Food Trucks Feeding Hungry Voters in NY on Election Day

As millions around the country take to the polls on Election Day, food trucks are cruising around New York today, serving up good eats and keeping voters fed. From celebrity chefs and brand name businesses, to homegrown local campaigns, let’s take a look at how New Yorkers are exercising their right to vote, but not on an empty stomach.

Pizza to the Polls Food Truck



This Election Day, UberEats is ensuring voters don’t have to vote hungry while waiting in line at the polls. In partnership with nonprofit Pizza to the Polls, the food delivery platform is deploying 180 food trucks across 25 cities in the U.S., including New York City, serving free meals and snacks from Nashville hot chicken to donuts and burgers to American voters. 

Started the weekend before the 2016 election, Pizza to the Polls has mobilized on each Election Day ever since. In 2018, the organization was able to send over 10,000 free pizzas to 600 polling locations across 41 states, raising more than $426,000 from nearly 11,000 donors. And, continuing its Election Day tradition, Uber will be offering 50 percent off roundtrip rides to and from polling locations.



For more culinary minded voters, critically acclaimed chef José Andrés announced in September his global nonprofit World Central Kitchen was launching a nationwide initiative to feed not just voters, but poll workers as well. Currently serving New York and over 50 other cities throughout the U.S., Chefs for the Polls teamed up with both food trucks and restaurants to feed voters throughout early voting and on Election Day. 

Stationed at various polling locations with large turnouts and/or limited resources, Chefs to the Polls is on a mission to support both local communities and small businesses struggling in the midst of the pandemic, while helping to ensure voters, of all political stripes, make their voices heard.


Feed the Polls is a grassroots partnership between nonprofit The Migrant Kitchen, Zagat, and New York-based restaurant guide The Infatuation to help sustain voters in New York and across the country with help from local food trucks (including NYFTA member, Chip NYC) and caterers. With plans to distribute at least 50,000 free meals and snacks on Election Day to 54 food insecure areas in the U.S., Feed the Polls has raised over $300,000 and is backed by celebrities like Lady Gaga. 


In this year’s elections, Americans have turned out in record numbers to cast their ballot. But, even though that high turnout means long lines – it doesn’t have to mean empty stomachs. Throughout New York and the U.S. food trucks are doing their part to help Americans celebrate their civic engagement and our nation’s democratic process.  

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