The Most Popular Food Truck Menus in America

From gourmet burgers to organic ice cream, food trucks are as culinary forward-thinking as the most high-end restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular food truck menus across a variety of cuisines.

The booming street food scene is at the epicenter of gastronomical innovation. From gourmet burgers to organic ice cream, food trucks are as culinarily forward-thinking as the most high-end restaurants. But not all food trucks are created equal, and some are more successful than others. Why is that? There are many reasons— like operations and service— but it also comes down to the food. The most established, well-known, and lucrative food trucks in America simply know what their customers want to eat. They also hold quality and taste in high regard. So, let’s take a look at the most popular food truck menus in America. The ones that are delicious, perfect for catering, and will satisfy every appetite!

1. The United States of BBQ

BBQ is so omnipresent in American food culture ranking as the preferred cuisine for a whopping five of our most popular holidays. With the Fourth of July among them and just around the corner, it only makes sense to get fired up for grilling season. It’s hard to beat the smokey taste of well-made BBQ. Whether it’s pulled pork sandwiches or baby back ribs, BBQ pleases any crowd. Lucky for you, BBQ food trucks are cruising across America, so you no longer have to schlep down South to get your fix. 

Located in Somerville, New Jersey, Oink & Moo BBQ is one of the best BBQ food trucks in the U.S. Since opening in 2012, Oink & Moo has been turning out fare like brisket sliders, pulled pork tacos, and coleslaw and cornbread made from scratch. Their award-winning dishes are one reason why BBQ is one of the most popular food truck menus in America.

2. Grilled Cheese That’ll Make You Melt 

Grilled cheese also ranks as one of America’s most popular food truck menus. Why? It’s the most nostalgic of comfort foods. Remember those grilled cheese sandwiches after school— a slice of Kraft American on two slices of Wonder Bread? Fast-forward to 2021, and you might think they’re a thing of the past. Not so! Americans are hungry for grown-up, gourmet takes on grilled cheese sandwiches— and they’re willing to pay gourmet prices. 

How about cheddar with smoked turkey, tomato and chipotle aioli on multi-grain bread? Sounds delicious, right? Well, you can find that specialty grilled cheese and more at Gorilla Cheese NYC. This food truck takes grilled cheese sandwiches seriously, with fresh-baked bread, top-quality meats, and local and imported cheeses. Here, you can embrace your inner child with cheesy gourmet goodness that’s the best of the best in the U.S.

3. Eats Meets West With Asian Fusion 

According to a survey conducted last fall on the most popular food truck menus in America, Asian fusion came in at number three. Along with our desire for familiarity and comfort, humans crave new experiences. You may be savoring a classic burger, but it’s now perfectly blended with a mix of Chinese five-spice. Asian fusion plays on the pleasant memories of traditional dishes and transports you to a new place, culinarily, culturally, and emotionally. One of the best Asian fusion foods trucks in America is located in Las Vegas— because gambling can work up an appetite! 

Dragon Grille serves award-winning, modern Asian fusion street eats right on the Strip. Dragon Grille’s dishes will tantalize your taste buds with tacos, sliders, cheesesteaks, and more. But no Dragon Grille order is complete without their “Dragon Fries.” This signature side takes beer-battered fries and tops them with tender Korean beef brisket, secret “Balbi Q ” sauce, and Japanese furikake. 

4. Everyday Is Taco Tuesday

No list of America’s most popular food truck menus would be complete without mentioning tacos. It’s the cuisine that started the food truck revolution. The tradition of Mexican immigrants cooking and serving their native dishes on four wheels goes back nearly a century. So, it’s little wonder why tacos and food trucks go hand-in-hand in our collective consciousness. Last year, a new trend in Mexican-American cuisine became all the rage: birria tacos. A dish originating in Jalisco, Mexico, consisting of tortillas stuffed with shredded meat and cheese, with a side of consomme broth for dipping. Think of birria tacos as the Mexican equivalent of a French dip sandwich. 

One of the best food trucks in the U.S. for birria tacos is New York’s El Toro Rojo. Recreating traditional Oaxacan flavors, this family-owned food truck is serving up its familial roots throughout NYC. Their birria tacos— that always feed a hungry crowd— are cooked using authentic marinades and seasonings that are simple yet bursting with flavor in every bite.

5. We All Scream for Ice Cream

While tacos may have kicked off the food truck craze, the ice cream industry’s been at it for so long we just call them ice cream trucks. But they’ve come a long way in the 65 years since they first started creating summertime childhood memories. Today’s ice cream trucks serve innovative and exotic creations that are equal parts delicious and (gasp!) good for you. Because they’ve consistently changed with the times— and palates— of Americans, it’s no wonder why ice cream has always been one of the most popular food truck menus in America. 

