Need Food Truck Catering? Try NYFTA’s Newest Members!

What better way to celebrate good times than with great food. Here at NYFTA, we believe that food brings people together and our roster of members is always growing. Lets check out our newest members!

Warm weather, sunny skies, people flocking outside after a year of staying indoors. Now is the time to gather friends, family, and co-workers you haven’t seen for over a year to celebrate new beginnings. Basically, that means it’s time to party! What better way to celebrate good times than with great food. That’s where food truck catering comes in. They’re mobile, convenient, affordable, and serving up delicious eats and treats. Here at NYFTA, we believe that food brings people together— and our roster of members is always growing. Whether it’s ice cream that’ll have you beaming with pride or savoring the ultimate NYC delight, let’s say “hello!” to some of our newest members!

Big Gay Ice Cream

In a little over 10 years, Big Gay Ice Cream has become a sensation in New York City. It’s easy to see why. Since 2009, owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff have racked up numerous awards, accolades, TV appearances, and a best-selling cookbook. But even with all that fanfare, Big Gay Ice Cream has never steered away from its original mission: to keep the fun in ice cream. They want customers to enjoy ice cream just as much as when they were kids. With great flavors that create great memories. It makes Big Gay Ice Cream perfect for adding some sweetness to your next food truck catering event. 

What makes their ice cream extra special are the high-quality ingredients in every swirl. Using all-natural dairy products, their soft-serve is made the old-fashioned way. But with an effervescent, satirical twist. Take the “Dorothy.” Named after Bea Arthur’s character on “The Golden Girls,” this treat features vanilla soft-serve ice cream. It’s then injected with dulce de leche and rolled in crushed Nilla wafer cookies. You should try the “Salty Pimp” while you’re at it. Also featuring vanilla soft-serve ice cream and injected with dulce de leche, it’s lightly salted and dipped in a chocolate shell. “The Salty Pimp” was Big Gay Ice Cream’s first creation, and it remains their most beloved cone.

Moshe’s Falafel

For 40 years, Moshe’s Falafel has reigned supreme as “the best falafel in town.” A veritable New York landmark, you’re bound to find this culinary staple on your commute or if you’re just visiting. Moshe’s Falafel takes those simple fried chickpea balls from supporting role to star of the show. These falafels are like none you’ve ever tried before. 

They’re crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. They practically melt in your mouth! You can have them on a pita sandwich, in a tossed salad with fresh greens, or all on their own with a side of tahini and hot sauce. You can always find Moshe’s Falafel at their home base in Midtown Manhattan. But beat those crowds and let Moshe’s Falafel’s food truck catering bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your upcoming summer parties.

Utopia Bagels 

If you’re looking for a quintessential New York food, enjoying a bagel is obligatory. When you’re looking to take a bit out of the Big Apple, look no further than Utopia Bagles and their food truck catering. Crowned “The Absolute Bagel in New York” by New York Magazine, this 36-year-old institution is the real deal. Why? It’s probably their Old World process of making their bagels. Each day, Utopia Bagels hand rolls its bagels, kettle-boils them, and bakes them fresh in the oven.  

Honoring the traditional way of making bagels makes Utopia Bagels’ fare a perfect combination of chewy, crusty, and light. We suggest you try the “Egg-Everything,” but you can’t go wrong with their signature “Plain.” So, if you have an upcoming office meeting that needs an upgrade from those store-bought pastries, let Utopia Bagels give your team an authentic NYC bagel experience.  

When You Need Great Catering, Call on NYFTA’s Newest Food Truck Members!

Take the stress out of planning a party. Who has time to whip up a five-star meal when there’s so much else to worry about? When you have the right food truck catering partner by your side, you know your event will be a mouthwatering success. With NYFTA’s newest members at the ready, you’re well on your way to delighting your guests and satisfying everyone’s hungry appetites. So, check them out and book them today!

