Food Trucks vs. Carts vs. Trailers: Which One Is Right for You?

Food trucks, food carts, food trailers— each of these mobile catering platforms have their advantages. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, so you can find the perfect partner to cater your event!

Food trucks, food carts, food trailers— each of these mobile catering platforms have their advantages. Food trucks are commercial-grade kitchens on wheels, carts are budget-friendly, and trailers are just right for large events. But what’s the difference? And which one is best for your needs? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, so you can find the perfect partner to cater your event!

What’s the Difference?

Before we dive in, understanding what food trucks, carts, and trailers offer will help you decided which mobile catering unit is the best fit for your event:

Food Trucks

Food trucks are the most common and popular mobile food service option. Just like it sounds, food trucks are vehicles that host a full-service kitchen, like a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Food trucks are most commonly between 16 and 18 feet long. Also, because of their size— and the fact that they’re a combination kitchen/truck— they’re the easiest to transport, especially when your event takes place at multiple locations. 

When A&E recently hosted its annual luncheon for agency partners, they partnered with Katz’s Delicatessen for a special show of appreciation. With help from nine food trucks, A&E delivered custom-packaged sandwiches throughout nine different locations in NYC. This creative corporate catering was able to touch multiple points simultaneously, and A&E launched an interactive and memorable brand experience.

Food Carts 

If you’re planning an event and looking for the least expensive option, check out what food carts have to offer. While food carts— unless retrofitted— lack a full-service kitchen, they provide a more straightforward menu prepared off-site. This is ideal if you’re hosting a smaller event in one location or its duration is short. Food carts are also great if you’re serving snacks instead of catered meals. So think ice cream, mini-donuts, cookies, and popcorn.

Baonanas Mobile Dessert Food Cart

Food Trailers 

In between food trucks and food carts are food trailers. While they’re not mobile and need a separate vehicle to tow it, their size is comparable to a food truck— and can even be larger. If you’re hosting a large-scale event, booking a food trailer might be your best option. But keep in mind that the bulkiness of food trailers means they’re not easily maneuverable. If the size of your outdoor or indoor venue is limited, food trailers may not be suitable for you. But if space is no issue— and especially if your event is held at a state fair, trade show, festival, sporting event, or concert, food trailers can serve large crowds with ease. 

Pros of Food Trucks

  • Set up is easy – Because they’re self-sufficient, food trucks can transport, park, cook, and serve food with minimal set-up. 
  • They’re brand-centric – Food trucks are like mobile billboards and can be customized to showcase your brand’s logo and/or aesthetics, which is excellent for experiential branded promotions. 
  • They save time – When booking mobile catering services, it’s essential to allocate enough time for before and after your event— and that costs more money. However, with food trucks, they can move between different locations with ease and save time for setting up and cleaning up.    

Cons of Food Trucks

  • The cost – Versus food carts and food trailers, food trucks are the most expensive mobile catering option. 
  • The weather – Some food truck vendors can showcase their culinary talents indoors, but they’re mainly used for outdoor events. It’s crucial to accommodate possible inclement weather for your guests. Like, tents for rain, and tables stationed in shaded areas for sun and heat. 
Gorilla Cheese NYC Food Truck

Pros of Food Carts

  • They’re cost-effective – Whether you’re hosting an intimate party or on a budget, food carts deliver high-quality foods at a reasonable price. 
  • They’re creative and unique – Colorado-based Bhakti Chai wanted to maximize the reach of its premium chai teas to a nationwide audience. Using a branded tuk-tuk, Bhakti Chai launched a 10-month cross-country mobile sampling tour, visiting 20 U.S. cities. 
  • They’re versatile –  Good things do come in small packages. Unlike food trucks or food trailers, food carts are smaller in stature, which means they’re compact enough for outdoor and indoor settings. 

Cons of Food Carts

  • Limited menus – Because food carts generally do not feature on-site kitchens, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to offer your guests a three-course meal or a variety of customizable menu options.  
  • Not ideal for large-scale events – Unless your event serves pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food or self-serve beverages, like coffee, food carts aren’t suitable for hosting large-scale events. 
Nitrotaps Coffee Food Cart

Pros of Food Trailers

  • Reasonably priced – Food trailers are the happy medium in terms of price between a food truck and a food cart. 
  • They offer more space – In terms of function, food trailers are on par with food trucks. But they provide more extended units, between 35 and 53 feet in length. That means they can easily feed large crowds.

Cons of Food Trailers

  • Longer set-up – Because they’re hitched to a truck or SUV, food trailers require longer setup and breakdown times. When booking a food trailer, ensure you’re accommodating between two and three additional hours of service.
  • Better for larger spaces – From their size to needing to be towed, food trailers can be awkward when stationed in tight spaces. In addition, they’re not the best choice if your event is held in multiple locations. 

Key Takeaways Between Food Trucks, Carts, and Trailers 

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting a food truck, food cart, or food trailer. No event, large or small, is ever the same. It takes having a clear understanding of your event’s logistics to decide which one suits your needs best. The good news is that whichever platform you choose, you’ll be hosting an out-of-the-box catered event featuring delicious food from premium vendors that will handle all the moving parts! So check them out and book one today!