Take Portland, Oregon’s Fifty Licks. With an ice cream truck that only operates in the summer, their seasonal flavors feature a French custard-style base for the perfect creamy consistency. Standout creations include the “French Toast,” “Lavender Salted Caramel,” and “Blood Orange Creamsicle.” However, their most unique ice cream is their (vegan) “Golden Milk.” This cool treat will get you warm and cozy with coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and cinnamon. Fifty Licks is the perfect compliment for a birthday party elevated just for grownups. 

While some menus get more attention than others, overall, food trucks are so popular because of their creativity, novelty, and— of course— delicious meals. The most popular food truck menus put a fresh spin on dishes we either know and love or are intrigued to try. So hit the road and grab a taste of America or stay home and book a food truck that’ll make your next event special (and delicious)!

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Company Retreat Ideas That Will Wow Your Team

Company retreats are an excellent opportunity to connect with your colleagues. We paired the top company retreat ideas with complimentary food truck menus.

Company retreats are an excellent opportunity to connect with your colleagues and bring them closer together. They forge strong bonds that strengthen communication, teamwork, and productivity in the office. Do you want to plan a morale-boosting event but don’t know where to start? Read on for some of the best company retreat ideas that’ll bring your employees closer together! Plus, when your employees get hungry after fun activities, we’ll help you pair your corporate retreat with complimentary food truck menus that are sure to delight.

Enjoy a Day of Leisure

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach or an afternoon at the lake? From swimming to sunbathing and fishing, few things are more relaxing. Also, pick a location that makes your employees feel relaxed and plan games and team-building activities. Alternatively, if your employees have been under a lot of pressure lately, host your company retreat where they can take in serene and scenic landscapes. Here are a few more leisurely company retreat ideas that will help your team unwind: 

  • Recreational resort
  • Golf course
  • Botanical garden
  • Boat tour or cruise
  • Kayaking
  • Pedal boats

But what about the food? Because they’re mobile and can be stationed in most outdoor locations, food trucks serving American cuisine are great. They’re no-fuss, no-muss, and are reminiscent of family summer barbecues. You can’t go wrong with BBQ, and Empire BBQ delivers the classic barbecue experience. Featuring beef brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and more, mouthwatering BBQ is the perfect partner for a day of soaking in the sun.

What Happens in Vegas…

What if you’re looking for company retreat ideas that are more action-packed? While you can’t afford a company trip to Las Vegas, why not bring Sin City to them! Casino-themed corporate events come with a host of choices and incorporate a lot of excitement. You can use play-money or offer gifts and prizes as colleagues compete in casino games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. If you want to recreate the Vegas nightclub experience, turn your space into a lounge or comedy club, where your team can showcase their best Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra impressions.

As for what to serve? Toast to a fun evening with hand-crafted drinks. Mobile bars are a great addition to your Vegas-themed retreat. With its vintage 1960s Volkswagen van, The Greats of Craft offers a unique, personalized selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. So, make your retreat a night to remember with great drinks while your team rolls the dice and presses their luck!

Work It Off and Work It Out

Remember when you were in grade school and had Field Day? The annual school tradition where you and your classmates spent the day outside, competing against each other in different physical activities? Company retreat ideas that combine team-building activities with friendly competition foster collaboration and communication. Plus, they’re a healthy way to settle workplace conflicts through shared experiences. This is your opportunity to create an active space where colleagues can break down barriers and resolve disagreements. Companies like The Go Game and ZogCulture will help you host events that will make your employees feel like they’re back on the playground at recess.  

With all that running around, your team will likely work up a sweat— and an appetite. So, nourish their bodies with food trucks that offer healthy choices. Exotic Bowls serves açaí bowls and smoothies that are delicious and full of vitamins and antioxidants. Try their signature “Exotic Bowl,” made with acai and coconut milk, topped with granola, fresh fruits, and drizzled with honey. Corporate retreat ideas paired with a nutritious meal will help your team power through working up a sweat on the field.

Giving Back and Feeling Good 

Sometimes, the most rewarding company retreat ideas are the ones that help others less fortunate. It’s easy for you to organize a company retreat where your team can spend the day volunteering. Whether it be working at a homeless shelter or nursing home, your company retreat isn’t just communal; it’s also beneficial. Moreover, it’s a way to boost relationships within your community and build friendly relationships. How do you get started? Alaya’s online platform will help you plan and manage your corporate volunteering programs. You can also include your team to brainstorm organizations and volunteer their specific skills to add value to your outreach. 

A perfect compliment for these corporate retreat ideas is booking several food trucks. Food isn’t just fuel for the body, but it powers the soul. A hot meal means so much more than most of us can imagine for those forced to go without. When planning a large-scale food truck event, it’s advantageous to hire professionals who can manage complex logistics. Likewise, they’ll pair you with the right vendors and craft a menu tailored to your needs. It’s a great way to host a seamless experience so you and your team can shine in your community and give back to those in need.

