Melt Bakery

The brainchild of a NYC pastry chef, and a finance trained idea guy – Melt Bakery has become the city’s go to for delicious ice cream sandwiches. Born in the summer of 2010, with just enough cash for ingredients and a kitchen rental, and a sweet (pun intended) mission: to create delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches, and serve them up with equally great customer service.  The profits from the first day of sales were used to buy more ingredients, and more kitchen time, thusly came more ice cream sandwiches, more ingredients and just like that Melt Bakery came to be.

melt bakery ice cream sandwich

The beautiful marriage of ice cream and cookies is in as many ways simple as it is complex. With scrumptious sandwiches ranging everywhere from classics like vanilla between chocolate chip cookie, to more adventurous concoctions like the Morticia. Think malted chocolate rum ice cream between crackly chocolate cookies, the crackly chocolate cookie tastes like the inside of a rich and creamy ice cream cake, while the malted chocolate rum ice cream is exquisite and full of deep and delicious flavor reminiscent of childhood milkshakes. Needless to Melt has something to tantalize anyone’s taste buds.

Melt bakery cookies

With locations all over the city, it’s no wonder Melt has become the authority on NYC desserts. Spreading their sweetness everywhere form Madison Square Park, all the way down to SoHo, and across the river to DUMBO there’s a sweet treat waiting for you in every corner of the city. But don’t just treat yourself! Melt is the perfect treat for an office party, birthday party, or just because for you and whoever you want to share some sweetness with. The melty chewy goodness is just a click away from making your next event, the sweetest one yet.  


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