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How To Book a Food Truck for Your Office in 3 Steps

The most crucial element to an office event is deciding what to eat. Food trucks provide catering options that are no-stress, no-mess, and perfect for a break room breakfast or office lunch.

Do you want to boost company morale? How about recognizing a team achievement? Are there employee birthdays coming up? The most crucial party planning element is to decide what to eat. Food trucks provide catering options that are no-stress, no-mess, and perfect for a break room breakfast or office lunch. But how do you book a food truck for your office? Turns out, it’s super simple, and you can tap into all the benefits food truck catering has to offer in three easy steps.

Step #1: Decide Your Budget 

The first step to book a food truck for your office is understanding the costs. It’s an obvious question— and the most important one to answer. Thumbtack provides an estimate tool to get you started, but the truth is several factors must be considered to give you an exact price. Let’s take a closer look at what they are: 

  • Per-person pricing: The number of guests you have is the main contributing factor for how much you’ll spend. Simply put, it’s more expensive to feed 100 people versus 25 because more product, more help, and more fuel/electricity are needed to accommodate.
  • Type of food: Cuisine also dictates a food truck’s pricing structure. If you’re on a budget, consider foods like tacos, BBQ, and hot dogs as opposed to cuisines with costly ingredients— generally, ones that are organic, seasonal, or not readily available. 
  • Food truck minimums: For food trucks to remain operational, they may set minimums. Let’s say you have guests who don’t show up to your office party. Minimums help offset the costs your food truck’s already spent to serve no-shows.
  • Location: Is your party in a major city? Expect labor, ingredients, and permits to be more expensive. Likewise, in smaller populated areas, your food truck may need to travel beyond their range. Either way, location determines costs. 

Additional Factors to Consider:

  • Time of year: Food trucks generate big business during holidays and the summer, which plays a big role in pricing. Consider alternate times of the year to throw your office party because that could translate to bigger savings.  
  • Event length: How long do you want to book a food truck for your office? Time equals money, so book your food truck for at least three hours. That’ll allow enough time for your guests to eat and for the food truck to clean up. 
  • Parking and permit costs: Every state, city, and municipality has different rules and regulations regarding food truck parking and permitting. Some may even have multiple fees. Depending on your vendor, you may incorporate some of those costs.
  • Mileage fees: Not every food truck will charge mileage fees unless your location is a great distance away. But make sure you read the fine print to ensure you’re either not being charged or understand that you are and how much it’ll set you back. 

Step #2: Choose Your Menu and Shop Around

Food trucks offer nearly every type of cuisine under the sun, and it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what’s best for your party. Luckily, food truck menus are streamlined with set choices that allow them to prep, cook, and serve food quickly without sacrificing quality. Something else to remember when you book a food truck for your office: make sure you’ve considered everyone’s dietary restrictions. Are some of your employees vegan? Do they have a peanut allergy? Perhaps they keep kosher? If you’re looking for a few cuisine recommendations, here are the top three most requested:

  • Italian: You can’t go wrong with pizza and pasta, especially from an authentic Italian food truck. Italian food is naturally family-style, so these vendors can easily feed a hungry crowd. 
  • Mexican: Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Plus, Mexican food is customizable, and that means you can be creative with your office party. Try setting up a self-serve taco or burrito bar for a fun and festive event. 
  • Mediterranean: Mediterranean food is an excellent choice for an office lunch because it’s light, refreshing, and still filling. But it won’t lead to that pesky mid-day crash. This veggie-focused cuisine is big on using fresh ingredients that’ll satisfy health-conscious employees and everyone else in between. 

Now that you know the type of food you want to serve, where do you find your perfect food truck? You can shop around on your own, scouring the depths of Google, Yelp, and Facebook, but that can be highly time-consuming. Don’t be afraid to contact professional companies that work directly with food truck vendors and can help you decide which one’s best. They can also help you craft your menu and take care of all of the planning and preparation. 

Step #3: Plan Your Office Party’s Logistics

The last thing you want is for your guests to spend more time navigating the lay of the land so they can eat instead of just having a good time. This begs the ultimate question: is your office party outdoors or indoors? Let’s face it: Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and that can doom your party before it even begins. 

If your party’s outside, stay up to date on the weather forecast and have a backup plan just in case it takes a turn for the worse. Check with your food truck vendor if they can accommodate inclement weather or if they can operate indoors instead. 

We’ve compiled a few more tips that’ll help you set up a food truck party’s that’s comfortable and inviting:

  • Whether you’ve booked one food truck or multiple food trucks, they should be centrally located to where your employees will be enjoying their meals or treats. So, ensure access is easy and efficient.
  • Many food trucks offer breakout options, like carts. Inquire with your vendor if they provide this service, especially if your party space is limited.
  • As the host, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll set up tables and chairs or if employees will be free to eat at their desks. Generally, most people would rather sit and eat a meal than stand and balance plates and cups.
  • Especially for an office party, you don’t want your staff getting dirty if they have to go back to work after. Next to or close to your food truck, have a station available for cutlery and napkins.
  • Clean-up is a chore, and even though food trucks provide staff to assist with that, minimize the mess with several strategically placed garbage cans.