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Pro Tips For Booking Affordable Food Truck Catering

Food trucks are an excellent choice for private and large-event catering because they don’t break the bank. Affordable food truck catering is within your reach and significantly less expensive than traditional catering.

A booming industry for decades, food trucks are an over $2 billion business and growing. Yet despite their popularity, they’re an excellent choice for private and large-event catering because they don’t break the bank. Affordable food truck catering is within your reach and significantly less expensive than traditional catering. These mobile kitchens allow you to host an exciting party or event that’s fresh, fun, delicious, and unique. So, how do you get started? These tips will help guide your planning process. Once you know the tools of the trade and variables to consider, you’ll be well on your way to booking affordable food truck catering!

Learn the Cost of Renting a Food Truck

The most crucial factor in booking affordable food truck catering is how much it’ll cost, so let’s tackle that question first. But before you start making calls, you need to have an idea of these critical elements. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Per-person pricing structure: Whether food truck or traditional catering, prices are determined based on your guest list. On average, you can expect the base cost to be somewhere in the range of $20 – $25 per guest. While prices vary, there are online tools available that will help you determine what you might pay based on your event’s location. Nevertheless, when you compare it to traditional wedding catering— which costs $68 on average per guest, the choice is clear.
  • The location: Like restaurants in major cities (along with most everything else), food truck catering will be more expensive if your party is taking place in a major metropolitan area. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily change your plans and move your event to a small city. In less populated locations, travel fees impact final costs. So, what’s the most advantageous option, then? Look at mid-sized cities and towns with food trucks in operation to find the lowest location cost sweet spot. 
  • The type of food: Serving hors d’oeuvres versus a three-course meal will allow for affordable food truck catering. Also, what kind of event are you planning? As mentioned previously, evening wedding receptions are costly when you consider their complex logistics and full-service dinners. Consider a food truck as a compliment to your party instead. Hire a food truck toward the end of your event for dessert (like Belgian waffles) or end-of-evening drinks (like a champagne toast)!

2. How Many Food Trucks Will You Need?

Perhaps you’re the type of party planner who is always prepared. While that’s a fantastic trait to have, you’re “Type A” personality might be unnecessarily costly. So, how does that factor into affordable food truck catering? First, it’s advantageous to know how many people one food truck can feed. The general rule of thumb is that one food truck can feed between 200 and 300 guests (or 60 to 100 guests per hour). It’s recommended to book more than one food truck if eating a meal is your event’s main attraction or if guests will be eating at once (like during a wedding reception). 

However, if you want affordable food truck catering, plan for other activities or don’t have a set time when everybody eats (reducing lines and wait times). Regardless of how many food trucks you book, discuss estimates with your vendor to determine how many guests they can serve. Likewise, continually update them with your guest list so they can factor attendees into their ordering, staffing, and preparation.

3. Choose Economical Cuisines 

Food trucks offer an astounding array of mouthwatering choices— from all-American classics like hamburgers to eclectic menus like Asian fusion. The list goes on and on. Naturally, food truck menus are streamlined and can be customized to suit your budget. But, if you want to save even more, it’s wise to consider foods that are easier and more economical to prep, cook, and serve. Items like tacos, pizza, and BBQ are inexpensive food truck fare. Conversely, foods like lobster or menus featuring organic options are likelier to be more expensive. Nevertheless, when it comes to affordable food truck catering, you should always look at your menu through the lens of dietary restrictions. When you’re planning your party, ask yourself these questions:

  • “Does my guest list include people who are vegetarian or vegan?”
  • “Do any of my guests have any allergies?”
  • “Will guests who keep kosher or have other religious dietary restrictions be attending my event?”

If you’re still unsure of how you can host a budget-friendly party, professional food truck catering companies can work with you to streamline your event’s menu and budget.

4. Work With Event Planning Professionals 

Many moving parts come with booking affordable food truck catering. Sure, you could go it alone and do it yourself. But how much do you know about food truck permits and licenses? What about municipal regulations? What’s most essential is your party’s success with guests, so why get bogged down in nitty-gritty details. Instead, research professional food truck catering companies with years of experience planning events and relationships with the best food trucks. But come prepared and have as much of your party’s logistics nailed down. This means the date and time, guest list, and location or venue.

With hundreds of cuisines available and over 24,000 vendors operating in the U.S., affordable food truck catering is easy to find and will allow you to sit back and relax. So, treat your guests to a unique experience and an incredible meal by planning a delicious event. Whether it’s a birthday party, employee lunch, cocktail hour, or you want to eat great food with loved ones; affordable food truck catering will make you the host with the most!

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Soul Food Trucks To Celebrate National Soul Food Month

Soul food trucks are serving a slice of an indelible part of American culture from coast to coast. So, whether it’s BBQ smoked low and slow or a slice of sweet potato pie, let’s hit the road and take a tour of America’s best soul food trucks.

