and feed your vegetarian side with El Toro Rojo’s veggie tacos. 

Los Viajeros Fish Tacos


The first thing you notice about Los Viajeros is the bright fuchsia food truck. But come a little closer and you’ll find a Latin-fusion surprise. Spanish for ‘the travelers,’ Los Viajeros is the brainchild of self-taught chefs Caitlyn Napolitano and Carlos Dacosta.

Born from their culinary adventures throughout Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, Los Viajeros cuisine is inspired by exotic flavors and vibrant cultures. This Vendy Award and Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ winning food truck is serving bold and authentic dishes that’ll be sure to give your staff a real taste of Latin culture. 

Must try: Fried fish tacos

No taco food truck does fried fish tacos better than Los Viajeros. Perfectly fried fresh tilapia, with homemade coleslaw, mango salsa, chipotle aioli, and lime, these tacos pack just as much of a punch as their fun and festive truck.


It’s easy to book traditional food catering serving dishes that leave much to be desired. But you don’t settle for less because you’re the type of boss who wants to show your employees your appreciation. Why not leave an impression and make a mark that shows you care with catering from taco food trucks?

As the delicious centerpiece of your next festivities, these New York vendors operate their business just like you do yours; with pride and passion doing exactly what they love. So, ring in the new year and a fresh start by celebrating your team with great food and memories that last.

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