Need Food Truck Catering? Try NYFTA’s Newest Members!

What better way to celebrate good times than with great food. Here at NYFTA, we believe that food brings people together and our roster of members is always growing. Lets check out our newest members!

Warm weather, sunny skies, people flocking outside after a year of staying indoors. Now is the time to gather friends, family, and co-workers you haven’t seen for over a year to celebrate new beginnings. Basically, that means it’s time to party! What better way to celebrate good times than with great food. That’s where food truck catering comes in. They’re mobile, convenient, affordable, and serving up delicious eats and treats. Here at NYFTA, we believe that food brings people together— and our roster of members is always growing. Whether it’s ice cream that’ll have you beaming with pride or savoring the ultimate NYC delight, let’s say “hello!” to some of our newest members!

Big Gay Ice Cream

In a little over 10 years, Big Gay Ice Cream has become a sensation in New York City. It’s easy to see why. Since 2009, owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff have racked up numerous awards, accolades, TV appearances, and a best-selling cookbook. But even with all that fanfare, Big Gay Ice Cream has never steered away from its original mission: to keep the fun in ice cream. They want customers to enjoy ice cream just as much as when they were kids. With great flavors that create great memories. It makes Big Gay Ice Cream perfect for adding some sweetness to your next food truck catering event. 

What makes their ice cream extra special are the high-quality ingredients in every swirl. Using all-natural dairy products, their soft-serve is made the old-fashioned way. But with an effervescent, satirical twist. Take the “Dorothy.” Named after Bea Arthur’s character on “The Golden Girls,” this treat features vanilla soft-serve ice cream. It’s then injected with dulce de leche and rolled in crushed Nilla wafer cookies. You should try the “Salty Pimp” while you’re at it. Also featuring vanilla soft-serve ice cream and injected with dulce de leche, it’s lightly salted and dipped in a chocolate shell. “The Salty Pimp” was Big Gay Ice Cream’s first creation, and it remains their most beloved cone.

Moshe’s Falafel

For 40 years, Moshe’s Falafel has reigned supreme as “the best falafel in town.” A veritable New York landmark, you’re bound to find this culinary staple on your commute or if you’re just visiting. Moshe’s Falafel takes those simple fried chickpea balls from supporting role to star of the show. These falafels are like none you’ve ever tried before. 

They’re crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. They practically melt in your mouth! You can have them on a pita sandwich, in a tossed salad with fresh greens, or all on their own with a side of tahini and hot sauce. You can always find Moshe’s Falafel at their home base in Midtown Manhattan. But beat those crowds and let Moshe’s Falafel’s food truck catering bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your upcoming summer parties.

Utopia Bagels 

If you’re looking for a quintessential New York food, enjoying a bagel is obligatory. When you’re looking to take a bit out of the Big Apple, look no further than Utopia Bagles and their food truck catering. Crowned “The Absolute Bagel in New York” by New York Magazine, this 36-year-old institution is the real deal. Why? It’s probably their Old World process of making their bagels. Each day, Utopia Bagels hand rolls its bagels, kettle-boils them, and bakes them fresh in the oven.  

Honoring the traditional way of making bagels makes Utopia Bagels’ fare a perfect combination of chewy, crusty, and light. We suggest you try the “Egg-Everything,” but you can’t go wrong with their signature “Plain.” So, if you have an upcoming office meeting that needs an upgrade from those store-bought pastries, let Utopia Bagels give your team an authentic NYC bagel experience.  

When You Need Great Catering, Call on NYFTA’s Newest Food Truck Members!

Take the stress out of planning a party. Who has time to whip up a five-star meal when there’s so much else to worry about? When you have the right food truck catering partner by your side, you know your event will be a mouthwatering success. With NYFTA’s newest members at the ready, you’re well on your way to delighting your guests and satisfying everyone’s hungry appetites. So, check them out and book them today!