Steeped in tradition and heritage, soul food traces its roots back generations. Soul food’s vibrant character and rich culinary history is a microcosm of the Black experience in America. In times of immeasurable pain and suffering, it nourished the bodies and souls of millions. As a result, soul food is as ubiquitous to American cuisine as apple pie. In 2007, the Culinary Historians of Chicago created National Soul Food Month in June. Today, soul food trucks are serving a slice of an indelible part of American culture from coast to coast. So, whether it’s BBQ smoked low and slow or a slice of sweet potato pie, let’s hit the road and take a tour of America’s best soul food trucks. 

Brown Shuga (Boise, Idaho)

Soul food— in Idaho? You read that right. Brown Shuga Soul Food is a Boise-based food truck cooking homestyle, authentic southern cuisine made from scratch. Owned by Yvonne Anderson-Thomas, Brown Shuga Soul Food is a family affair, with her parents and son operating her two food trucks. This food truck captures the essence of Sunday family gatherings around a table laden with home cooked, delicious meals. Speaking of Sundays, Brown Shuga is famous for its “Soul Food Sunday Supper” catering. Featuring a menu that includes fried chicken, smoked turkey legs, Lowcountry boil, and more, Yvonne’s cooking serves a taste of the South to the delight of hungry Idahoans.     

Boricua Soul (Durham, N.C.)

Boricua Soul is equal parts southern and Latin American with Euro-African roots. Located in the heart of North Carolina, this food truck combines contrasting cuisines that are kindred spirits, transporting customers to America’s past. Owned by husband and wife team Toriano and Serena Fredericks, Boricua Soul is a culinary experiment with ingredients and techniques born in their grandmothers’ kitchens. Their food truck— called The Soul Patrol— features an eclectic menu that’s a tribute to their heritage. Here, you can find cultural classics like chicharron de pollo (fried chicken), arroz con gandules, collard greens, maduros (fried sweet plantains), and more. But make sure you pair these delicious sides with Boricua Soul’s pernil, a Puerto Rican-style seasoned pork shoulder that’s slow-roasted. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside; pernil is to the Caribbean as pulled pork is to the Carolinas.

West Indies (St. Paul, Minn.)

Next, we’re heading northwest to the Land of 10,000 Lakes and making a stop at West Indies Soul Food. This St. Paul, Minn. food truck is your culinary passport to the steels drums, Calypso soundtrack, and Caribbean spices of Trinidad. For over 30 years, Sharon Richards-Noel has centered the essence of West Indies around the three most essential elements in her life: food, faith, and family. Sharon’s menu is “authentic food for the soul,” from West Indies-style BBQ ribs and jerk chicken to turnip greens and potato salad. Make sure to take home a slice of sweet potato pie and peach cobbler for dessert! Sharon’s also known for giving back, cooking meals for St. Paul high school students, and donating 15% of sales from her line of sauces to local non-profit organizations.

Sassy’s Vegetarian (Austin, Texas)

Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food serves traditional soul food but with a twist: the entire menu is plant-based. Convincing soul food lovers that “going green” could be just as tasty as the classics they love was no easy feat. But owner Andrea Dawson did just that, creating a soul food truck menu that perfectly balances familiarity with creativity. Today, it’s known as the food truck where you can get the “Best Comfort Food” in Austin. Locals rave about Sassy’s signature “Chicon N Waffles.” Andrea pairs crispy fried chicken seitan with an eggless waffle and tops it with a generous drizzle of pumpkin spice, coconut syrup. Another crowd-pleaser is the “Three Green Medley,” a blend of fresh kale, collard, and mustard greens that are tender, savory, and spiced to perfection. So, why is Sassy’s so good? As Andrea tells it, her food simply “tastes like home.”

Rainy’s Authentic Soul Food (Ontario, Calif.)

Rainette Dominick has had a life-long passion for cooking. Her love of sharing delicious food with friends and family inspired her to open Rainy’s Authentic Soul Food. Located in San Bernardino County, this food truck caters meals for parties, family gatherings, and those who are too busy to cook but want to savor good home cooking. For SoCal residents looking for authentic soul food, Rainy’s delivers the goods. Try the “Southern Oxtails,” served over a bed of steamed rice and gravy. Or the “Taste of Soul,” featuring fried chicken with a side of mac and cheese or candied yams. For dessert, you have to take a bite out of Rainy’s homemade banana pudding— a southern staple.

Take a Culinary Tour of America With Soul Food Trucks

National Soul Food Month is more than about eating great food. June celebrates the Black small-business owners sharing their culinary culture and heritage. So, take a gastronomical tour of American history and taste its spices and flavors with soul food trucks. When you learn the history of soul food, where it’s traveled, and how it’s changed over centuries, it sparks an appreciation that does more than satisfy your appetite; it feeds your soul.

