Concrete Jungle Where Bulgogi Tacos Are Made Of

New York City… concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Or as we like to think of it, concrete jungle where tacos are made of, and while were dreaming, make that concrete jungle where Korean bbq bulgogi tacos are made of…. But wait this is not a dream, I repeat this is not a dream!  Roaming around the streets of NYC is the Korilla bbq food truck. With its iconic orange and black this creature is right at home in the middle of our urban jungle. 

bulgogi taco

Now you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Korean bbq as of late, and even more about Korean bbq tacos. They’ve taken the city by storm and show no sign of letting up. Well if you ever wondered who started this Asian taco foodie fad you’ve just found your answer. Korilla BBQ has pretty much reinvented the taco, but with a new york city twist. So long to the days of pico de gallo, salsa and cilantro. Hello (find out how to say hello in Korean?) spicy pickled cucumber kimchi and purple cabbage slaw. One moment while I wipe the drool off the keyboard… 

But it doesn’t stop with tacos – these guys have countless ways for you to get your bulgogi fix. Be it through burrito, rice bowl, or salad – anything can be a vehicle for some great Korean BBQ. Conveniently roaming the streets of NYC in food truck form.

asian fusion tacos

Now while we may not totally understand how a one part Korean, one part gorilla, two parts tiger, wrapped in the softest tortilla we’ve ever tasted came to be, we do know when it comes to the food chain in this jungle Korilla is sitting pretty at the top. Book these guys for your next event and you’re sure to please taco lovers, foodies, bbq lovers and health nuts all in one. (Did we mention they do kale too) And for the instagrammers these gorgeous little tacos are sure to help you rack up the likes. That is if you can resist biting into it long enough to snap a pic, it took us a few tries…

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