Getting Saucy – Best New York City Food Truck Sauces – 2017

There are a lot of food trucks for hire in New York City, all of them filled with their own delicious antique flavors.

Chefs spend years perfecting their signature sauces, creating a special flavor that will set them apart before hitting the road in their mobile kitchens.

Fresh ingredients, and innovative recipes are just the beginning, because when it comes to the food truck world the proof is in the pudding. (Or in this case the sauce) So the next time you are looking to hire a food truck don’t forget the perfect sauce can make or break a meal, or in some cases an entire event.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite food trucks, with the best sauces in the city. Prepare to get messy.

Best New York food truck sauces



Winner winner chicken dinner! When your claim to fame is juicy chicken tenders, you know your going for a dip. Forget the ranch and ketchup, Yankee doodle Dandee’s serves all their fries and tenders with their famous Spirit of ’76 sauce.



Brisket, pork belly, and chorizo oh my… like that’s not enough to keep things interesting. Jolly Fat Pig offers a wide array of homemade sauces so every trip to the truck is a fresh exciting experience.  Whatever mood you’re in they’ve got the sauce to suit.

best sauce for hot dogs



Holy Phuc! When that’s the name of a taco on your menu, you better have the sauce to back it up. We like our beer battered fish tacos drowning in a sea of special sauce, holy phuc indeed…


Ok so everyone loves French fries, even people gluten free people love French fries. But any true fry fan knows it’s not so much the fries themselves that make them so great. It’s what we dip them in!! The perfect vehicle for any sauce you fancy, we recommend the truffle.

Best sauces for fries



Little hand held pockets of amazingness. These empanadas may be filled with the good stuff, but are incomplete without a cannonball into one of The Empanada Sonata’s famous dipping sauces. Siracha aioli, sweet Thai chili, or a swan dive into some chipotle cream, don’t worry you don’t need to choose just one.

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