Book a Food Truck for Your Office and Throw a Party Your Team Will Love

Food trucks are fresh, fast, convenient, and know how to cater a party, big or small. Regardless of the reason, they’re a great way to add something new, exciting, and different to the workweek. All it takes is a clear idea of what you want and considering the variables. There are helpful guides at your disposal that go in-depth with everything you need to know. But start with these three basics, and you’ll be able to book a food truck for your office with ease!

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The 5 Spicy Food Trucks Heating Up America

If you want to fire up your upcoming Memorial Day or 4th of July party, book a spicy food truck to bring the heat to your tastebuds! 

As spicy foods in the U.S. become more popular, those who can handle the heat wear their tolerance like a badge of honor. Thankfully for spicy food lovers, there are plenty of food trucks cruising across America slinging fiery foods that’ll blow your mind. And— perhaps— your taste buds.

We scoured the country— from coast to coast— to bring you the hottest food trucks bringing some serious heat.

1. Rollin Phatties (Houston, Texas)

Kicking off our list is Houston’s Rollin Phatties. As its name suggests, this spicy food truck takes parathas (a traditional South Asian flatbread) and rolls them with spicy meat fillings. You can also sample one of their equally spicy rice platters and quesadillas. 

When it gets too hot to handle, Rollin Phatties has you covered. You can put out the fire with their dessert “phatties,” like the “Nutella and Ferrero Rocher” or “Biscoff Cookie Butter” rolls.

2. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck (Oahu, Hawaii)

Hawaii is famous for its fresh fish and seafood— especially beachside shrimp trucks— but one reigns supreme. For nearly 30 years, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck has satisfied natives and tourists on Oahu who come in droves to pay their respects. 

So what makes Giovanni’s one of America’s spiciest food trucks? Their signature “No Refunds Hot & Spicy Shrimp.” The name says it all! Starring a dozen plump and juicy shrimp cooked shell-on, they’re smothered in a secret, homemade spicy red sauce. This meal may make you sweat, but it’s a mouthwatering experience worth savoring. 

3. The Jolly Pig (Baltimore, Md.)

Baltimore’s The Jolly Pig is a mainstay— and you can’t miss this spicy food truck’s bubble gum pink color scheme. As you might have guessed, The Jolly Pig is known for its barbecue pork, but they kick it up a notch with creative and spicy renditions. 

Locals swear by the Korean BBQ tacos with pulled pork, spicy Korean BBQ sauce, scallions, and Asian slaw. If you’re in the mood for a taste of the Caribbean, try the Jamaican Jerk tacos. Stuffed with spicy jerk pork, you’ll get a much-needed dose of relief with a dollop of their fresh pineapple salsa.

4. Stripchezze (Las Vegas, Nev.)

If you’re ever hitting the slots or poker tables, you’ve probably seen Stripcheese popping up at popular festivals and events in Sin City. Grilled cheese is their thing, and while there are only five items on this spicy food truck’s menu, the “Hot Streak” will leave you breathless. 

This five-alarm sandwich features sourdough bread coated and toasted with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, and sriracha mayo. Bursting with spicy, cheesy goodness in every bite, we bet you’ll be coming back for seconds.

5. Yumbii (Atlanta, Ga.)

Chef Carson Young is a legend in the Atlanta food truck scene. Why? It’s all thanks to his wildly popular spicy food truck Yumbii. A taco truck with Asian-inspired flavors, Yumbii’s innovative creations delight spicy food lovers throughout northwest Georgia.  

Visit Yumbii for its spicy pulled pork quesadillas and stir-fried tofu burritos, but stay for the “Nashville Hot” fried chicken tacos, with chipotle aioli and pickled jalapenos. Of course, you can’t forget to order a side of Yumbii’s famous “Sesame Fries,” seasoned with sesame oil, salt, and hot chili flakes.

When it comes to spicy food trucks and spicy food truck catering, the heat is on and customers are feeling the burn. A 2019 survey found that 80% of adults in the U.S. enjoy hot and spicy foods. As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life,” and the same is true when it comes to what we eat. As Americans’ desire for complex flavors rises, they’re exploring more exotic ingredients like habanero, peri-peri, cayenne, and chipotle. 

With close to 25,000 food trucks operating in the U.S., there’s sure to be a spicy food truck trekking along your neck of the woods. All you have to do is take a look and book one! Believe us, if you want to fire up your upcoming Memorial Day or 4th of July party, food trucks like these— and more— will bring the fireworks! 

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Top Food Truck Concepts That Diversify Catering

Food trucks have come a long way from just neighborhood ice cream trucks. Let’s check out a few food truck concepts that are creative, delicious, and will keep customers coming back for more.

Food trucks have come a long way from neighborhood ice cream trucks and hot dog carts on city streets. While you can’t go wrong with those treats, today’s food truck concepts are leading a gastronomical revolution. 

But it all starts with a solid idea. Whether it’s mini donuts or Asian fusion, you can carve out a niche in the popular— but competitive— food truck industry. Plus, a winning concept can diversify your business into catering services that’ll share your culinary passion with the world.

Let’s check out a few food truck concepts that are creative, delicious, and will keep customers coming back for more.