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The Benefits of Ghost Kitchen Catering

Ghost kitchens take on many names— like mobile kitchens, virtual kitchens, or dark kitchens— but the concept is the same: they’re non-customer-facing restaurants dedicated solely to delivery service.

When COVID-19 forced restaurants to close and consumers to stay home, third-party delivery services became a mainstay that kept the food and dining industry afloat. Likewise, it became a staple for hungry customers faced with stay-at-home/shelter-in-place mandates. But on the flip side laid exorbitant service fees for restaurants and a shortage of options for customers living outside major cities. To combat rising costs and consumer demand, many small-business owners have become creative. How so? Ghost kitchen catering. By 2027, the value of ghost kitchens will reach nearly $72 billion and $1 trillion by 2030. But what are ghost kitchens? For you— as someone who wants to host a catered event— what can they deliver for you? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Ghost Kitchens?

Ghost kitchens take on many names— like mobile kitchens, virtual kitchens, or dark kitchens— but the concept is the same: they’re non-customer-facing restaurants dedicated solely to delivery service. What does that mean in layman’s terms? They allow restaurants to operate without offering dine-in services, which reduces financial costs and physical footprint. For businesses, eschewing dining rooms and pivoting to a delivery-only model can considerably increase the efficiency of its operations. Ghost kitchens take on different iterations also— from commissary kitchens to food trucks and beyond. 

Ghost Kitchen

Moreover, they’re not a fad, thanks in large part to how much they reduce overhead costs. Some of the largest QSR brands in the world are establishing ghost kitchens like McDonald’s, Inspire Brands (which owns Dunkin’ and Sonic Drive-In, among others), and more. In less than a year, ghost kitchens have gone from novelty to industry anchor.

The Pros of Ghost Kitchen Catering

1. The Costs Are Less

For you— the consumer— you’re thinking that your catering costs are related only to food and staffing, right? Not so. If your vendor operates a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment, expenses like rent, permits, licenses, equipment, and furniture bleed into secondary services: like catering. To a certain extent, you may be partially footing the bill for an entire business, opposed to a singular service. Ghost kitchen catering is simply cheaper to outfit than a full-service restaurant. There are no expenses for exterior design, interior furnishings, or additional staff to service dine-in customers. What vendors save on those costs translates to savings for your catered event.

2. They’re Flexible and Adaptable

Because of their minimalist approach and— often— their mobility, ghost kitchens are highly adaptable to last-minute changes, additions, and/or subtractions. That allows them to meet ever-changing dining demands and needs. As an event catering planner— that’s good news for you. Because you don’t have to worry about set schedules that come with renting a catering or banquet hall, ghost kitchens can better accommodate when and where you want to host your event. Plus, they house professional-grade kitchens, meaning they can adapt to your location without sacrificing food that’s fresh and cooked to order.

3. They’re Private Kitchens— Just for You

When planning an event, it’s hard not to love catering. You have a set location and an experienced kitchen and wait staff at your disposal, leaving you free to mingle and enjoy your party. But let’s be frank: in 2021, buffets are a thing of the past. While the pandemic has forced the catering industry to rethink feeding crowds, ghost kitchens have perfected the art of preparing, cooking, and serving five-star meals (without heated lamps and warming trays). Food truck catering, in particular, serves as a private kitchen just for you and your event. With access to top-of-the-line equipment and plenty of storage space, vendors can craft complex (and delicious) menus with ease, speed, and efficiency.

4. Ghost Kitchens Are Eco-Conscious

More and more, people are focusing attention on combating climate change, especially in the pandemic’s wake. In a survey last summer, some 70% of respondents said they are concerned with the state of our environment. Moreover, Millennials and Gen-Zers are likelier to support (and buy from) eco-conscious brands. In turn, ghost kitchens’ catering operations are inherently smaller and leave a smaller environmental footprint than full-scale customer-facing concepts. Because ghost kitchens remove in-house operations, like fewer utensils and dishes to wash, their increased sustainability is desirable to sustainably-minded consumers.

Explore the Benefits of Ghost Kitchen Catering for Your Next Event

In the face of a worldwide pandemic, ghost kitchens have shown the resiliency of the restaurant industry. Similarly, in the form of food trucks, they have existed for decades, and, in that time, they have mastered mobile catering. They encourage customers to plan creative events on their terms, where they can choose the best location, the best time and date, and the menu that’s right for them. Their streamlined efficiency empowers customers in need of stellar catering to think big, with the peace of mind that they can host a successful and memorable event.

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Top Food Truck Menus For Mouthwatering Event Catering

What are the best food truck menus for your event? Let’s break down popular ideas that’ll help you host the tastiest party of the summer!