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Say Hello to NYFTA’s 5 Newest Members

From pit-smoked barbecue tacos and wood-fired oven pizza, to empanadas and even a unique take on banana pudding, check out NYFTA’s five newest members that’ll take your event to the next level.

The team at New York Food Truck Association believes that food brings people together. And, their roster of premium food trucks is always growing. From pit-smoked barbecue tacos and wood-fired oven pizza, to empanadas and even a unique take on banana pudding, check out NYFTA’s five newest members that’ll take your event to the next level.



You’d be hard-pressed to find a more classic Southern comfort food than banana pudding. But, what happens when you put a New York twist on the most popular dessert south of the Mason-Dixon line? Meet #Baonanas, the food truck that’s taking New York by storm with banana pudding unlike any other. 

Founded in 2015 by self-proclaimed “Bao Bears” Trisha and Lloyd, they’re spreading happiness with a brand new way to dessert. Featured in Business Insider, Thrillist, Buzzfeed, and more #Baonanas packs their over 30 flavors of cream-based, homemade mousse with sumptuous layers of softened wafers, fresh fruits, and more. Want to really indulge your sweet tooth? You can’t beat #Baonanas popular “S’mores,” vegan-friendly “Coconanans,” or signature “OG #Baonana.” 

So, next time you want to really treat your guests to something truly special, go bananas with #Baonanas!



Looking for Tex-Mex eats on the streets of New York? Look no further than Carlito’s Barbecue Taqueria because once you get a taste of their mouthwatering pit-smoked tacos, no other taco will do. 

Led by friends Carlos, Fernando, and Martin, since 2017 Carlito’s Barbecue Taqueria has been a fan-favorite thanks to their hand-pressed tortillas stuffed with an assortment of slow-cooked meats, “platos” bursting with flavor, and classic Mexican street eats. 

Combining a passion for Mexican culture and premium-quality ingredients, Carlito’s Barbecue Taqueria is sure to elevate your next fiesta!


Wood-fired pizza that’s ready to eat in a New York minute? Groundlings Pizza Co. is the best New York slice you’ll find when you’re on-the-go. And, they’re one of the city’s most popular pizza spots for a reason. Pairing local and seasonal ingredients with a custom-built mobile pizza trailer, Groundlings Pizza Co. is serving up slices of the freshest and most authentic wood-fired pizza in the five boroughs. 

The brainchild of twin brothers (and pizza connoisseurs) Danny and Luke Bruckert, their pizzas have become renowned across New York. From classics like their “Re-Gu-Lah” and “Margherita” to artisan creations like their (tomato-less) “Milk and Honey,” one bite and you’ll agree that Groundlings Pizza Co. will definitely fire up your next pizza party!


Wanna Empanada’s motto is simple: They’re “empanadas done different.” They’re also empanadas done right! A family-owned and operated food truck, the Gioios’ are whipping up the best fried and flaky empanadas you’ll find in Westchester Co. (and beyond). 

And, their portable treats are a hometown favorite with locals and visitors alike. With over 50 savory and sweet empanadas to choose from, you’re sure to satisfy any craving. Whether you want a “Classic Chicken” or vegan-friendly “Black Bean and Mushroom,” or it’s time for dessert with a “Rainbow Cookie” or “Dulce de Leche,”  Wanna Empanada has you covered. 

With so many options to choose from, the last thing you’ll need to worry about when planning your next event’s menu is variety!


Want to transport yourself to the picturesque landscape and warm Meditteranean climate of Naples, but can’t leave home? Pizza Vitale’s “little silver box” on wheels holds a big secret inside: an authentic Italian wood-burning pizza oven that turns out the best Neapolitan-style pizza you’ll find in New York. 

Born and raised in Napoli, Francesco Vitale has spent a lifetime honing his culinary skills around the world and has brought his more than 30 years of experience to creating the finest artisan pizzas, made from ingredients like Caputo 00 flour straight from his hometown, imported tomatoes and mozzarella, and locally-sourced toppings.

