Glazed and Confused

Some say the best things in life are free, others say the best things in life are donuts, now we’re going to let you believe whatever you want but after a visit to our newest NYFTA member Glazed and Confused, we’re sold on the latter.

There are a lot of machines out on the streets of New York City, from cranes, to bulldozers, and all those other loud whirling thingamabobs that keep us up at night, but there’s a new machine in town and quite frankly it’s our favorite.  We’re talking about the mini donut machine, that’s right, a little machine that births perfect mini donuts.

Glazed and confused mini donuts party giveaway

So with the birth of these spectacular mini donuts, came the birth of our new friends Glazed and Confused. Dan and Larry first got started with their mini donuts in California, selling their irresistible mini masterpieces at fairs and parties. They were a hit, with the growing popularity of their new fried babies they headed east to New York City, if you can make mini donuts there you can make it anywhere.

With their wide array of anything-but-typical flavors like Bavarian cream, s’mores, or “The Hangover” featuring maple syrup and bacon, they have something for everyone. They’ve even mastered the boozy donut for the 21+ crowd. Of course you can’t stop at just one, but hey the best thing about mini donuts is that you can eat more of them! Did someone say pulled pork donuts… mmmm.

Best Mini Donuts NYC


With their new truck, you can get fresh and made to order mini donuts pulling right up to your next event, sure to leave all your guests glazed and confused.  

– Your friends at the New York Food Truck Association

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