Food trucks have become the go-to platform for event catering— from corporate parties to weddings, birthdays, and more. We’ve shown you the many reasons why food truck catering is the perfect partner for hosting mouthwatering events. But one question we’re asked frequently is, “What are the best food truck menus for my event?” It’s an important question to ask because what you serve at your party may make (or break) its success. To get you started, let’s break down popular ideas that’ll help you host the tastiest party of the summer!

Incorporate Popular Dishes Into Your Food Truck Menus

Think about your guests’ palates and what they crave. Some may be mild-mannered, while others may be adventurous. Instead of trying to please everyone, meet them in the middle with tried-and-true food truck menus that always please. That means classics like burgers and fries, hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or foods that are favorites to your region like pizza, tacos, and lobster rolls. It’s also smart to find a vendor offering traditional foods plus creative takes that take your food truck menu to the next level. 

We love Philly cheesesteaks because they check all the right boxes. They’re an American staple, revered in the Northeast, and it’s hard not to drool over a meaty and cheesy sandwich. The Steak Truck by legendary butcher shop New York Prime Beef arguably serves the best steak sandwich on the planet. We know the competition is fierce, but trust us on this one. Their famous steak sandwich features a generous portion of their Special Blend Dry Aged Steak, with caramelized onions, on a freshly-baked baguette. 

It’s no-frills, and that why they’re so popular. The Steak Truck lets the natural flavors of its steak speak for itself. For your guests who want to add some extra flavor, The Steak Truck offers a range of gourmet sauces— like truffle aioli and curried ketchup. So, take The Steak Truck out for a spin and let them win over your guests with a popular dish everyone will love!

Or Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to go big or go home. Spoiler alert: it’s okay to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to food truck menus. The same goes for your party’s theme. Are you looking forward to spending time with loved ones again and need a reason to throw a party? Just open your calendar! Start planning next year’s Mardi Gras celebration with authentic cajun and creole food truck menus. But you may be wondering where you can get a real taste of New Orleans if you’re thousands of miles away. Well, with over 24,000 food trucks in operation across the U.S., they’re easier to find than you might think. 

Over in Western New Jersey, you’ll find CrawDaddy’s Cajun, and they’re serving up a real deal taste of The Big Easy. From gumbo and etouffee to shrimp po’ boys and beignets, CrawDaddy’s food truck menu will transport you to Bourbon St., beads and all. What’s the most popular dish on their menu? The Jambalaya Fries, of course! Featuring hand-cut fries seasoned with homemade cajun seasoning, CrawDaddy’s Cajun tops them with their jambalaya mix, chicken, andouille sausage, fried shrimp, and Cajun cheese sauce. These fries are one flavor-packed side that’s ready to feed a hungry crowd ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in style.

Get Seasonal With Your Food Truck Menus

When we say seasonal, we don’t just mean fresh fruits and vegetables (although that’s a solid idea too). What we mean is that you don’t have to overthink food truck menus. Just look outside and plan based on the weather. We’re about to enter the dog days of summer in New York City, so it only makes sense to plan your food truck menu around eats and treats that will cool your guests down. July marks everyone’s favorite holiday. No, not the 4th of July. National Ice Cream Month! And yes, it’s a real holiday— signed into law by President Reagan in 1984. 

If you need to beat the heat, but also want to satisfy your sweet tooth, Melt Bakery’s ice cream cookie sandwiches will hit the spot! They’re whipping up creations like their most popular “Classic” (two chocolate chip walnut cookies with Madagascar vanilla ice cream). If you’re a chocoholic, try the decadent “Morticia” (two crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream). For a hint of spice, the “Cinnamax” is the way to go (two snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon ice cream). Whatever your fancy, Melt Bakery puts the “melt” in melt in your mouth goodness. Whether you’re planning a summer birthday, barbecue, or feel like delicious ice cream catering just because, Melt Bakery is sure to make your next party one cool affair!

And Don’t Forget About The Drinks!

We spend so much time thinking about the food we’re serving for a party; the beverages get lost in the mix. But they’re an equally important component of food truck menus. Consider a beverage truck or cart as an accompaniment with your food truck. The skies the limit too. Are you hosting a business breakfast? Ditch that break room Mr. Coffee and book a gourmet mobile espresso and coffee bar instead! With a premium selection of locally-roasted coffees, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, and more, you’re sure to make a bold impression that’ll win over that hard-to-impress client!

Likewise, if adult beverages are more your party’s speed, mobile bar and cocktail catering is the perfect complement to food truck menus. With restored vintage vehicles that are eye-catching, these trucks and carts are fully equipped to serve a wide range of perfectly tempered sparkling and still wines, craft beers, and handcrafted cocktails. If you’re hosting a bridal shower, cocktail hour, or want to enjoy an evening of great drinks and great company, let these experienced mixologists elevate your next event.

