Mexican Food Truck Catering in NYC: 2021 Industry Forecast

When we think of the best Mexican food trucks in the U.S., our map usually takes us out west. California’s even the birthplace of the first popular Mexican food truck. But, New York’s come a long way and has finally caught up with its West Coast rival. 

As food truck catering trends evolve, so do the cuisines being served to hungry customers. Fortunately for you, we’ve road-tested the latest and greatest Mexican food trucks in New York. So, let’s take a ride and find the tastiest and trendiest Mexican eats from the Bronx to the Bowery and beyond.

Mexican Food Trucks New York


With the rise of plant-based options, you can find vegetarian items on your local Burger King’s menu. It doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere as the demand for meatless options grows. But, Mexican food truck catering has been “going green” for years. Check out NYC’s Los Viajeros — with its bright fuchsia food truck, hand-painted mural of Carmen Miranda — serving some of the best Latin fusion fare, including vegetarian choices

Can’t miss dish: La Flaca Burrito

Los Viajeros’ vegetarian burrito is stuffed with brown rice, sautéed peppers, onions, sweet plantains, Monterey Jack and Cotija cheese, and homemade chipotle aioli. It’s so good; you won’t even miss the meat while savoring an authentic taste of Latin culture with every bite.

Los Viajeros Mexican Food Trucks


Dessert trucks are nothing new in the food truck industry, but experts say churros are taking 2021 by storm. Not only are they cost-effective and easy to make in bulk, but they’re also decadently delicious. Carlitos Barbecue Taqueria brings Tex-Mex eats to NYC streets. While known for its menu featuring mouthwatering pit-smoked tacos and Mexican platos, Carlitos’ dishes are simple yet dynamic. But, take a closer look, and you’ll find you can indulge in a few orders of Carlitos’ homemade churros that are heavenly.

Can’t miss dish: Chocolate Churros 

The only downside to Carlitos’ homemade churros is that you get two because you’ll want more. These perfectly crisp pastries are perfectly piped with chocolate or dulce de leche. We love the Chocolate, but we suggest you try both and then come back for seconds!

Carlitos Tacos Churros


Because we’ve spent the past year primarily in our homes, it’s given us time to explore hobbies. And one of those is becoming amateur mixologists. The food truck industry is adjusting because we’ve become more willing to pay for premium drinks over happy hour specials. With Mexican cuisine, nothing beats washing down a plate of tacos with a margarita. And Disco Tacos is serving good eats, fresh beats, and ice-cold drinks. Come for the spicy braised lamb tacos, but stay for their handcrafted cocktails. 

Can’t miss dish: Smokey & Spicy Margarita

One of Disco Tacos’ most popular drinks, the Smokey & Spicy is made with premium tequila, mezcal, kicked up a notch with serrano peppers, cooled down with homemade cucumber syrup, and garnished with fresh lime juice and a Tajín rim. They also serve their drinks by the pitcher that’s perfect for catered events and another popular trend in the industry this year.

Disco Tacos Margaritas


As society explores new cultures to be better educated, heritage cooking is one trend we hope stays. But, celebrating cuisines rooted in culture and family ties is nothing new for the food truck industry. Food trucks are family-operated, and feature recipes vendors grew up. One food truck doing that is El Toro Rojo. Founded by Gabriel Apreza, an immigrant from Guerrero, Mexico, and his son Dennis, El Toro Rojo serves native Mexican dishes in Midtown Manhattan and Long Island City. Known for simple meals that pack a flavorful punch, this food truck is where you can find some of the most authentic Mexican food in New York.

Can’t miss dish: Birria de Res Tacos

El Toro Rojo specializes in this traditional Mexican beef dish, taking a Californian classic to NYC. And its Birria de Res Tacos is something worth savoring. These tacos feature handmade soft nixtamal corn tortillas and topped with cheese, onion, cilantro, and homemade salsa featuring imported Mexican dried chilis. Once you try it, you’ll want every catered party you throw to be Taco Tuesday-themed.

Birria Tacos El Toro Rojo


It’s safe to say most people love Mexican food. We can’t seem to get enough of this delicious cuisine. You can’t go wrong with Mexican food truck catering, and the forecast is bright in 2021. Leading all the hottest trends, they’ll make your wedding reception, birthday party, or office lunch special. If you’re ready to start planning, take a look and book the best Mexican food trucks in NYC

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