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Mac & Cheese Ice Cream? Two Comfort Foods Blend Together

Ever try “mac & cheese ice cream?” You may not have wondered what this unconventional mash-up would taste like, but you probably do now. Van Leeuwen ice cream has teamed up with Kraft Heinz to create a unique summer treat!

One of the most iconic comfort foods is macaroni and cheese— and it earns a place of honor on July 14th. It’s National Macaroni and Cheese Day! Made with tender noodles, cream or milk, and the golden goodness of cheese, this dish always shines. Likewise, there’s another noteworthy holiday on the horizon. Just four days after National Macaroni and Cheese Day is National Ice Cream Day. Since 1984, Americans have celebrated National Ice Cream Day as a tasty— and treasured— holiday that’s also federally recognized. So, while July marks a mouthwatering month to savor these classics, how come we’re talking about this “odd couple” together? Ever try “mac & cheese ice cream?”

You may not have wondered what this unconventional mash-up would taste like, but you probably do now. NYFTA member Van Leeuwen Ice Cream has teamed up with Kraft Heinz to create a seriously unique summer treat— Kraft Macaroni & Cheese flavored French ice cream. That’s right. Want to know the scoop? Well, let’s dig in!

A Cult-Favorite Partners With a Legendary Brand

Van Leeuwen believes in making good ice cream that also makes you feel good. Since 2008, their ice creams trucks and “scoop shops” have served ice cream that’s all-natural and made from the finest ingredients. With eclectic flavors like Wild Blueberry Shortcake and Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam, it’s no surprise that Van Leeuwen is a cult favorite from coast to coast. What started as an innovative idea to create decadent, artisanal flavors has completely elevated the ice cream experience. 

But to be a trailblazer means pushing the envelope. That’s where Kraft Heinz comes in. As Emily Violett, Sr. Associate Brand Manager for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, explains, “We know that there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than ice cream. That is why we wanted to combine two of the most iconic comfort foods to create an ice cream with the unforgettable flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese we all grew up with.” Iconic, indeed. For 84 years, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has fed hungry families on the go and in a snap. 

So, now that we know what brought these two unlikely partners together, one question remains. How does their limited-edition mac & cheese ice cream taste?


What Does Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Taste Like?

Well, the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret. But the first thing you notice about the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream is its soft orange hue. The ice cream’s color palette is reminiscent of the paprika, annatto, and turmeric that makes Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’s elbow-shaped pasta pop! As for the taste? Reviews are coming in, and people are hooked! Rich, creamy, buttery, with just a hint of cheese. Complex and confusing but utterly compelling that one bite won’t be enough. When you step back from the intimidation of such a strange pairing, you’ll find the salty-sweet combination of mac & cheese ice cream unbeatable. 

How Can You Snag a Pint of Mac & Cheese Ice Cream?

The Kraft Macaroni & Cheese flavored French ice cream launches Wednesday, July 14. It’ll be available online on Van Leeuwen’s website while supplies last. If you’re near one of Van Leeuwen’s locations in NYC, L.A., and Houston, you can grab a pint directly. New Yorkers can also try the ice cream for free at an ice cream truck stationed in Union Square on the 14th, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. So, if you’re ready to celebrate both National Macaroni and Cheese Day and National Ice Cream Day, take a bite out of some deliciously creamy and cheesy mac & cheese ice cream.

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Pulled Pork Food Trucks — A Hearty Touch to Your Event

Whether drenched in barbecue sauce, topped with coleslaw, or slapped on a bun, pulled pork makes for one of the most classically American eats. Lets check out NYC’s smokiest pulled pork food trucks that’ll surely feed a hungry crowd.

Pulled pork is a much-loved staple of the American South, where chefs have perfected barbecue. Tender, fatty, and flavorful, pulled pork is made with pork shoulder— an inexpensive yet sizeable cut of meat perfect for the smoker or grill. But making mouthwatering pulled pork is an art form. It requires patience and TLC, tending to it as it cooks low and slow. When the meat’s so tender, it barely requires being “pulled,” you know it’s ready to be served. Pulled pork food trucks — right here in New York— have taken pitmasters’ secrets and made this dish all their own.