Food trucks are the way to go when it comes to event planning. Whether it’s casual Friday lunches at the office or the most formal wedding receptions. The reasons why they’re so popular are bountiful, but it all starts with food truck menus. Almost every type of cuisine is at your disposal, ready to serve crowds of any size, without you lifting a finger in the kitchen. Check them out, and create a memorable experience your guests are sure to remember.

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3 Delicious Reasons to Book a Pretzel Food Truck For Your Event

Get twisted and incorporate a pretzel food truck into your next event. Big or bite-sized, savory or sweet, pretzels are the obvious choice when you need a fast, fresh, and no-frills catered snack.

If you’re like most people, you love a great snack. But on the long list of munchies that satisfy our mid-day or late-night cravings, which one tops the list? Cookies? Nope. Chips? Try again. Think of a snack that’s portable and on the go. A treat that’s versatile and can be savory or sweet. That’s right: pretzels. Those twisted, distinctively shaped pastries have stood the test of time— dating back to the 7th century A.D. Hungry yet? We thought so. But ditch that stale bag of store-bought pretzels and elevate your hankering by booking a pretzel food truck that takes these beloved goodies to the next level. Why? Because pre-packaged/over-processed is out, and homemade/handcrafted is in. Still not convinced? Well, not to worry! We’re here with three reasons why pretzel food trucks are the perfect catering companion for your next event. 

Pretzels Are the Ultimate Street Food Snack

From sports stadiums to city sidewalks, pretzels are the standard-bearer of classic street eats (sorry, hot dogs). For many of us, buying a big doughy pretzel on a New York City street is a quintessential experience. Or, if you’re in the suburbs, a trip to the mall means you’ll be leaving with an Auntie Anne’s slathered in butter or dusted with cinnamon sugar. The pretzel’s ubiquity is one of the reasons why it’s a no-brainer when you’re looking for a catered snack that everyone will love. 

Pretzel food trucks and carts like New York’s Sigmund’s Pretzels are famous for crafting batches of homemade artisanal pretzels. While Sigmund’s “I’m a Purist” soft pretzels are their specialty, try their “Churro Pretzel.” Shaped like a doughnut, this sweet pretzel is rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of Nutella. It’s so good; it’ll have you tied up in knots!

Pretzels Offer Options Galore

Now, don’t get us wrong; we love pretzels the old-fashioned way, as you’d find on the streets of American cities with their roots dating back to German immigrants in the 19th century. But pretzels are also one of the most versatile snacks on the market— none of which disappoint. Today’s pretzel food trucks are getting seriously innovative with their creations. But there’s one pretzel food truck most Americans know and love that’s been leading the pretzel revolution for decades. 

Remember the previously mentioned mall trips to Auntie Anne’s? Did you know they’re also the country’s largest operator of pretzel food trucks? Yep, and they’d love nothing more than to cater your wedding, block party, or corporate event. Aside from having pretzel food trucks cruising all across America, their options are almost endless. Whether garlic parmesan, pepperoni, sour cream and onion, jalapeño, or cinnamon sugar, you’re bound to find a pretzel you’ll love. What’s our favorite? Well, it has to be a Nathan’s hot dog wrapped in an Auntie Anne’s original pretzel. These bite-sized pretzel mini-dogs are the perfect tailgating party snack to munch on during the big game.

Pretzel Food Trucks Are Everywhere— and They’re Cheap

Especially if you’re living in a major city, chances are you’ll find a pretzel food truck or cart on almost any street corner. Pretzels are also probably one of the last snacks that remain relatively inexpensive. That’s a win/win when you’re scouring online for the best catering options. Pretzel catering doesn’t require much: just a simple mixture of flour, water, and salt. That’s it. 

Pretzels are also filling— almost like a meal in itself. Aside from the fact that they’re so easy to find, all it takes to make them even better are a few tasty yet inexpensive toppings and condiments. For savory ideas, try melted cheese, pepperoni, jalapeños, bacon, horseradish, and— of course— mustard. If you want to sweeten up your pretzels, melted chocolate, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, Nutella, and marshmallow creme will tickle your sweet tooth.

Now that you’re a pretzel connoisseur, you’re ready to get twisted and incorporate a pretzel food truck into your next event. Big or bite-sized, savory or sweet, soft or crunchy, pretzels are the obvious choice when you need a fast, fresh, and no-frills catered snack. So, get out your favorite dip and get in touch with pros who’ll connect you with the best pretzel food trucks for your party, from coast to coast.

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Top Vegan and Vegetarian Food Trucks for Healthy Catering

When catering an event, it’s always a good idea to offer meals that everyone can enjoy. Let’s hit the road and take a look at some of New York City’s finest vegan and vegetarian food trucks that are worth chasing after.

Since 2015, the vegan and vegetarian food industries have been up by almost $3 billion annually. That demand means more and more consumers are exploring healthier lifestyles. As brands and restaurants catch up on this popular trend, vegan and vegetarian food trucks have perfected meatless options. These mobile kitchens are known for sumptuous vegan and vegetarian meals, treats, and sweets. Let’s hit the road and take a look at some of New York City’s finest that are worth chasing after.