Whether you’re in the mood for their classic “Mushroom” or want to spice things up with their “Diavola” (made with spicy pork Soppressata and chopped Calabrese chilis), Pizza Vitale’s savory slices will have your guests talking long after the party’s over.


Planning an event can be a challenge, but when you have the right food truck partner by your side, you’re creating instant success with your guests. And, with New York Food Truck Association’s newest members, there’s a culinary delight that’s sure to satisfy every hungry appetite.

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Meet NYFTA’s Newest 2020 Food Truck Vendors

Check out the latest additions to the NYFTA family. From a taste of the South right here in NYC, to Bangkok’s iconic street food scene without needing your passport (and much more), find out how these food trucks can help make your next event memorable and delicious.

NYFTA’s list of food truck vendors that are award-winning, nationally recognized, and perennial hometown favorites is always growing. 

Check out the latest additions to the NYFTA family. From a taste of the South right here in NYC, to Bangkok’s iconic street food scene without needing your passport (and much more), find out how these food trucks can help make your next event memorable and delicious.



Founded in 2011 by (you guessed it) two cousins in California, Cousins Maine Lobster was inspired by their childhoods spent eating fresh Maine lobsters (complete with those iconic bibs and buttery ears of corn). 

And, Cousins Maine Lobster’s initial success led to an appearance on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” Almost immediately, they hit it off with “Shark Tank” judge (and famed real-estate mogul) Barbara Corcoran. With her backing, Cousins Maine Lobster has now expanded to 20 trucks in 13 cities around the U.S., including New York. 

You can’t go wrong with Cousins’ menu, from a traditional Maine Lobster Roll (served chilled, with a touch of mayo, on a New England style roll) or cup of New England clam chowder or lobster bisque, to a lobster quesadilla, with cheese, pico de gallo, and cilantro lime sauce, on a fresh flour tortilla, and even gluten-free options. 

With so many options for the seafood lover in all of us, Cousins Maine Lobster brings the heart and soul of New England’s finest foods, right to N.Y.C. and beyond.



Chef and DJ Dallas Green combined his passion for food and music to launch his New York food truck Made From Scratch, bringing eclectic remixes to classic American comfort food. 

Featured in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and on Food Network’s “Chopped,” Chef Green and Made From Scratch create a fine-dining, food truck experience with creations like their “Chicken Wafflewich,” brined in sweet tea (the definitive summertime Southern drink), and “Lobster Grilled Cheese,” poached in butter and seasoned with their special Louisiana spice blend. 

Nothing feeds a crowd better than delicious dishes that’ll make everyone come back for seconds, which is why “Made From Scratch” is the perfect partner for everyone’s food truck catering needs.



Founded by two siblings who love food, and inspired by the sun-soaked shores of Perú and Columbia, Santo Ceviche believes in serving authentic Latin American dishes made from the freshest ingredients. 

Known for their eponymous “ceviche” {filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (like, D and B12) and minerals (like, calcium and iron), Santo Ceviche brings their passion for Peruvian and Columbia cuisine right to the tri-state area. 

Whether you’re in the mood for their variety of ceviche, fish tacos, or want to sample their “catch of the day,” Santo Ceviche has your cravings covered. 

From lunch on-the-go to catering events large and small, Santo Ceviche is more than a food truck, it’s “an  outdoor experience with a kitchen on wheels.”



What could be better than a mouthwatering Philly Cheesesteak, with tender sliced ribeye, caramelized onions, and gooey mozzarella and provolone? How about if it’s on a hand-twisted artisan pretzel?

Twisted Steaks takes Philly cheesesteaks to the next level, putting their homemade spin on a Northeast classic. Founded by childhood friends, their love of good company and great food truck inspired their dreams of owning their own food truck. And in 2016, they made those dreams a reality. 

From the original “Cheesesteak Pretzel” to their “Loaded Waffle Fries” (seasoned and topped with steak or chicken, maple-glazed bacon, and a smothered with melted cheese), Twisted Steaks combines the salty sensation of a warm pretzel and the meaty goodness of a classic Philly cheesesteak, creating distinctive dishes that are all their own. 



