Great Catering Foods. Our Tasty Picks That Are Easy To Eat

When planning a catered event, the quality of the food—naturally— comes first and foremost. But what if your party is, let’s say, a standing cocktail hour? Sure, it’s a great transition between— for example— a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. It can also be a logistical nightmare between keeping guests well-fed and entertained with minimal table space and even less seating. No one wants to walk around trying to mingle while holding cumbersome plates of hors d’oeuvres. That’s a recipe for disaster! But great catering foods that are equally delicious and easy to eat exist in spades. Let’s check out a few and the right parties they’re perfect for!

Hit a Home Run With Sliders on Opening Day

April means the start of baseball season— and that also means hosting family and friends for a tailgating party complete with all-American foods. But those classics are also messy, like BBQ ribs, chili dogs, nachos, and more. Sliders may be small in stature, but they pack a flavorful punch. 

These comfortably-sized, customizable bites mean personal preference isn’t sacrificed. Plus, they allow your guests to keep one hand free to root for their favorite team— or hold their favorite beer.

Sliders Catering Foods

Serve Employees Empanadas During a Working Lunch

Great catering foods mean meals and snacks that satisfy appetites. But what can you serve if you’re also trying to get work done at the same time? You want to keep employees engaged and productive without the risk of stained clothes, messy hands, and crumbs on the floor. Empanadas are the quintessential handheld food, and they’re also highly versatile. 

So whether you call them Jamaican patties, calzones, samosas, or pierogies, the concept is the same around the world—folding dough over a savory or sweet filling— and baking or frying it. But we just like to call them delicious.

Nuchas Empanadas Catering Foods

Poke Bowls For a Healthy (and Flavorful) Bridal Shower

For many brides-to-be, bridal showers are just as important as saying “I do.” Also important is staying on track to look and feel great on the big day. But staying healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and ho-hum. There are plenty of great catering foods that are as good to eat as they are good for you. 

Whether ahi tuna, salmon, or octopus, poke bowls combine a fresh catch with fresh veggies and toppings and can be served in cups or small bowls. Why not add a classy touch to your bridal shower without breaking the bank or any waistlines. 

Mini Donuts for an Extra Sweet School Fundraiser

Have a football team car wash or alumni reunion coming soon? School fundraisers are tried and true for injecting fun into a good cause. But if you want to make it that much more successful, attract students, faculty, and parents alike with some sweet offerings that’ll make for a nice break during a long school day. Morning, noon, and night, people love donuts. They’re lightly crisped on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

And great catering foods like mini donuts mean attendees can socialize with ease. Oh, and they can eat more donuts too! With various flavors to choose from, some catering companies even offer special fundraiser discounts and packages. So you can be sure you’ll host an event that passes the test with flying colors.

Helpful Tips for Serving Great Catering Foods Year-Round

No matter the reason you’re throwing a party, there are smart strategies to finding great catered foods that can fit your budget and make your event low-maintenance:

  1. Lifestyle blog Fun Cheap or Free has a handy chart that will help you determine what type of foods you should serve based on what time your party is. For example: if your baby shower starts at 12:30, provide guests a full lunch. Or, if your graduation party kicks off at 3, offer light snacks as opposed to a three-course lunch or dinner.
  2. Buffets aren’t a four-letter word. They may have a less than stellar reputation but done right; they can save you money and impress your guests. Think about buffets not only for your party’s main course but for appetizers and desserts also. 
  3. We’ve been talking about foods that are easier to hold and eat. What about the hardware? Big plates are bulky and not great for carrying. Plus, big plates means guests may maximize plate space and serve themselves more food they may not even eat. Opt for smaller plates instead so guests can hold them with ease— and help you save on food costs.
  4. Now that the weather’s getting warmer host your party outdoors. And you can enhance what you serve with smaller, round tables with plates of small bites that’ll give the illusion of a smorgasbord without guests noticing your budget-friendly approach.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas and helpful tips to help you start the party planning process, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of companies, vendors, and mobile kitchens serving great catering foods that will make your party stress-free and mess-free.

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