Whether drenched in barbecue sauce, topped with coleslaw, or slapped on a bun, pulled pork makes for one of the most classically American eats you can pile on your plate. Let’s check out NYC’s smokiest pulled pork food trucks that’ll feed a hungry crowd.

A Brief History of Pulled Pork in America

As European settlers colonized the southern United States, the pigs they brought with them were the only animals that survived perilous conditions crossing the Atlantic. But, centuries before that, Spanish settlers watched Native Peoples build smoky fires to cook and preserve meat. Over time, the process evolved, becoming a primary source of meat for southerners because of its inexpensive price tag and easy maintenance.

Pulled pork as we know it today began in the late 1970s. From restaurants outside Tennessee, Louisville, and Jackson, Mississippi, to the supermarket chain Kroger, advertising pulled pork. Slowly but surely, its migration moved further north, with its real boon coming in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thanks to restaurant diners and backyard cooks, barbecue flooded our menus, plates, cookbooks, and TV cooking shows. Today, you can find pulled pork anywhere, so there’s no excuse for missing out.

Empire BBQ

Since 2018, Empire BBQ has recreated the classic BBQ experience that’s “stick to your ribs” good. Using premium cuts of meat smoked for a minimum of 10 hours, Empire BBQ houses a custom-built eclectic smoker right inside its truck. You can get their delicious smoked pulled pork on its own with sides like baked beans and scratch-made cornbread. Or you can savor it as a sandwich, with buns freshly baked every morning at a local Brooklyn bakery. This NYC pulled pork food truck is sure to hit the spot and is perfect for catering your upcoming summer barbecue. Get ready to grab some extra Hand Wipes and dig in with Empire BBQ!

The Wandering Que

Take a trip off the beaten path with a stop at The Wandering Que. This traveling BBQ food truck specializes in serving Texas-style barbecue, small-batch craft sausages, and charcuterie. The Wandering Que is home to trained pitmasters who keep it simple by cooking meats low and slow seasoned with homemade rubs and doused in their BBQ sauce. Smoked, sliced, or shredded, every bite of every dish is a taste of authentic Southern hospitality. 

The Wandering Que’s menu is also kosher, operating under rabbinical supervision. While that means they aren’t a traditional pulled pork food truck, it’s all about the process. Their “Pulled Beef Sandwich” packs a half-pound of smoked BBQ beef and tops it with homemade BBQ sauce, pickled red onions or coleslaw, sliced pickles, on a seeded white bun. From NYC to the Ohio Valley, you’ll find The Wandering Que rolling in your neck of the woods, ready to cater your next party. 

Mac Truck NYC 

Did you know a pulled pork food truck doesn’t just have to be a BBQ food truck? It’s true! Pulled pork is just as much a filling topping that’ll give whatever you’re eating a touch of southern flair. That even includes macaroni and cheese! Mac Truck NYC is the undisputed champion of drool-worthy mac and cheese in New York. From lobster to mushroom and truffle, Mac Truck NYC is mac and cheese for grownups. Of course, we have to mention their “Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese.” This dish is packed with creamy, cheesy cheddar sauce and loaded with pulled pork shoulder slathered in house-made BBQ sauce. So, if you’re looking for food truck catering that’s (literally) outside of the box, then look no further than Mac Truck NYC!

Meatoss Street Grill

Meatoss Street Grill represents the melting pot that is America. Founded by a Russian-born chef who was raised in Israel and immigrated to New York., Meatoss Street Grill fires up traditional Brazillian churrasco barbecue. With a native grill onboard, this BBQ is a modern fusion of the juiciest meats you’ll find in NYC. Using unique blends of herbs and spices, you have your pick of meats, from chicken to chorizo. But you can beat Daniel’s signature “Cajun Pulled Pork Sandwich.” While its recipe is a closely guarded secret, it’s served on a freshly baked French baguette with homemade chimichurri sauce and all the fixings. With a side of crispy “Cajun Fries,” Meatoss Street Grill catering will elevate your barbecue to the next level!

