5 High-End Food Trucks Around the World

Food trucks are a convenient platform for getting simple, delicious meals that are on the go. Whether it’s tacos, pizza, BBQ, or ice cream— there’s probably a food truck serving your favorite food. But plenty of vendors have elevated the street food experience with high-end food trucks from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. So, if you want a 5-star meal on a budget, check out the world’s fanciest food trucks to indulge your most luxurious cravings.

1. Toast to the Good Life With Bubble Bros. 

A mobile bar that can pull up to your next party and serve Prosecco on tap? Sign us up! From London to New York to the Cayman Islands, Bubble Bros. serves thirsty masses premium Prosecco, wine, and cocktails. Since 2015, Bubble Bros. has been the go-to high-end food truck for private parties and some of the world’s most popular festivals like Glastonbury. But, as luxe as their drinks are, their mobile bars are just as chic. Whether it’s The Prosecco Van (a vintage Italian Piaggio ape), The Spritz Blitz (a 1970’s German Opel Blitz fire engine), or The Bubble Bike (a classic 1969 motorbike and sidecar bar), Bubble Bros.’ distinctive look adds a dashing touch to any event.

2. The True Taste of Rio at Tapí Tapioca

In 2014, Brazil’s food truck scene exploded in popularity. With golden beaches and samba-fueled nightlife, Brazilians are flocking to conventional food trucks serving American and European fare. But, Tapí Tapioca is different. Why? Because this high-end food truck is committed to its roots. Native to Brazil, tapioca is the starch extracted from cassava— long a staple vegetable in Brazillian cuisine. But here in the U.S., when we hear “tapioca,” we think of pudding. In Brazil, “tapioca” is the name given to stuffed pancakes, a popular Brazillian dish. Tapí Tapioca’s most popular item on the menu is the Tapí Parrí. This treat is loaded with Brie, almonds, and truffle honey with the chewy texture of a tapioca pancake.

3. Heisser Hobel Takes Mac & Cheese to the Next Level

Originating in South Germany, Kässpätzle is the Bavarian equivalent to American macaroni and cheese. But it isn’t your box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Made with fresh noodles (spätzle), tossed in cheese, and topped with crispy fried onions, Kässpätzle is macaroni and cheese for sophisticated palates. One high-end food truck perfecting this German dish is Heisser Hobel. Renowned across Berlin, Heisser Hobel uses a locally made three-cheese blend featuring aged Allgäuer Bergkäse and Emmental. Cruising in a Soviet-era East German camper (known as a Nagetusch), Heisser Hobel is considered a pioneer in Germany’s food truck movement.

4. Nairobi’s Most Famous Food Truck Elevates Burgers

Mama Rocks is a beloved institution in Nairobi. This high-end food truck gives gourmet burgers an authentic African twist. The West African-themed “Sweet Mother” is their signature sandwich. Topped with bacon, sweet potato sauce, rocket, and cheddar cheese, it gets an extra kick with homemade hot sauce. For vegetarians, the South African-style “Down and Durban” is a fan favorite. Loaded with peri-peri mayo and a generous serving of halloumi and roasted red bell peppers, this sandwich replaces beef with a sun-dried tomato falafel patty. Mama Rocks’ menu represents the diverse and unique cultures and cuisines across Africa with fresh and bold flavors.

5. Hawaiian-Inspired Seafood in Okinawa 

Kouri Shrimp is a high-end food truck situated in the heart of paradise. Located on Kouri Island in Okinawa, Kouri Shrimp’s essence— from its pink and turquoise truck to its food— inspires the spirit of Oahu, Hawaii. With its specialty menu, Kouri Shrimp cooks succulent seafood caught fresh daily from the Pacific Ocean. Serving garlic shrimp, four different ways, visitors can enjoy their meals as crystal waters crash at their feet. Make sure to order a side of “Shirishiri Potatoes” (fries tossed in garlic and basil) and wash it down with a cold beer.

High-End Food Trucks Are Transforming the Culinary Landscape

High-end food trucks cater to foodies who want to savor delicious dishes at street prices without a required dress code. They’re affordable, fun, local, and unique. Plus, they’re an easy way to explore the cultures of exotic locations through native cuisines. Food trucks are a democratic and inclusive way for the masses to sample gourmet fare. So, take a trip around the world and grab a bite of the world’s best foods made just for you!

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