Food Truck Catering for Your Halloween Party

The spookiest season of the year is just around the corner and that means it’s time to celebrate Halloween in-style!

While traditional holiday norms have been scaled-back this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t host a monster bash that’s sure to be a “graveyard smash.”

And, food truck catering is the perfect way to feed all your costumed guests with delicacies that are devilishly-delicious. 

Check out the top reasons why food truck catering by some of New York’s finest vendors will make your 2020 Halloween party a ghostly gathering to remember.

Chip NYC Halloween Cookie


Between organizing and coordinating a Halloween party, actually enjoying yourself on the big night winds up being last on your list. Planning any party can be stressful and time-consuming, but Halloween comes with an extra set of tricks and treats. With a lot of DIY-ing, between deciding on a costume, decorations, and/or settling on a theme, there’s also the food and beverages to consider. 

If you’re the one who’s planning the menu and doing all the prepping and cooking it goes without saying that’s enough work well before the midnight hour. 

That’s where food truck catering comes in. It’s one less thing to worry about and a major headache taken off your plate. No need to shop for ingredients or slave over a hot stove. Food truck catering professionals are equipped with commercial-grade kitchens able to independently operate all cooking and refrigeration needs. Plus, they serve hundreds of customers every day. Like Walter’s Hot Dogs, a Westchester institution and nationally registered historical landmark that’s been serving its world-famous hot dogs for over a hundred years!

Walter's Hot Dogs Truck


Regardless of how many guests attend your Halloween party, chances are there will be some with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. Maybe some are sticking to a keto diet, while others are gluten-free. 

Aside from the added stress it brings for you as you prepare to host your party, they may be unsure if there’s even anything for them to eat. Food truck catering lets your guests customize their orders with food that’s made-to-order. 

Looking for delicious fare that’s also healthy? Why not try Poke Motion, the one and only poke bowl food truck in the Northeast! What about desserts that are vegan-friendly? Van Leeuwen prides itself on  delicious ice cream that just so happens to be vegan and makes you feel good while eating it.

Now, they can choose what’s best for them and their health and other guests won’t have to give up what they want in order to accommodate. It’s a win/win for both your guests and you.

Poke Motion Food Truck


Want to make your Halloween party a little more unique (and less cliché) than mad scientist-inspired, Jekyll and Hyde-themed hors d’oeuvres and drinks? Food truck catering is exciting! It’s not as common as traditional catering services, making it a surefire way to leave an impression on your guests.

Because of their customizable capabilities, your food truck catering can be tailored to your Halloween-themed event. Maybe you’re throwing a Versailles-inspired soiree. Nothing says “luxury” like a bubbly glass of champagne. And, Greats of Craft and Bubble Bros charming, vintage vans and carts are perfect for adding a touch of high-class to your party. Food truck catering boasts unique vehicles that are fun, whimsical, and eye-catching. 

And, the party goes on as long as you want. Unlike traditional catering, your guests will get a freshly-made and prepared meal when they’re hungry, so they don’t have to worry about getting off the dance floor for “last call.”

Halloween Themed Drinks


Asian fusion. Latin. Italian. Desserts. And, so much more. With food truck catering, your options are seemingly endless and limited only by your sense of adventure. Picky eaters rejoice because food truck catering satisfies all cravings. And, as the host, you have the ability to customize your own menu that’s tailored specifically to your guests’ palates. 

From Nuchas’ handheld empanadas, great for costumed-guests to snack on while mingling to gourmet popcorn from Brooklyn Popcorn and NY Popcorn  that can be snacked long into the night, food truck catering is tailor-made for everyone.

Nuchas Empanadas


With Halloween coming up in a few short weeks, it’s time to start planning. But, save yourself the trouble of stressing over what to feed your hungry guests with food truck catering from New York’s top-rated food trucks. From customizable menus for all your guests to options that are budget-friendly, your Halloween party will be the best place on the block for your friends and family to have a spooky good time.

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