Top 10 Best Food Truck Festivals in the Country

Food truck lovers rejoice! We’ve rounded up the top 10 best food truck festivals across the country. You won’t want to miss these.

Written by: Sophia Young

Find the Best Food Trucks in The Country at These Events

Food trucks are an entirely new culture that offers successful sales in the food business. If you offer delicious fare, you’ll get consistent patrons that would love you for life. If you’re looking to show off your food and build a bigger audience, joining food truck festival is a quick way to the top.

Food truck festivals are some of the most fun food truck events you can join. Here are the top 10 best food truck festivals in the US that we know you’ll enjoy.


The LA Street Food Fest is known as Los Angeles’ largest outdoor event for food trucks worldwide. This event gathers some of Los Angeles’ best food trucks in one place, from long-time favorites to the newest flavors around the West Coast. 

Aside from eating, you can also listen to live music while shopping for unique products. Over 100 vendors will be present at the food festival set in Pasadena, California. 

The LA Street Food Fest attracts a large crowd with local favorites and international food every year. VIP amenities are also available to gourmands from all over, including early entry, private parking, and a tasting lounge.


Columbus, Ohio is a fast-growing city in American state, known for its culture and arts, but most people don’t know that it’s also home to some fantastic street food. The annual event, known as the Columbus Food Truck Festival, is a gathering of the “best of the best” in local street eats. 

This event is for promoting a local movement dedicated to promoting and sustaining the community’s local economy and businesses. This is one of the biggest events in Columbus, so you can expect thousands of hungry people ready to satisfy their hunger with delicious meals.  

Aside from the great food, this event also offers a variety of other side events, children’s activities, and live performances. You can even join in for the event and reduce your emissions.


The Atlanta Streets Alive event has been a staple in the culinary community. The annual fest features many exciting activities like dance performances and good food. 

 This is a two-day food and music festival that features thousands of attendees each year. The event is free and open to everyone, so you and your family can enjoy this casual and friendly feast. 

The event will feature 70+ of some of the best mobile eateries, and there will also be a range of other cuisines at the event.


Summertime and early fall are the best months to enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and the ocean at the New Jersey shore. This makes the Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest a big success, with the three-day festival sometimes even held twice a year. 

You won’t want to miss this event, since the best food trucks from the tristate area will join in. A little bit of everything is offered at this festival, from tapas to tacos to even other ethnic specialties.


The Chicago Food Truck Festival offers a wide array of delicious food truck fares for food lovers, aficionados, and families in June. Food trucks, vendors, live music, and entertainment will be performed at the festival by the best local vendors. 

Food trucks always include some of America’s most popular food trucks. You can get them to whip up delicious, made-to-order sandwiches or scrumptious Indian cuisine. This is the place to visit for the most delicious, from Latin-American cuisine and burritos with a twist to crazy good steak and sides.


As the festival’s name implies, it’s all about people enjoying some of the best food truck fare from all over the United States. Having gathered over 200 food trucks from all over the country for years, it is hard to beat it.

Everything started in Tampa Bay, Florida and the rally started traveling from there. You can find almost every type of food you’ll ever want, from a food truck, from All-American hotdogs to Italian Gelato to every Asian fare under the sun.


This is not a simple festival but a food truck competition for business owners from Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC. In addition to the cash prize, the event has outstanding awards that can help elevate a business’ visibility.

Live music, kids’ activities, and local celebrities will be there. Don’t forget about the street food and beer. The event highlights everything you would want when it comes to food truck contests. This is a family-friendly event featuring some of the best that the three cities have to offer.


One of the largest food truck festivals in the Southwest is the Street Eats Food Truck Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition to food trucks, there’s live music, eating contests, and even cooking demos. 

It’s typically held in late January or early February at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, which isn’t the same as many festivals that are in the spring or summer. You can also take cooking classes with some professional chefs so that the experience can be fun for everyone.


If you find yourself along the Seattle downtown, the Seattle Street Food Festival is another event that should sate your palate. As Washington State’s largest independent food festival, Seattle Street Food Festival has grown to become one of the largest. 

There are dozens of food trucks showcasing the best cuisine of the Northwest during a three-day food festival, which boasts more than 85,000 attendees.

One of Seattle’s biggest festivals, the festival has dozens of mouthwatering culinary delights you have to try. The festival celebrates Seattle’s street food scene and supports local businesses and communities along the way.


The Main Street Food Truck Festival celebrates food, music, art, and craft every fall in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The Main Street Revitalization Committee organized the event to bring people back to Main Street. 

