Mediterranean Food Trucks in NYC To Book For Your Event

Leave the ordinary behind and escape to the Mediterranean. With its idyllic climate and sumptuous cuisine, it’s an irresistible destination. With countries including Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Middle East, and more, that means there’s a huge variety of foods to sink your teeth into. And there are plenty of Mediterranean food trucks across New York showcasing the best eats this region has to offer.

Souvlaki GR

From its blue-and-white food truck, Souvlaki GR whisks customers to the picturesque Greek island of Mykonos. Owned by Kostas Plago– a first-generation Greek immigrant– Souvlaki GR is a Mediterranean food truck that serves authentic and fresh Greek fare. 

Perfect for private events or large-scale catering, Souvlaki GR offers Greek dishes like pita souvlakis piled high with charcoal-grilled meat. And you can’t forget to grab a plate of their hand-cut Greek fries drizzled with homemade tzatziki sauce. With reverence to the tastes and ambiance of Mykonos, Souvlaki GR soaks up the best of Greek culture.

King Souvlaki

King Souvlaki keeps things all in the family. And this Mediterranean food truck has taken NYC by storm with four trucks cruising the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Why does King Souvlaki reign supreme? Because they’re taking Greek street food to the next level served with a smile that makes you feel like one of the family. 

Of course, we recommend you sample King Souvlaki’s entire menu. But their hand-skewered souvlaki served with hand-cut fries fried in extra virgin olive oil is a match made in heaven. So, book King Souvlaki’s delicious Mediterranean food– cooked the old-fashioned way– for your fast-approaching summer event. 

Moshe’s Falafel

Moshe’s Falafel isn’t known as “the best falafel in town” for nothing. For almost 40 years, this Mediterranean food truck has been a New York landmark. Their falafels are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Many devotees of Moshe’s Falafel say they nearly melt in your mouth. So, get those crispy chickpea balls on a pita, in a sandwich, or by themselves. 

Stationed in Midtown Manhattan, you’re sure to find a hungry crowd nearby. But why wait when you can skip the line and get some of the best Mediterranean food truck catering in NYC. You can’t go wrong with these versatile and poppable delights.


Since 2012, Toum has been serving delicious Lebanese food across New York City, the Hamptons, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Founded by husband-and-wife team Rodrigue and Christine in 2012 after noticing that New York– one of the world’s culinary meccas– lacked authentic Lebanese cuisine. 

And that’s how Toum was born. Fast-forward nearly a decade later, and Toum’s classic cooking techniques combined with simple ingredients elevate Lebanese food as you’ve never tried before. Their Mediterranean food truck has a menu packed with delights like crispy falafel, chicken shawarma, and beef kafta. Make sure when you book them to cater your next party, you ask for extra servings of their world-famous “Toum garlic whip.”

Uncle Gussy’s

For 50 years, Uncle Gussy’s has been an institution in Midtown Manhattan. Each day, you can find this Mediterranean food truck feeding hungry crowds on West 51st Street and Park Avenue. Now with multiple food trucks, an online store, and full-scale catering, Uncle Gussy’s is built to feed any crowd, any size. 

Serving staples from recipes created by Uncle Gussy himself, make sure you try the gyros, keftedes, and spanakopita. And Uncle Gussy’s dishes feature its signature, secret seasoning that uses premium ingredients imported from Greece. If you have a wedding on the horizon or a child’s graduation coming soon, Uncle Gussy’s Greek cuisine will deliver big portions with even bigger taste.


The Mediterranean is one of the cradles of civilization. And its exotic tastes, textures, and colors combine the best of global gastronomy. To indulge in this fare also means taking a journey toward better health. Study after study shows Mediterranean cuisine is nutritious and heart-healthy

So, get in touch with experts who know the best Mediterranean food trucks in New York and beyond and serve your guests food that satisfies, is good for you, and takes you on a summer vacation without leaving home.  

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