Foodie Tips: Snacks!

You know that feeling when hunger strikes and you must find a snack in order to survive the rest of your workday? Or when you’re out and about being tour guide for your extended family who are in town for the weekend and Dad is getting hangry but your dinner reservation is in just a few hours? 

The solution: food truck snacks!

Snacks = bite sized, ideally handheld and unquestionably delicious morsels of goodness. Check out some of our favorite grab and go finger foods and ditch the fork!

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You know Souvlaki GR for their Mykonos-inspired restaurants scattered around Manhattan but did you know they have a food truck too?! Bringing the authentic flavors of Greece to the streets of NYC, grab an order of hand-cut greek fries sprinkled with feta and oregano to tide you over on your walk home from the gym 😉

foodie tips for fries

Big D’s Grub Truck is known for just that, the grub. If you like your snacks to have dipabilty, the pork & chive dumplings are perfect for dunking in soy garlic, sriracha or ginger dipping sauces while trying to avoid that afternoon meeting. So sorry I’m late, there was a dumpling emergency! 

Big D's dumplings


Sometimes, you just want literally 2 bites of something to satisfy your savory baked good craving. Served in two’s, Toum’s authentic Lebanese spinach pies are stuffed with spinach, onions and a special blend of lemony spices. How many bites does it take to get to the center of a spinach pie? Just one if you try real hard.

Speaking of bite sized, another notable snack comes from a local food truck celeb. Mac Truck’s mac bites prove beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Wash down the cheesy bites with a giant lemonade for the ultimate summer combo.

Foodie tips for snacks


Are you the type of person who eats their popcorn kernel by kernel or handful by handful? Either way, Brooklyn Popcorn has you covered no matter your eating style. The smell of freshly popped popcorn will lead you directly to this staple in the streets of the five boroughs. Or a circus, which isn’t a bad option either.


And finally, the snack of all snacks. One snack to rule them all! The classic chips and guac. El Toro Rojo is a recent Vendy Award winner and for good reason! Their main menu includes authentic corn tortilla tacos with locally sourced ingredients but if you are in the mood for those crispy triangles, they come hot off the truck with a generous scoop of the green stuff. Guac is extra and so are we.

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