Need Food Truck Catering? Try NYFTA’s Newest Members!

Warm weather, sunny skies, people flocking outside after a year of staying indoors. Now is the time to gather friends, family, and co-workers you haven’t seen for over a year to celebrate new beginnings. Basically, that means it’s time to party! What better way to celebrate good times than with great food. That’s where food truck catering comes in. They’re mobile, convenient, affordable, and serving up delicious eats and treats. Here at NYFTA, we believe that food brings people together— and our roster of members is always growing. Whether it’s ice cream that’ll have you beaming with pride or savoring the ultimate NYC delight, let’s say “hello!” to some of our newest members!

Big Gay Ice Cream

In a little over 10 years, Big Gay Ice Cream has become a sensation in New York City. It’s easy to see why. Since 2009, owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff have racked up numerous awards, accolades, TV appearances, and a best-selling cookbook. But even with all that fanfare, Big Gay Ice Cream has never steered away from its original mission: to keep the fun in ice cream. They want customers to enjoy ice cream just as much as when they were kids. With great flavors that create great memories. It makes Big Gay Ice Cream perfect for adding some sweetness to your next food truck catering event. 

What makes their ice cream extra special are the high-quality ingredients in every swirl. Using all-natural dairy products, their soft-serve is made the old-fashioned way. But with an effervescent, satirical twist. Take the “Dorothy.” Named after Bea Arthur’s character on “The Golden Girls,” this treat features vanilla soft-serve ice cream. It’s then injected with dulce de leche and rolled in crushed Nilla wafer cookies. You should try the “Salty Pimp” while you’re at it. Also featuring vanilla soft-serve ice cream and injected with dulce de leche, it’s lightly salted and dipped in a chocolate shell. “The Salty Pimp” was Big Gay Ice Cream’s first creation, and it remains their most beloved cone.

Moshe’s Falafel

For 40 years, Moshe’s Falafel has reigned supreme as “the best falafel in town.” A veritable New York landmark, you’re bound to find this culinary staple on your commute or if you’re just visiting. Moshe’s Falafel takes those simple fried chickpea balls from supporting role to star of the show. These falafels are like none you’ve ever tried before. 

They’re crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. They practically melt in your mouth! You can have them on a pita sandwich, in a tossed salad with fresh greens, or all on their own with a side of tahini and hot sauce. You can always find Moshe’s Falafel at their home base in Midtown Manhattan. But beat those crowds and let Moshe’s Falafel’s food truck catering bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your upcoming summer parties.

Utopia Bagels 

If you’re looking for a quintessential New York food, enjoying a bagel is obligatory. When you’re looking to take a bit out of the Big Apple, look no further than Utopia Bagles and their food truck catering. Crowned “The Absolute Bagel in New York” by New York Magazine, this 36-year-old institution is the real deal. Why? It’s probably their Old World process of making their bagels. Each day, Utopia Bagels hand rolls its bagels, kettle-boils them, and bakes them fresh in the oven.  

Honoring the traditional way of making bagels makes Utopia Bagels’ fare a perfect combination of chewy, crusty, and light. We suggest you try the “Egg-Everything,” but you can’t go wrong with their signature “Plain.” So, if you have an upcoming office meeting that needs an upgrade from those store-bought pastries, let Utopia Bagels give your team an authentic NYC bagel experience.  

When You Need Great Catering, Call on NYFTA’s Newest Food Truck Members!

Take the stress out of planning a party. Who has time to whip up a five-star meal when there’s so much else to worry about? When you have the right food truck catering partner by your side, you know your event will be a mouthwatering success. With NYFTA’s newest members at the ready, you’re well on your way to delighting your guests and satisfying everyone’s hungry appetites. So, check them out and book them today!

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