Glazed and Confused Food Truck Mini Donuts

Reimagining American Classics

In the food truck world, creativity reigns supreme. With over 24,000 active food trucks in America, your food truck concept must give customers a reason to choose you over your competition. For example, if your food truck sells burgers, take them to the next level by adding interesting ingredients to elevate the food experience.  

Named one of Westchester Magazine’s best food trucks, Westchester Burger Co. gives its sliders a gastronomical makeover. Check out their pub-style Pretzel Burger, loaded with cheddar cheese and maple bacon on a homemade pretzel roll. 

Sure, you could opt for a run-of-the-mill burger from your local fast-food joint. But why would you when a food truck concept like Westchester Burger Co. can cater your next game day tailgating party with burgers that are sure to hit a home run!

Fresh Fare

Food trucks that use locally sourced and/or organic ingredients are growing in popularity. And customers are even willing to pay more for food that’s premium quality. Investing in fresh fare raises the bar by setting your food truck concept apart from everyone else as a sustainable-friendly business. 

Remember when we mentioned ice cream trucks earlier? Van Leeuwen Ice Cream isn’t just good; it also makes you feel good. 

Why? Because they only use simple and fresh ingredients that are free of stabilizers, corn syrup, milk powder, and all that “bad stuff.” Van Leeuwen also offers vegan ice cream, like Banana Peanut Butter Fudge and Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam, made with cashew milk and oat milk.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, check them out and add some cool sweetness to your backyard barbecue pool party.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck

Spotlight Your Hometown With Regional Cuisines 

Wings from Buffalo. Pizza from New Jersey. Chili from Cincinatti. Every region in the U.S. has a dish they’re famous for. Over the past several years, local food has been a sought-after trend in the food truck industry. Bringing delicacies that customers can’t commonly find where they live is a food truck concept that’s a million-dollar idea. 

Famous in areas surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, crab cakes are to Maryland as gumbo is to Louisiana. Why not bring a taste of Ocean City to your neck of the woods? 

One food truck that’s doing exactly that is Angry Archie’s. Since 2015, this family-owned-and-operated New York food truck has been serving gourmet seafood catering, and they’re famous for their “Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes.”

But that’s not all they offer. From lobster rolls and lobster mac and cheese to even crab poutine, Angry Archie’s is taking a regional favorite and introducing it to new fans.

Angry Archies Crab Cakes

Cookies > Cupcakes

Let’s face it; cupcakes have dominated the dessert scene for years. But might we suggest something a little different? Or rather a new take on the beloved cookie. And based in the West Village, Chip City is upgrading mom’s old chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

Ooey-gooey and fresh-out-of-the-oven, Chip City wants their cookies to be a culinary experience across New York City. With over 20 scrumptious flavors to choose from, like Blueberry Cheesecake and Funfetti, one look at Chip City’s menu, and you know they’re pushing the cookie envelope. 

If you have an end-of-year school fundraiser coming up, you’re sure to get an “A+” when you order cookie catering from Chip City! 

Before settling on the food truck concept that brings out the five-star chef in you, consider the operational logistics. Always consult state, city, and local requirements for opening a food truck business. For example, major cities like New York and Los Angeles— America’s food truck capitals— both have annual caps on the number of food truck permits allowed. 

Once you clear those hurdles, you’ll find food trucks are a profitable option to break into the restaurant industry. By the end of 2021, the food truck industry is on track to grow 2.4% and is currently outpacing brick-and-mortar restaurants.

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Top Reasons You Need a Korean Food Truck For Your Event

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a summer barbecue, add spice to an office lunch, or make your wedding reception special, Korean food trucks will help you celebrate.

If you’re one of the millions of K-Pop or K-Drama fans around the world, chances are you probably also follow your favorites on social media. But if you’re keeping tabs on Instagram, you may have noticed something peculiar: posing alongside Korean food trucks is quite popular. Why is that? 

Well, it’s not random. There’s a reason behind these posts that receive hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Food trucks are a staple in South Korea. They’re so in-demand, fans of Korean celebrities will even gift them with customized food trucks. 

Food trucks and Korean cuisine go way back a long way. In fact, it’s one of the first cuisines that launched the food truck revolution in America. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you more about them and why they’re perfect for catering your event. So, let’s dig in and learn more about this culinary phenomenon.

Koji Korean BBQ Food Truck

Reason #1: Korean Food Trucks Elevated the Industry 

Food trucks are as American as apple pie, and their history is woven into the long lineage of street food. From 19th-century oyster carts in New York City to chuck-wagons serving tamales in San Antonio, they’ve been ubiquitous for centuries. 

But it wasn’t until 2008 that they rose the ranks to become as celebrated as the finest Michelin star restaurants. For that, credit Roy Choi and his famous Korean BBQ food truck Kogi. How did that happen? The South Korean-born chef took the old-school word-of-mouth approach and applied it to a new social media start-up: Twitter.

Showcasing his short ribs tacos and kimchi quesadillas, Choi updated followers on his truck’s daily locations, creating a sensation. With mouthwatering dishes and engagement on social media, Kogi launched a cultural food phenomenon.

Reason #2: Korean Food Trucks Are Fusion Pioneers

As exotic as Korean food is, it’s surprisingly versatile. For American palates, Korean staples like barbecue and fried chicken are relatable. Perhaps that’s why Korean food trucks have mastered the art of fusion cuisine. And that inclusivity allowed less adventurous diners to ease up and dig deeper. 