Warung Roadside is more than a food truck, it’s the classic “boy meets girl” story, but also how the “boy” fell in love with the “girl’s” native country; its sights, its sounds, its culture, and (of course) its food.

Husband-and-wife team Trevor Lombaer and Sutathip Aiemsaard are on a mission to introduce the street food scene of Bangkok, Thailand to New York, by recreating its dynamic and vibrants flavors here at home. 

Much like we think of our local convenience store, the name “Warung Roadside” honors the traditional family-run, Indonesian roadside stalls. First operated as a Pad Thai pushcart in Brooklyn, Warung Roadside is now a foodie favorite, with features in Eater, the New York Post, and Gothamist. 

And, with its famous “Holy Basil Stir Fry” and “Bangkok Street Style Pad Thai,” all those accolades are well-deserved, making “Warung Roadside” an award-winning and “must-try” New York food truck. 



There’s few challenges tougher than creating the perfect hamburger, but Westchester Burger Co. has been serving the best specialty burgers in the Westchester area since 2010. 

After launching successful restaurants Graziella’s and Blue with his family, Angelo DiFeo ventured out on his own, in search of bringing the best of this classic American fare to his community. 

“I love burgers personally, he says. “It is just a thought I had for a long time, to do something unique and different and that’s how I came up with this concept.”

If you’re visiting one of Westchester Burger Co.’s three locations, or their local food truck, make sure to try their award-winning “Original WBC Burger” (made with 10 ounces of prime beef, with smoked mozzarella, garnished with frisee, pickles, and tomatoes, and slathered in Westchester Burger Co.’s “secret sauce”) named Westchester Magazine’s “Best Burger in the Hudson Valley.”


Home to the best local cuisine that can’t be matched anywhere else and also the best dishes from all corners of the globe, these New York food truck vendors are making New York’s iconic food truck scene bigger, better, and brighter. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a special treat or looking to feel a hungry crowd, these food trucks can help you satisfy your biggest cravings.

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Live Like the Irish: New York’s Best Food Trucks to Toast St. Patrick’s Day

Food trucks offer so much more than just guilty pleasures to indulge in. In celebration of National Ditch that pitcher of stale green beer and bag of green bagels and host your St. Patty’s Day party with the finest craft brews and authentic Irish fare from the most popular food (and alcohol) trucks in New York.

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 is almost here and that means New York’s iconic St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebrations throughout the city. If you’re planning on “going green,” why not beat the crowds and bring N.Y.C.’s finest food trucks serving up toast-worthy beers and classic Irish cuisine right to your own St. Patrick’s Day party. 

It’s almost that time of year again when having a few pints and a slice of Shepherd’s Pie before noon is socially acceptable and there’s no better place to be on St. Patrick’s Day then New York City. But, ditch that pitcher of stale green beer and bag of green bagels and host your St. Patty’s Day party with the finest craft brews and authentic Irish fare from the most popular food (and alcohol) trucks in New York.  

St. Patricks Day



Elevate your St. Patrick’s Day and add some class to your St. Patrick’s Day event with craft beers (and Italian Prosecco, still wines, and crafted cocktails) from NYFTA member Bubbles and Brews. Whether your event is a grand affair celebrating “the luck of the Irish” or an intimate gathering to say “sláinte” (that’s “cheers” in Gaelic) with friends and family, Bubbles and Brews has two trucks to suit your needs (and budget). 

Bubblesand Brews Theapesite

The Creamsicle is a fully-restored vintage “mobile bar” offering two onboard taps ready to serve up pints of Guinness, Smithwick’s, or the Irish ales of your choice. But, if you want your private event to be the St. Patty’s Day party of the year, The Ape is your party animal on wheels. With service for up to seven drinks of your choice you have the ability to host your own Irish pub (and even a tap for some fine Irish whiskey). 

