Great Food Ideas for Corporate Events to Impress Your Guests

Tasked with the responsibility of throwing a fantastic company party with a memorable meal? Food truck catering is a great way to totally dazzle your coworkers. Not only do they come ready to provide great food ideas for corporate events, but NYC food trucks can also serve as the eye-catching pinnacle of your event aesthetic. Here are some simple, yet very effective corporate event food ideas that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Food Ideas for Corporate Events


Something Sweet

When trying to impress colleagues, your best option is to go with something sweet. There are so many NYC food trucks with great corporate event food.

Bring the inner child out of your coworkers and entice them with rainbow chocolate chip cookies or brownie squares from Baked in Color. If you’re going for simple foods to impress everyone at the party, it’s impossible to go wrong with freshly baked cookies. Take it up a notch with Melt Bakery, who turns them into devilishly good ice cream sandwiches.

For upscale event ideas, give your guests something new to try: Baonanas serves up delectable banana pudding from a cream-based handcrafted mousse with over 30 mouthwatering flavors for every kind of person.

The Carnivale Donut Bar takes mini donuts to the next level by cultivating whole milkshakes and sundaes that your guests are bound to love. But if you want the tried and true method, transport your coworkers back to their youth with Dippin’ Dots food truck catering.

Handheld Eats

Long corporate events call for food ideas that fall on the savory and hearty side. That could mean serving up brisket tacos from Carlitos Barbecue Taqueria or succulent lobster rolls from Cousins for more upscale event ideas.

Casual work outings could benefit from easy bites that pair well with beer and seltzers, like pulled pork sandwiches straight off the grill from Empire BBQ food truck catering. Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, but take it up a notch with wood-fired delicacies from Dough Nation or Pizza Vita.

Drinks With a Twist

No party is complete without libations, whether that means serving adult-friendly beverages for evening events or coffee and tea mixtures for daytime happy hours. While you may want to stick to the basics, you can also spice up your corporate event with unique drinks.

The Espresso Guys do a great job of keeping things familiar, so your guests can quickly choose from a menu they already know. Citizen Caravan, however, gives your guests something new to try, like blue matcha moon milk and a doughnut to go.

If you’re looking for something classic at your adult-friendly corporate event, Bubble Bros is the way to go. Their vintage prosecco vans and bikes will make an iconic appearance at your work party with garden spritzers and rose petal-infused prosecco.

Food Ideas During COVID

Event food ideas during COVID are tricky, but doable. Essentially, you want to ensure that your guests aren’t double-dipping or all reaching into the same stack of treats, providing a comfortable, socially distanced food experience. Popcorn and the chips bowl are out; have your coworkers instead dine on individualized eats like dessert cups to finger foods to kabobs.

Souvlaki GR is the master of charcoal-grilled meat sticks, your choice of chicken or pork and served with a slice of grilled pita and side of tzatziki. Leila’s Crepe Station neatly folds their delicious crepes into handheld cones to both avoid any mess and ensure a safe transfer of food from kitchen to guest. Of course, there’s always House of Cupcakes, which packages your own little batch of cupcakes into a handheld container.

Why shouldn’t I just order food delivery for my corporate event?

While you may be tempted to opt instead for corporate event food delivery or catering, there are several things to consider before going that route. There’s a possibility that your catered food might get cold by the time you serve it to your guests, meaning you’ll have to rent food warmers to keep things fresh. If you go the route of food delivery for corporate events, your delivery driver could be late or unable to find the venue, resulting in complications that could leave your guests hungry. You will need to have tables and decorations set up in lieu of having a built-in aesthetic provided by food trucks and trailers. With all of the extra steps it takes to make up for what a food truck provides, going the route of food delivery doesn’t make much sense these days. Impressing your guests is much easier when you elect food truck catering.

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