It’s a deceptively simple formula. Take a food Americans love— like tacos— and mix it up with Korean staples— like kimchi instead of salsa. Koreans didn’t invent fusion, but they were trailblazers in reimagining American cuisine through a new lens.

We all know picky eaters, which makes catering an event challenging. How do you satisfy everyone’s appetites? Korean food trucks are the solution! We mentioned Kogi, but head over to the East Coast, and you’ll find Kimchi Taco. 

Chef Phillip Lee’s love of Korean food sparked his imagination to make it accessible and memorable for a wider audience. By marrying Korean and Central American flavors, Kimchi Taco’s menu is diverse— and delicious.

Reason #3: Korean Food Is an Extension of Korean Culture

If you have a Gen Zer living with you, then you’ve heard of a little pop group called BTS. All kidding aside, Korean culture is having a moment, not just musically, but Korean movies and TV shows as well. Undoubtedly, that’s contributed to heightened interest in Korean cuisine, especially among younger diners. A component of what’s been coined by researchers as “The Korean Wave,”  fans aren’t just consuming Korean entertainment, but also food, language, and traditional Korean culture. 

Do a Google search for “K-Pop Birthday Party,” and thousands of results will appear. For the K-Pop “stan” in your life who may have an upcoming birthday, why not add some authentic Korean flavors? Trust us. Booking a Korean food truck means you can serve guests an eclectic menu that even Jimin and Jungkook will love.  

Reason #4: Korean Food Is Healthy

Korean food is popular for many reasons, not least because it offers exquisite flavors combined with fantastic health benefits. Countless studies show ingredients used in Korean cooking can decrease your cholesterol, increase your metabolism, improve digestion, and eliminate excess fat. 

Korean food puts a premium on vegetables like cabbage, bean sprouts, and spinach, full of macro and micronutrients. In contrast, red meat is used sparingly, as Koreans prefer leaner options like chicken and fish. Add to that cooking techniques like grilling and stir-frying, reducing the amount of saturated fat. 

Have a bridal shower coming up? But want to make sure you can fit into your dress come your big day? Rent a Korean food truck that’s equal parts delicious, unique, and will help you stick to that pre-wedding diet.

Book Your Next Culinary Adventure With a Korean Food Truck

Korean food trucks are ready to provide you with full-service catering for all your event needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a summer barbecue, add spice to an office lunch, or make your wedding reception special, Korean food trucks will help you celebrate. So, get ready to take a culinary adventure without leaving home by booking a Korean food truck!

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The Pros and Cons of Booking a Birthday Food Truck

Whether you’re turning five or 50, a birthday food truck is a unique way to celebrate your big day. But is a food truck right for your birthday party? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Whether you’re turning five or 50, a birthday food truck is a unique way to celebrate your big day. Food trucks add instant excitement and pique hungry appetites with mouthwatering menus. Plus, food trucks add Instagram-worthy decor. Whether Airstream trailers for a retro look or a cute tuk-tuk when space is limited. But is booking a birthday food truck right for you? Sure, it’s a fun idea, but the logistics can be tricky. So let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons and what they offer. Oh, and we’ll reveal some insider tips so you can— literally and figuratively— have your cake and eat it too!

Blanc By Abeetz Mobile Tap Truck

The Pros of Booking a Birthday Food Truck

In 2021, more and more people are booking food trucks to hosts their parties— both large and small. Today’s food truck caterers serve high-quality eats and treats at a reasonable price. And that’s given them the advantage over conventional caterers. Here are a few more reasons they’re perfect for your upcoming birthday party:

  • Birthday food trucks are stress relievers. Sure, it’s rewarding to serve home-cooked dishes, but it’s also time-consuming and expensive to purchase, prepare, cook, and serve all that food. Besides, wouldn’t you rather focus on elements like music and decorations instead of spending all your time cooped up in the kitchen?
  • Your cuisine options are endless. Catering to the tastes and cravings of your guests is no easy feat, but you want to make everyone happy. From trucks offering a self-serve taco bar to customizable personal pizzas, your menu is only limited by your imagination!
  • Fast set-up and fast clean-up. The pressure’s on the day of your birthday party, making sure all loose ends are tied up. And, what about cleaning up after everyone leaves? A birthday food truck removes the hassle of setting up and cleaning up, leaving you more time to entertain your guests.

Need More Reasons? 

  • They look great! Food trucks are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. They’re a charming part of your party’s decor and come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your party’s theme, chances are there’s a food truck that’ll match its style. 
  • Food trucks fit any budget. The best part of your party might be when you see how much you saved by booking a birthday food truck versus a traditional catering company. While prices vary between where (and when) your party is, and what kind of food (and how much of it) you’re serving, the average range is between $10 and $35 per person.  

The Cons of Booking a Birthday Food Truck (and How To Solve Them)

There are so many reasons to move forward with booking a birthday food truck. However, as with anything, there are potential obstacles to consider. We’re going to dive deeper with simple solutions so you can throw the best birthday bash on the block!

