How Food Trucks Can Boost Your Next Office Event

There are millions of books, blogs, and articles about boosting employee morale to make them feel appreciated and valued. But, being a leader who creates a positive culture is easier than you might think. Check out how corporate catering with food trucks can take your next office lunch or event to another level, making you the boss everyone wants to work for. 

Tired of the usual Chinese for lunch or pizza ahead of an office meeting? Instead of the “same old same old” why not surprise your hungry employees with corporate catering by booking a food truck for your next office lunch or event. Be the leader that thinks outside the “take-out box” and leaves their team feeling motivated and satisfied. 

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In 2018, Gallup found that a majority (53%) of employees polled were “not engaged” at their workplace, meaning they generally did the minimum amount required and would leave their current company for a “slightly better offer.”

Appreciating employees can go a long way in the workplace. According to Psychology Today, 76% of participants surveyed identified “peer praise” as a motivating factor for employee engagement. 

So, how can bosses make their employees feel special and recognized, without breaking the bank? 

Food truck catering can be a creative way to win over your team. Whether you want to turn your next office meeting into a culinary adventure with a taste of Ethiopian custine from Makina Cafe or liven up your next office party with corporate catering from Nuchas, New York’s empanada king, you have the ability to send a special (and delicious) message to your employees that they are valued and appreciated. 

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Why take a chance on mobile catering with questionable reviews and service that leaves little to be desired. Many of NYFTA’s members are award-winning and/or nationally recognized food truck vendors, like Vendy Award winners El Toro Rojo and Phil’s Steaks and Big 7 Travel’s “2020’s Best Food Trucks in New York,” Wafels and Dinges and Gorilla Cheese

NYFTA has over a decade of experience creating memorable events that fit any budget. They handle all the details from start to finish and can even help craft a custom menu for your event, to suit your employees tastes and dietary needs. 

So, contact NYFTA today and partner up with New York’s finest food trucks with the highest-quality cuisine for your next office lunch or corporate catering event.

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