Gorilla Cheese NYC

There’s just something about pulled pork and cheese that’s a match made in heaven. What could be better than smoky pulled pork and ooey-gooey grilled cheese? Well, Gorilla Cheese NYC is one of New York’s most popular food trucks because they take these American classics seriously. They use only freshly-baked bread, local and imported cheeses, and premium-quality meats in their sammies. If you’re feeling nostalgic, try one of their “Classics.” But, because we’re going up in smoke over pulled pork, you have to try the “#5.” This sandwich features sharp cheddar, with BBQ pulled pork, and caramelized onions, on whole-wheat bread. Oh, and make sure to pair your sandwich with a side of tater tots and rich, creamy tomato soup.

Get Your BBQ Fix With Pulled Pork Food Trucks in NYC

You don’t have to be in the Carolinas or have Georgia on your mind to enjoy delicious BBQ. From traditional ‘Que to eclectic takes on our favorite smoked meat, great southern-style cooking is right outside your door. So, the next time you’re planning an end-of-summer Labor Day party, office lunch, or neighborhood block party, these NYC pulled pork trucks have got you covered!

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The Ultimate Food Truck Catering Checklist

Many events choose food trucks to cater to their festivities, but they come with a unique set of logistical challenges. Let’s take a look at the food truck catering checklist you need to ensure your event is seamless!

From permits to guest lists, employee lunches to wedding receptions, many events choose food trucks to cater their festivities. The reasons are numerous. They’re affordable, mobile, and at the pinnacle of culinary excellence. But they also come with a unique set of logistical challenges. There’s no reason to panic, though. So, let’s take a look at the food truck catering checklist you need to ensure your event is seamless, goes off without a hitch, and is the talk of the town!

1. Have a Clear Idea of What You Want— And Can Live Without

Before going into any event, you need to know its scope. Specifically, that means knowing your budget and how many guests are attending. Why? Because guests lists (i.e., per person) dictate food truck catering costs. If you’re unsure how to begin budgeting, online resources like Thumbtack can give you a starting point to determining base costs by location. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What’s your event’s theme? Is it a corporate holiday party or an intimate birthday celebration? The scale of your event will add to its cost. A good rule of thumb is to create a wishlist when planning but determine what’s necessary versus what are “bells and whistles.”

2. Plan Your Menu Carefully

The most essential element to your food truck catering checklist— after your budget— is your menu. After all, no great party is complete without great food! But what kind of food do you want to serve? Do you want your menu to be expansive or streamlined? Will it be a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party? We recommend booking a mobile bar that serves craft beers, wines, and spirits and pairing it with a food truck serving portable bites like empanadas for casual affairs. On the other hand, if you need large event catering, it’s advantageous to book multiple food trucks to accommodate varying tastes and dietary restrictions. Either way, it’s important to remember that one food truck can comfortably feed between 200 and 300 people.

3. Pick Your Location— And Where Your Food Truck’s Stationed

Unlike brick-and-mortar restaurants, food trucks come to you! That allows you the freedom to host your event where you want and on your terms. But keep in mind for your food truck checklist that the further your truck has to drive, you’ll likely incur travel costs. Similarly, food trucks in major cities generally have higher base costs because of higher demand. So, if you’re in New York or Los Angeles, make sure you book your food truck early. 

Another complexity you’ll need to sort out is where you’ll station your food truck. Not all locations and venues lend themselves to food truck catering. For example, food trucks may be adverse to climbing hills because they’re lower to the ground with commercial-grade equipment inside. Or they may not be able to park on grass if there’s inclement weather because they may get stuck. Our advice? Arrange food trucks along the perimeter of an event, so they don’t compete with the focal point of your event and so they can operate without any unnecessary difficulties.