  • The venue. If you’re hosting a party on someone else’s property— like a catering or banquet hall— determine whether they can accommodate space and parking for one or more food trucks. 
  • The season. Most people love throwing outdoor parties in the summer, but that means hot weather. Even if the food’s impeccable, your guests won’t be too thrilled baking in the hot sun. So consider booking your birthday food truck party in spring or early fall instead.
  • The weather. Regardless of the time of year, planning for inclement weather is a must. But even with a food truck outside, you can invest in a tent or have tables stationed in shaded areas. That way, your guests will be comfortable and have a respite from uncooperative weather. 

Anything Else?

  • The guest count. As we said previously, pricing for food trucks is set “per person.” And some can only accommodate a maximum number of people. If you want to book a food truck, but your budget is tight, you may need to trim down your guest list. Likewise, consider booking additional food trucks like a BBQ food truck for entrees and an ice cream truck for desserts.
  • To seat or not to seat? Think of a birthday food truck as a hip, modern take on buffet service. That means you’ll have to consider seating options, as you’ll most likely be responsible for deciding that. You can either set up formal tables so guests can enjoy a sit-down meal, or you can have a station for utensils and napkins, encouraging guests to walk around and mingle.
Abeetz Pizza Birthday Food Truck

Birthday Food Truck Cuisine Ideas 

If you’re ready to roll and throw a birthday food truck party, here are a few ideas that everyone will love!

  • Throw the coolest party by making Italian ices the star of the show. These frosty treats are a childhood throwback and a top choice for summertime gatherings.
  • Ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please! Great for kids of all ages— and another warm-weather favorite— these super sweet birthday food trucks are sure to have everyone scream for ice cream!
  • If savory dishes are more your speed and you want to be adventurous, try a Greek food truck. You can’t go wrong with charcoal-grilled souvlaki and spit-roasted gyros. And don’t forget those crispy, golden Greek fries loaded with feta cheese!
  • If you want a great meal but are health-conscious, there are plenty of healthy and organic options at your disposal. Try cuisines that offer fresh, colorful, and customizable creations that taste good and will leave you feeling even better.
  • Celebrate turning 21 (again) with a boozy birthday bash that has the bar coming right to your door. Alcohol trucks and carts are both popular and offer premium wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails. 
Carnival Donut Bar Dessert Food Truck

Celebrate in Style by Booking a Birthday Party Food Truck

The food truck craze is here to stay and it’s now hugely popular for private events. So make your birthday party special and take one (or more) out for a test drive. Just make sure your guests’ dietary and nutritional needs are taken care of and you communicate with your food truck vendor about costs, the menu, and how many people are attending. With professionals sweating the small stuff, you’re free to sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal as the host with the most!

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2021’s Coolest and Most Creative Food Truck Names

Your food truck name can immediately pique potential customers’ interests. And that interest can lead to money in the bank. Let’s look at some of the cutest, most clever, cool, and creative food truck names.

In big cities and small towns alike, food trucks are all the rage. In 2021, there are over 24,000 cruising the streets of America, generating nearly a billion dollars worth of business each year. That sure sounds like a recipe for success if you want to start your own food truck business. But with that popularity comes a lot of competition. So how do you get started? While there’s a lot of know-how involved, we’re going to put on our thinking caps and talk about food truck names. 

You might be asking yourself, “What’s in a name?” Well, hold on Shakespeare, because your food truck name can immediately pique potential customers’ interest. And that interest can lead to money in the bank. Let’s look at some of the cutest, most clever, cool, and creative food truck names in America.

Choosing The Right Name For Your Food Truck

Before we check out some of the best, let’s discuss strategies for naming your food truck. There are plenty of tips you can use, but the name of your food truck should be catchy and memorable. Here are a few more tricks you can use:

  • Make it about you! It’s your business, right? There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there!
  • Talk about the food! The easiest way to get customers to visit you is to tell them the type of food and/or cuisine you serve right off the bat.
  • Celebrate your roots! Endear yourself to your community (and beyond) by representing your hometown. 

Just make sure that once you have your name settled, register it at the state and local levels. Not only is it necessary for tax-reporting purposes so you can run your food truck legally, but it’ll also prevent anyone else from stealing your million-dollar idea.

Be More Pacific (Austin, Texas)

Since 2011, Be More Pacific has delighted Austin-area residents with Filipino cuisine. And, as a play on the phrase “be more specific,” this food truck is also dedicated to educating customers about Filipino culture through its food, drinks, and hospitality.

Be More Pacific Food Truck

Serial Grillers (Tucson, Arizona)

Featured locally and nationally on The Cooking Channel and Food Network, Serial Grillers puts unexpected twists on American eats. They’ve also really leaned into their heart-pounding name with menu options paying homage to horror movie classics like the “Hannibal” cheesesteak, “Candyman” salad, and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” pizza.

Serial Grillers Food Truck

The Dump Truck (Portland, Oregon)

The Dump Truck might have a— mildly— offputting name, but it’s a cute take on a “trashy” subject. Oh, and they’re also serving some of Portland’s tastiest steamed dumplings.