From decadent delights like eggs benedict with smoked salmon to homemade Mexican tamales, dozens of food trucks will serve tasty treats. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of local bands while strolling around the stalls and trucks.


As you can see, there’s a lot to love about these food truck festivals and events. Whether you’re looking to show off your food truck skills or you just want to have fun, these are some of the best gatherings to see for delicious gastronomic delights.

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Mobile Market: How Can Fresh Truck Bring Healthy Food To Communities

Fresh Trucks are retrofitted school buses with a new purpose: to bring fresh food to communities so households have access to healthy food.

Written by: Sophia Young

It is no secret that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy diet. However, over the years, access to good quality produce has become more and more difficult. The costs of fruits and vegetables, especially in urban areas, have become expensive, making it harder for people in these communities to afford them. But duo Josh Trautwein and Annika Morgan aimed to change that. 

What is a Fresh Truck?

This initiative all started when co-founder Joshua Trautwein was a community health worker. When the only grocery store in the neighborhood he served closed down, he began to understand just how serious food accessibility was an issue to the health and diet of people. He started About Fresh, the social enterprise pioneering Fresh Truck, after not being able to find healthy food sources for the families of that neighborhood.

Fresh Trucks are retrofitted school buses with a new purpose: to bring fresh food to communities so households can have access to healthy food. The trucks park in the same locations in low-income neighborhoods with fresh fruits and vegetables.

How Fresh Truck is Making Healthy Food Accessible to Communities

About Fresh tackles three key focus areas: the retail access people have to healthy food, their purchasing power, and the culture and built environment that influences people’s beliefs and attitudes toward food. They acknowledge how food and culture are strongly intertwined and they try to uplift the full diversity of food cultures represented in the city, especially a health-centered culture food.

The Fresh Truck mobile market model takes into account the neighborhood they are serving. They track the inventory to ensure that they are offering not only fresh produce but food that people in that neighborhood want to buy. Keeping diversity in mind, they carry cultural staples like mangoes, yuca, and plantains. The prices of their produce are also cheaper than those in retail grocery stores. 

Chief program officer and co-founder of Fresh Truck, Annika Morgan, sites how their East Boston location takes two extra cases of plantains because those sell out quickly, considering how it has a significant Hispanic population. 

Instead of having conversations about foods that are “bad,” the social enterprise focuses on how “healthy food has you at your best” as their message. 

As of the moment, About Fresh has two programs to address their key focus areas. Fresh Trucks are the most visible, with their weekly markets. To keep it consistent with the neighborhoods they are serving, they stop at the same place, at the same time, every week, all year round. 

For those who enjoy the convenience of stress-free grocery delivery services, About Fresh also offers the Fresh Truck Online Market. People can pre-order their produce, pay with any of their supported payment methods, and pick it up at their preferred location. 

Fresh Truck can also be a part of your food and health-focused community events, the truck chock-full of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for the attendees.

To better support households or individuals struggling with food insecurity, About Fresh has also created the Fresh Connect program. When social service agencies, healthcare providers, social workers, or even teachers recognize anyone in their community struggling, they can, as the name suggests, connect these people to About Fresh. 

The program has a Fresh Connect card that the provider can sign up for that person. After they have completed the enrollment on the web-based platform, the card is mailed to that person. 

The Fresh Connect card enables the holder to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables across About Fresh’s network of retailers, including the online Fresh Truck market. To make it easier upon checkout, the cost of the approved healthy foods is automatically drawn down at the point of sale. The data gathered from these sales can also be used to analyze whether or not there are positive health-related trends connected to Fresh Truck shopping and the Fresh Connect program engagement. 

Why Access to Fresh Produce is Essential

Food plays a vital role in our health. It not only affects the physical health of the community but their mental health as well. It is estimated that food is responsible for a trillion dollars worth of direct and indirect healthcare costs. Unfortunately, the food system has had huge discrepancies in the accessibility of healthy options. 

Food insecurity is just the tip of the iceberg of the myriad of challenges that people face. Deeper underlying issues like income inequality, minimum wage, poverty, and housing instability make it difficult for people to access food, even more so healthier options that can better sustain them. Social enterprises like About Fresh are looking to find that balance that can uplift these sectors, meeting their right-now needs while also addressing those deeper-rooted issues. 

While it is not a magic pill to solve all of the community’s issues, providing access to healthy food is a key step to helping them. The more they can better fuel themselves with the necessary nutrients to take on the day, the more their quality of life changes for the better. 

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