4. Use Your Food Trucks Strategically

The last thing you want to happen at your event is your food truck shows up late or leaves early. When booking, it’s critical for your food truck catering checklist to allocate enough time for set-up and clean-up. But aside from logistics, food trucks aren’t like traditional catering— where food is prepared in advance and held in warming trays. Food that’s cooked, made-to-order is one of the many reasons why people love food trucks. Giving them an extra hour or two ensures your guests are eating meals that are nothing but gold-standard.  

With the 4th of July right around the corner, Americans are firing up their grills for summer barbecues. Another strategy is to book complimentary food trucks that match your event’s theme. Why not enjoy fun in the sun and host a backyard party for family and friends? Serve American classics from local food trucks specializing in BBQ and ice cream. Not only have you covered savory and sweet eats, you know your guests will be well-fed and well taken care of.

5. Work With Professionals to Handle Logistics 

How much do you know about municipal, city, and state food truck regulations? Not much, right? When it comes to logistics like permits and insurance, your food truck catering checklist needs to include them. Keep in mind that your event will never get off the ground if you don’t abide by them, and every state’s laws are different. In Raleigh, North Carolina, for example, food trucks are only allowed on private property. This is where hiring food truck catering professionals is a lifesaver. How come? Because they’ll handle logistics from insurance paperwork to proper permits, staffing, and more. Plus, you’re free to enjoy your party and mingle with guests while they sweat the small stuff.

Plan a Great Party With a Solid Food Truck Catering Checklist

The success of any well-executed party largely depends on the catering. Delicious food brings coworkers, friends, and family together, no matter the time of year or reason why. But it takes proper planning from the ground up. With a strategic food truck catering checklist— and help from those in the know— you can deliver a great event that’s as delicious as it is memorable!

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NYC Food Trucks For National Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month

Did you know that July marks two of the most delicious summer-themed holidays? That’s right! July is National Ice Cream Month and National Hot Dog Month and no one does hot dogs and ice cream better than NYC’s food trucks.

Welcome to July! It’s the first month of the year that’s dedicated to summer fun. July means lazy days spent poolside, summer family vacations, and— here in America— celebrations of country and independence. But did you know July also marks two of the most delicious, summer-themed holidays? That’s right! July is National Ice Cream Month and National Hot Dog Month. But why spend your time in the kitchen or standing over a hot, smoky grill when NYC food trucks can serve you these classic summer eats, giving you more time to soak up the sun with family and friends? Let’s take a closer look at these July holidays that’ll give you 31 days of reasons to relax with great company while savoring even better food.

The History Of National Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month

There’s a national day— or national week— or national month all year long. Some are federally recognized holidays (e.g., Christmas Day), while others are more obscure (e.g., National Canned Food Month). For its part, ice cream has enjoyed a storied history as the world’s preeminent dessert— with its roots dating back to Ancient Rome. By the time ice cream came to America in the mid-18th century, it was the dessert of choice for our nation’s founders, from George Washington to James Madison. It would be another U.S. President— Ronald Reagan— who would officially designate July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984. Likewise, he proclaimed the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. 

Alternatively, the origins of hot dogs are up for debate. What we do know is that July 4th is the single largest hot dog day of the year, according to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. This past Independence Day alone, Americans consumed a whopping 150 million hot dogs! But they’ve been (officially) in our national consciousness since July 1957, when the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recognized the first observance of National Hot Dog Month. 

So, now that you know the backstory of these delectable holidays, it’s time to start planning your summer celebrations! But how do you start, and where can you find the tastiest hot dogs and scoops of ice cream? Lucky for you, food trucks pioneered these all-American eats, and NYC food trucks boast some of the most delicious from coast to coast!

The Top NYC Food Trucks for Hot Dogs

Walter’s Hot Dogs

Walter’s Hot Dogs is more than an NYC food truck. It’s an institution— and has been for over a hundred years. It’s so iconic; its Chinese pagoda-style flagship location is a nationally registered historical landmark. How come Walter’s has over a century of staying power? Well, their hot dogs use a blend of beef, pork, and veal that’s a family recipe. Walter’s hot dogs are also split down the middle, grilled to order using a trade secret sauce, and served with a schmear of Walter’s homemade mustard— the New York way. It’s why these famous dogs are beloved well beyond the five boroughs. When you book Walter’s hot dogs for your next barbecue, pair their signature “Singles” and “Doubles” with sides like scratch-made “Potato Puffs.” Oh, and wash those good eats down with an Egg Cream— a signature New York fizzy drink.