Dump Truck Food Truck

Sloppie Joe’s (Yonkers, New York)

Remember our list of tips for choosing a great food truck name? Well, New York’s Sloppie Joe’s hits so many of those notes. Since 2017, Joseph Defeis (Sloppie Joe himself) has been taking the old-fashioned staple to new culinary heights. With his name and his signature creation front-and-center, customers know exactly what they’re getting. And trust us, it’s the best of the best.

The Munchy Machine (Delaware Co., Pennsylvania)

The Munchy Machine rocks for its eclectic menu (like the Pork Dumpling Burger), but this Pennsylvania-based food truck celebrates the classic 70s cartoon “Scooby-Doo.” Decked out like the show’s “Mystery Machine” van, The Munchy Machine is creating groovy snacks that would surely make Scooby and Shaggy proud.

Munchy Machine Food Truck

Food Truck Names Dos and Don’ts

Before we wrap up, let’s break down some helpful advice you can use when deciding the right name for your food truck. 

  • DO choose a name that’s easy to understand and pronounce. Your customers will thank you for it!
  • DON’T choose a name because it’s “trendy.” Fads come and go, and you don’t want your food truck to become outdated. 
  • DO think of how your name will look visually, whether on the truck itself, on social media, business cards, advertisements, etc.
  • DON’T select a name that’s too long. Keep it short and sweet, so customers aren’t confused. 
  • DO come up with a name that’s original and unique, so it’s distinguishable from competitors.
  • DON’T feel rushed to come up with a name. Take your time, so you get it right.

Get Your Business Moving With the Right Food Truck Name

Whether your food truck is ultimately successful comes down to your operations: the food, the service, the quality, and the value. But having a great name will help you get your foot in the door. 

So whether you want to name it after the owner or chef, your signature dish, or even want to create a little wordplay controversy, your food truck name should always represent your business and your mission to serve great food and keep customers coming back for more.

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Perk Up an Outdoor Meeting With Coffee Food Trucks

If you’re planning a morning meeting, take it outside with a coffee food truck to perk up your team. We’re here to break down how you can rent a coffee food truck and answer all those brewing questions you have.

It isn’t known as “the best part of waking up” for just any reason. Early birds and night owls alike love a good cup of coffee to add a jolt to their mornings. And with the weather getting warmer, being outdoors is where it’s at. So if you’re planning a morning meeting, take it outside with a coffee food truck to perk up your team. 

We’re here to break down how you can rent a coffee food truck and answer those brewing questions you have. All you need to do is sit back, relax with your favorite java, and read on so you can plan your a.m. affair.

Caffe Aronne Coffee Truck

Coffee Food Trucks Are More Than Your Average Cup of Joe

You might be thinking, “how can coffee take my meeting to the next level?” Fair enough, but that Mr. Coffee in the break room has seen more miles than you might think. Let’s say you have a big presentation later in the day or need your staff to bring their ‘A’ game for a new client you’re trying to win over. Instead of those run-of-the-mill conference room huddles, think outside the box and add some buzz!

Besides, coffee food trucks are more than just coffee. In 2021, coffee is anything but basic with trend-setting options including:

  • Snapchilled coffee, which takes cold brew coffee to the next level.
  • Ready-to-drink coffee that’s pre-made in bottles.
  • Nitro Coffee, which uses nitrogen gas and adds richness and sweetness without the sugar.
  • Butter Coffee, which has become a popular diet trend.
  • Fair Trade and sustainably grown coffee.

People Love Coffee— Here Are Buzzworthy Event Ideas for All Ages

It’s true! And a 2019 Statista report dissected the stats. 69% of adults consume at least two cups per day. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers with ideas to host a coffee food truck event for your target audience. 

  • 48% of those 18 to 24 years old say they drink coffee. They also tend to stay up later. Be the professor or RA that’s the envy of the entire campus with a late-night or early-morning coffee food truck for students who are pulling all-nighters, cramming for upcoming finals. 
  • 63% of those 25 to 39 love coffee even more. Millennials crave healthy options and are eco-conscious. So when you’re booking a coffee food truck— and your guests trend toward that demographic— offer them menu options that include organic coffees and locally-made baked goods. And it doesn’t hurt if your coffee food truck is also zero-emission.

66% of coffee lovers are 40 to 59 years old. Like we said before, now is a great time to grab them before they stop by their local coffee shop by hosting an outdoor morning meeting near the office or a local park for an informal setting to talk business.

Blank Street Coffee Food Truck Brooklyn

Examining the Cost of Renting a Coffee Food Truck

To analyze how much you’ll spend when renting a coffee food truck, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at some “must-haves” for your event:

  • Well-known roasters who serve delicious brews. 
  • High-quality products that are good to the last drop.
  • Professional baristas who are knowledgable and provide service with a smile.
  • Coffee food trucks that are self-operational and offer easy set-up.  

As with most catering, whether it be traditional or food trucks, there isn’t a one-size fits all answer to overall cost. It takes time, research asking the right questions, and having a clear vision for your meeting, party, or event.

Espresso Guys Coffee Truck

The Most Common Questions To Ask

  1. “What is the price you charge per person?”
  2. “For how long are you able to provide your services?”
  3. “Is their minimum/maximium group size you’re able to serve?”
  4. “Is it self-serve or will staff be provided? If so, will that be at an additional cost?”
  5. “Do you offer alternative kinds of milk and/or sweetner? If so, will that be at an additional cost?”
  6. “Is menu personalization available? If so, will that be at an additional cost?”
  7. “Do you provide cups, plates, napkins, flatware? If so, will that be at an additional cost?”