Why Choose Vegan and Vegetarian Food Truck Catering

Aside from the fact that the vegan and vegetarian trend is now a culinary staple, food trucks have been able to create delicious menu options beyond just veggie burgers. That’s why they’re a great catering choice for any event. There’s nothing the vegan and vegetarian street-food scene isn’t offering, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert. 

Furthermore, these food trucks are ready to serve and be the highlight of your next event. Are you following a plant-based diet and your wedding day’s coming up? Why not book a vegan food truck as an excellent addition to your reception. Do you want to plan a holiday party now that your team’s back in the office? Be on-trend and make all your employees happy with vegan and vegetarian foods that are fresh and customizable. 

Last year alone, a study found that there are almost 10 million vegans and vegetarians in the U.S. When catering a party, it’s always a good idea to offer meals that everyone can enjoy. So be the host with the most and make your event the talk of the town. 

1. Yeah Dawg!!!

Yeah Dawg!!! is on a mission to put a healthier spin on the all-American classic: hot dogs! Owner and chef Marina Benedetto started Yeah Dawg!!! in 2013 to serve nutritious comfort foods to low-income families and children because she believes “food is medicine” and that “everybody can be healed through food.” Yeah Dawg!!! specializes in crafting tasty vegan, gluten-free hot dogs with a variety of good-for-you toppings.

While you can order their products online, Yeah Dawg!!!’s pop-up catering cart is perfect for all your summer weekend barbecues— including the 4th of July, where an estimated 150 million hot dogs will be consumed. Try Yeah Dawg!!!’s “Chix & Shroom Brat,” featuring their “Chix and Shroom” sausage topped with homemade sauerkraut, their CocoNot bacon, garden-grown chives, and chipotle mayo on a pretzel bun. 

2. Makina Cafe

Simply put, Makina Cafe has put Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines on the map. Founded by chef Eden G. Egziabher, Makina Cafe’s winning rave reviews and is one of NYC’s most sought-after vegan and vegetarian food trucks. So what makes it such a popular catering option? Chef Eden regularly travels between Queens and Washington D.C., home to the largest Ethiopian community in the U.S., to buy the finest and most authentic ingredients.   

For vegetarians, the “Vegetarian Bowl” can’t be missed. Make sure to load your bowl with miser (spicy red lentil stew) and gomen (collard greens with cardamom and garlic). For added spice, top it with a drizzle of the jalapeño-based “Makina Sauce” and cool off with a side of injera, a traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean flatbread.

3. NY Dosas

Thiru Kumar is called the “Dosa Man of New York,” and his Vendy award-winning food truck NY Dosas is a Greenwich Village institution serving killer vegan and vegetarian catering. NY Dosas is known for serving up the best dosas— spicy, potato-filled pancakes— right outside Washington Square Park. For his part, Kumar is so popular, NY Dosas is listed in 42 countries’ guidebooks, and he even has fan clubs from California to Japan. 

You can’t go wrong with anything on NY Dosas menu, but for the uninitiated, start with the “Masala Dosa” (rice and lentil crepe filled with potatoes) and a samosa (filled with potatoes and veggies, and served with mint or sweet chutney).

4. Monk’s Meats

Vegan BBQ? That’s not a typo, but one taste, and you’ll be convinced: it’s the go-to way to eat plant-based proteins. Brooklyn’s Monk’s Meats is cooking its “meats” low and slow, creating “fresh food that tastes good.” Monk’s vegan smokehouse catering features various options, all cooked for several hours over mesquite and hickory woods. So you know, “good” is an understatement. Our favorite meal at Monk’s is its classic “BBQ Seitan Sandwich” with maple barbecue sauce, red cabbage slaw, whiskey, and pickles. Make you also order a side of the “Alamo Fries.” These loaded taters are topped with homemade 3-bean seitan chili, cashew queso, scallions, and pickled jalapeños. 

5. Chloe’s Fruit

You may have seen Chloe’s fruit oat milk and dipped popsicles at your local grocery store, but New Yorkers love visiting Chloe’s in-person for a summertime treat. This vegan and vegetarian ice cream truck (and Gramercy Park storefront) is whipping up fruit-based concoctions made with all-natural, vegan ingredients. But a lot of brands throw around those words, so does Chloe’s really deliver? Yes, and in spades. Most of its menu uses only three ingredients: water, cane sugar, and fruit. That’s it! 

We love the “Berry Wild” sundae (strawberry soft serve, fresh strawberries and blackberries, and granola). Or, if you are looking for a portable dessert, try the “Mango Pop” dipped in warm dark chocolate and coconut flakes. Is your sweet tooth tingling yet? Then swing by or book Chloe’s for guilt-free dessert catering your guests will love!

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