Nathan’s Famous

Speaking of New York institutions, few are as consummate as Nathan’s Famous. Today, you can enjoy a Nathan’s hot dog from Jamaica to Russia. But this NYC food truck has been a Big Apple icon for 105 years. Because it’s July and National Hot Dog Month, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Nathan’s world-famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Since the brand’s inception, they’ve hosted this Coney Island tradition every July 4th. What kicked off this annual affair? According to Nathan’s, it all started over an argument between four immigrants to settle a debate over who was the “most patriotic.” Fast-forward to 2021 and 55,000 locations, and you’ll find that even though Nathan’s is celebrated worldwide, their classic NYC carts remain just as ubiquitous as their famous hot dogs.

The Top NYC Food Trucks for Ice Cream

Mister Softee

When Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered the film adaptation of his hit musical “In The Heights” in June, he chose the film’s setting— Washington Heights, New York— for its debut. “I’ve never been to a premiere so literally close to home,” he said. “It’s thrilling. This movie, this musical, is a love letter to this neighborhood. You could hear the Mister Softee truck as we speak.” 

If you grew up in New York City, the Mister Softee jingle is an enduring symbol of nostalgia, and it’s hard to imagine summer without it. For over 60 years, the ice cream truck icon makes memories for kids of all ages. With over 600 trucks operating in 18 states across the U.S., Mister Softee is the epitome of summer fun. Whether you’re hosting a backyard pool party at home or an outdoor corporate barbecue, Mister Softee reigns supreme as one of the best NYC food trucks you can book to celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Let’s say you want to take a trip back to fond childhood memories, but your tastebuds have grown up since. Are there ice cream trucks serving cool treats for more sophisticated palates? Now scooping eclectic flavors for the big kids is Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. This NYC food truck believes that “goodness comes in all flavors.” What does that mean? It’s equal parts all-natural ingredients and thinking outside the “holy trinity” of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. 

Want to feel like royalty for a day? Then Van Leeuwen’s “Royal Wedding Cake” is just for you! This “noble” dessert takes sweet cream cheese ice cream and pairs it with lemon sponge cake and elderflower frosting. Plus, it’s gluten-free! If you’re practicing a vegan lifestyle, Van Leeuwen’s got you covered too. Their “Brownie Sunday Raspberry Swirl” combines oat milk ice cream with Tahitian vanilla beans, dark chocolate brownie chunks, and raspberry jam. So, raise a cone and toast National Ice Cream month with an NYC food truck that’s “on a mission to make good ice cream that makes you feel good!”

Celebrate National Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month With NYC Food Trucks

Like Old Glory and Uncle Sam, hot dogs and ice cream are tried and true symbols of America. It makes sense that we celebrate these foods in the same month as we celebrate our nation’s founding. But as much as you want to savor delicious hot dogs and scoops of creamy ice cream, it doesn’t mean you want to put in the work making and serving them. That’s why NYC food trucks are your go-to for booking affordable and delicious catering. So now, you can focus your energy on beating Joey Chestnut’s hot dog eating record or feeling those good summertime vibrations with family and friends! 

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5 High-End Food Trucks Around the World

Food trucks are a convenient platform for getting simple, delicious meals that are on the go, but plenty of vendors have elevated the street food experience with high-end food trucks. Check out the world’s fanciest food trucks to indulge your most luxurious cravings.

Food trucks are a convenient platform for getting simple, delicious meals that are on the go. Whether it’s tacos, pizza, BBQ, or ice cream— there’s probably a food truck serving your favorite food. But plenty of vendors have elevated the street food experience with high-end food trucks from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. So, if you want a 5-star meal on a budget, check out the world’s fanciest food trucks to indulge your most luxurious cravings.