You may see a trend in the questions. Some coffee food truck vendors will provide you with a flat rate that includes elements like staffing and menu customization, but make sure. Likewise, it’s a good idea to find out more about a prospective vendor’s products, if you feel so inclined. So feel free to ask questions like, “Who roasts your coffee?,” “Is it locally/ethically-sourced?,” “Do you grind your coffee on-site?,” etc…

Wake Up Your Next Meeting With Coffee Food Trucks 

Spring is in the air and summer’s less than two month away. Why be cooped up indoors when you can be outside? Coffee food trucks are there to give your next event an enjoyable energy boost when your guests, staff, or loved ones need it most. Whether they’re in the mood for premium coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, or delectable pastries to fill their stomachs, these mobile vendors are the perfect blend to make your next meeting brew-tiful. So book one today!

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Great Catering Foods. Our Tasty Picks That Are Easy To Eat

There are plenty of companies, vendors, and mobile kitchens serving great catering foods that will take care of your culinary needs.

When planning a catered event, the quality of the food—naturally— comes first and foremost. But what if your party is, let’s say, a standing cocktail hour? Sure, it’s a great transition between— for example— a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. It can also be a logistical nightmare between keeping guests well-fed and entertained with minimal table space and even less seating. No one wants to walk around trying to mingle while holding cumbersome plates of hors d’oeuvres. That’s a recipe for disaster! But great catering foods that are equally delicious and easy to eat exist in spades. Let’s check out a few and the right parties they’re perfect for!

Hit a Home Run With Sliders on Opening Day

April means the start of baseball season— and that also means hosting family and friends for a tailgating party complete with all-American foods. But those classics are also messy, like BBQ ribs, chili dogs, nachos, and more. Sliders may be small in stature, but they pack a flavorful punch. 

These comfortably-sized, customizable bites mean personal preference isn’t sacrificed. Plus, they allow your guests to keep one hand free to root for their favorite team— or hold their favorite beer.

Sliders Catering Foods

Serve Employees Empanadas During a Working Lunch

Great catering foods mean meals and snacks that satisfy appetites. But what can you serve if you’re also trying to get work done at the same time? You want to keep employees engaged and productive without the risk of stained clothes, messy hands, and crumbs on the floor. Empanadas are the quintessential handheld food, and they’re also highly versatile. 

So whether you call them Jamaican patties, calzones, samosas, or pierogies, the concept is the same around the world—folding dough over a savory or sweet filling— and baking or frying it. But we just like to call them delicious.

Nuchas Empanadas Catering Foods

Poke Bowls For a Healthy (and Flavorful) Bridal Shower

For many brides-to-be, bridal showers are just as important as saying “I do.” Also important is staying on track to look and feel great on the big day. But staying healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and ho-hum. There are plenty of great catering foods that are as good to eat as they are good for you. 

Whether ahi tuna, salmon, or octopus, poke bowls combine a fresh catch with fresh veggies and toppings and can be served in cups or small bowls. Why not add a classy touch to your bridal shower without breaking the bank or any waistlines. 

Mini Donuts for an Extra Sweet School Fundraiser

Have a football team car wash or alumni reunion coming soon? School fundraisers are tried and true for injecting fun into a good cause. But if you want to make it that much more successful, attract students, faculty, and parents alike with some sweet offerings that’ll make for a nice break during a long school day. Morning, noon, and night, people love donuts. They’re lightly crisped on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

And great catering foods like mini donuts mean attendees can socialize with ease. Oh, and they can eat more donuts too! With various flavors to choose from, some catering companies even offer special fundraiser discounts and packages. So you can be sure you’ll host an event that passes the test with flying colors.

Helpful Tips for Serving Great Catering Foods Year-Round

No matter the reason you’re throwing a party, there are smart strategies to finding great catered foods that can fit your budget and make your event low-maintenance:

  1. Lifestyle blog Fun Cheap or Free has a handy chart that will help you determine what type of foods you should serve based on what time your party is. For example: if your baby shower starts at 12:30, provide guests a full lunch. Or, if your graduation party kicks off at 3, offer light snacks as opposed to a three-course lunch or dinner.
  2. Buffets aren’t a four-letter word. They may have a less than stellar reputation but done right; they can save you money and impress your guests. Think about buffets not only for your party’s main course but for appetizers and desserts also. 
  3. We’ve been talking about foods that are easier to hold and eat. What about the hardware? Big plates are bulky and not great for carrying. Plus, big plates means guests may maximize plate space and serve themselves more food they may not even eat. Opt for smaller plates instead so guests can hold them with ease— and help you save on food costs.
  4. Now that the weather’s getting warmer host your party outdoors. And you can enhance what you serve with smaller, round tables with plates of small bites that’ll give the illusion of a smorgasbord without guests noticing your budget-friendly approach.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas and helpful tips to help you start the party planning process, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of companies, vendors, and mobile kitchens serving great catering foods that will make your party stress-free and mess-free.

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