New York’s Best Comfort Food Trucks

It’s hard to not associate the holidays with comfort food. Just like mom used to make, the best comfort foods are satisfying and nostalgic mood-lifters that remind us of home.

With many New Yorkers cutting back on their holiday plans this year, that means missing out on those quintessential comfort food classics. But, fear not. Some of New York’s best food trucks are here to bring back those nostalgic memories with dishes that will keep you satisfied from now until the new year.

Gorilla Cheese Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @ariandthefoodie



Embrace your childhood with your favorite after-school snack: melted American cheese on buttery white bread. Gorilla Cheese is one of NYC’s most popular food trucks because they take their ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches seriously. 

Made with freshly-baked bread, local and imported cheeses and the finest quality meat, Gorilla Cheese’s food truck hits the streets daily to satisfy all cheese lovers. Feeling nostalgic? Go for one of their “Classics.” Feeling adventurous? Try their “Sharp Cheddar Melt,” with BBQ pulled pork and caramelized onions. And, make sure to pair your sandwich with a side of tater tots, mac and cheese bites, or creamy tomato soup. 

There’s no better way to satisfy your comfort food craving than with gourmet grilled cheese catering from the food truck that takes “being cheesy” to a whole new level.  

Mac Truck Comfort Food



For nearly 10 years, Mac Truck NYC has reigned supreme as New York’s mac and cheese king. After years working at some of Manhattan’s most critically-acclaimed restaurants, chef Dom Tesoriero took his passion for culinary excellence to the booming food truck industry by serving the finest mac and cheese in New York. 

Famous for his creamy, cheesy mac and cheese with mouthwatering toppings like “Braised Applewood Bacon,” “Mushroom & Truffle,” and “Lobster,” it’s easy to see why Dom’s been nationally featured on Food Network’s “Food Network Star,” “Fox and Friends,” “Dr. Oz” and more. 

If you’re looking to impress your holiday party guests, look no further than Mac Truck NYC, New York’s premier mac and cheese catering food truck. 

Made From Scratch Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @bronxnightmarket



Made From Scratch’s eclectic concept mixes chef/DJ Dallas Green’s passion for both classic Southern comfort food and great music. With a focus on savory dishes and sweet desserts, Made From Scratch is a fine dining experience on wheels. 

With signature classics like “Chicken & Waffles,” “Fried Shrimp & Fries,” and “My Momma’s Mac and Cheese,” Chef Green’s dishes are truly made from scratch from fresh ingredients and lots of love. 

Since its launch, Made From Scratch has been spotlighted in The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly as a successful addition to NYC’s foodie scene, with homestyle, comfort dishes that are always sure to hit the spot. 

Sloppie Joe's Gourmet Grub Comfort Food Truck
Photo Credit: @copenhangry



Sometimes, enjoying great comfort food means getting a little “sloppie” and, Sloppie Joe’s Gourmet Grub has you covered. But, ditch that can of “Manwich” and get a taste of their sloppy joes done right. Made with premium ingredients by chef Joseph Defeis, Sloppie Joe’s two food trucks and walk-up restaurant have been winning over New Yorkers since 2017. 

And, Sloppie Joe’s hand-crafted empanadas, hand-cut “Sloppie Style” French fries, and corn fritters are the perfect partner for your artisan-style sloppy joe. 

Whether lunch, dinner, or your next party, Sloppie Joe’s Gourmet Grub puts a new spin on classic sloppy joes and takes comfort food to the max. 

Superlicious NYC Comfort Food Truck


Looking for the tastiest traditional Irish fare this side of the pond? Superlicious NYC has been bringing a ‘Taste of Ireland’ to NYC since launching their food truck in 2016.  

Featuring their take on timeless classics like, fish and chips, freshly baked scones, lamb Shepherd’s Pie, and their famous fried chicken, Superlicious NYC uses only the freshest ingredients and locally-sourced produce in all their recipes. 

With Chicken Tikka fries, spiced ground beef tacos, and more, their menu also includes a fusion of Pan-Asian, Mexican, and American cuisines that will delight all taste buds, making Superlicious NYC your go-to for food truck fare that’s delicious, flavorful, and unique.

Gyros, souvlaki, Greek salads, and everything in between, these Greek food trucks in NYC will be your new go-to’s for lunch, dinner, a late-night snack, and even catering your next event.


Turns out you don’t need to leave home to enjoy great comfort food as the weather gets chilly. Stick-to-your-ribs goodness is just a stone’s throw away, right here in NYC. So, even if you can’t go home for the holidays you can still enjoy classic comfort foods from New York’s best food trucks. 

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