1. Toast to the Good Life With Bubble Bros. 

A mobile bar that can pull up to your next party and serve Prosecco on tap? Sign us up! From London to New York to the Cayman Islands, Bubble Bros. serves thirsty masses premium Prosecco, wine, and cocktails. Since 2015, Bubble Bros. has been the go-to high-end food truck for private parties and some of the world’s most popular festivals like Glastonbury. But, as luxe as their drinks are, their mobile bars are just as chic. Whether it’s The Prosecco Van (a vintage Italian Piaggio ape), The Spritz Blitz (a 1970’s German Opel Blitz fire engine), or The Bubble Bike (a classic 1969 motorbike and sidecar bar), Bubble Bros.’ distinctive look adds a dashing touch to any event.

2. The True Taste of Rio at Tapí Tapioca

In 2014, Brazil’s food truck scene exploded in popularity. With golden beaches and samba-fueled nightlife, Brazilians are flocking to conventional food trucks serving American and European fare. But, Tapí Tapioca is different. Why? Because this high-end food truck is committed to its roots. Native to Brazil, tapioca is the starch extracted from cassava— long a staple vegetable in Brazillian cuisine. But here in the U.S., when we hear “tapioca,” we think of pudding. In Brazil, “tapioca” is the name given to stuffed pancakes, a popular Brazillian dish. Tapí Tapioca’s most popular item on the menu is the Tapí Parrí. This treat is loaded with Brie, almonds, and truffle honey with the chewy texture of a tapioca pancake.

3. Heisser Hobel Takes Mac & Cheese to the Next Level

Originating in South Germany, Kässpätzle is the Bavarian equivalent to American macaroni and cheese. But it isn’t your box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Made with fresh noodles (spätzle), tossed in cheese, and topped with crispy fried onions, Kässpätzle is macaroni and cheese for sophisticated palates. One high-end food truck perfecting this German dish is Heisser Hobel. Renowned across Berlin, Heisser Hobel uses a locally made three-cheese blend featuring aged Allgäuer Bergkäse and Emmental. Cruising in a Soviet-era East German camper (known as a Nagetusch), Heisser Hobel is considered a pioneer in Germany’s food truck movement.

4. Nairobi’s Most Famous Food Truck Elevates Burgers

Mama Rocks is a beloved institution in Nairobi. This high-end food truck gives gourmet burgers an authentic African twist. The West African-themed “Sweet Mother” is their signature sandwich. Topped with bacon, sweet potato sauce, rocket, and cheddar cheese, it gets an extra kick with homemade hot sauce. For vegetarians, the South African-style “Down and Durban” is a fan favorite. Loaded with peri-peri mayo and a generous serving of halloumi and roasted red bell peppers, this sandwich replaces beef with a sun-dried tomato falafel patty. Mama Rocks’ menu represents the diverse and unique cultures and cuisines across Africa with fresh and bold flavors.

5. Hawaiian-Inspired Seafood in Okinawa 

Kouri Shrimp is a high-end food truck situated in the heart of paradise. Located on Kouri Island in Okinawa, Kouri Shrimp’s essence— from its pink and turquoise truck to its food— inspires the spirit of Oahu, Hawaii. With its specialty menu, Kouri Shrimp cooks succulent seafood caught fresh daily from the Pacific Ocean. Serving garlic shrimp, four different ways, visitors can enjoy their meals as crystal waters crash at their feet. Make sure to order a side of “Shirishiri Potatoes” (fries tossed in garlic and basil) and wash it down with a cold beer.

High-End Food Trucks Are Transforming the Culinary Landscape

High-end food trucks cater to foodies who want to savor delicious dishes at street prices without a required dress code. They’re affordable, fun, local, and unique. Plus, they’re an easy way to explore the cultures of exotic locations through native cuisines. Food trucks are a democratic and inclusive way for the masses to sample gourmet fare. So, take a trip around the world and grab a bite of the world’s best foods made just for you!

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