With customizable packages available, service with a smile, and even graphics that can be tailored to your St. Patrick’s Day theme, make your private event as green as a four-leaf clover with one of Bubbles and Brews vintage trucks. 


Now that your event is well-stocked with the finest Irish brews, what about some authentic eats to pair them with? NYFTA member Superlicious NYC has got you covered with made-from-scratch Irish cuisine. From freshly baked scones, to traditional fish and chips, and a classic lamb Shepherd’s Pie, Superlicious is the perfect partner for your St. Patrick’s Day event. 

Superlicious Shepherds Pie

Their menu also includes an eclectic fusion of Pan-Asian, Mexican, Irish, and American delights that’ll satisfy the palate of all your guests. So, on top of those classic fish and chips, you can also offer up loaded Chicken Tikka fries, spiced ground beef tacos, and more. 


NYFTA has over a decade of professional food truck experience in the New York area, and knows the best food trucks and carts to select, with the best service and the highest quality food and drinks. From the moment you book your truck and create your custom menu, to the end of your private party or event, NYFTA sweats all the details and works with you every step of the way. 

So, make your St. Patrick’s Day gathering the place to be that’ll have your guests feel like they’re saying “Erin go Bragh” while kissing the Blarney Stone!

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2020’s Tastiest Dessert Trucks for Valentine’s Day

Forget flowers and a card. Indulge your special someone’s sweet tooth with a culinary tour of New York’s best dessert trucks for Valentine’s Day.

Forget flowers and a card. Indulge your special someone’s sweet tooth with a culinary tour of New York’s best dessert trucks. From Funfetti® milkshakes topped with a Lucky Charms® donut to decadent Belgian waffles stuffed with strawberries, Nutella® and whipped cream, these NYFTA dessert trucks in the Big Apple are 2020’s most delicious destinations to treat your sweetheart to this Valentine’s Day.


Few things sound as tasty as creamy milkshakes and a warm, moist donut, but combine the two and you have a decadently delicious dessert that’ll be the envy of every hopeless romantic.

Forget your run-of-the-mill Neapolitan ice cream or glazed donut. Instead, grab two straws and try a salted caramel milkshake topped with a freshly made caramel popcorn donut at New York’s Carnivale Milkshake and Donut Bar.  



Imagine taking in the sights with a stroll along Brussels’ Grand Place, admiring the Maison du Roi while savoring a soft and chewy authentic Belgian waffle, oozing with dulce de leche and chocolate fudge.

From mouth-watering desserts that taste just like mom’s apple pie or an all-American banana split, spare yourself the jet-lag and treat your date to a taste of Belgium in the Big Apple at Waffles & Dinges.



Chip NYC Peanut Butter and Jelly

What could be better on a cold New York day than a freshly baked cookie, warm and straight out of the oven? What if that cookie was stuffed, “s’mores style”? Even Cupid himself would be jealous of that way to win over your special someone. 

Instead of an overpriced bottle of bubbly, ditch the cliched roses and champagne with a dessert to remember. Like, a classic “peanut butter and jelly cookie” or “red velvet hot chocolate” seasonal flavor from Chip NYC.

While the saying goes that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend, some may argue that a “batch made in heaven” may be the real key to unlocking your special someone’s heart.



Leila’S Crepe Station

In the 1951 musical “An American in Paris,” French actor Georges Guétary sings the film’s memorable “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise.”  

But, no need for Gene Kelly to build that stairway. Parisian paradise can be found a lot closer to home at Leila’s Crepe Station.

Imagine sitting by the fire on that chilly February night with “The Camper,” one of Leila’s signature desserts; a light and airy crepe filled with Hershey’s® chocolate, chocolate fudge, graham crackers, and a big scoop of ooey-gooey Marshmallow Fluff®.



So, whether it’s a quiet night on the town for two or celebrating a recent engagement with a private event, what better way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day than with some of New York’s sweetest desserts on wheels.

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