Pizza Food Trucks With Real Pizza Ovens to Rent in NY

Operating a successful food truck is challenging work. Try feeding hundreds of hungry customers in a limited space, with limited refrigeration and climate control. Now, bring an 800-degree wood-fired oven into the equation. But that’s just another day’s work for the best pizza food trucks in New York, and they’re masters of the pizza game. 

Pizza also has a long history as a street food staple. It’s food for the people, by the people, whether you’re eating a slice or sharing an extra-large pie with friends. 

Let’s check out pizza food trucks in New York that you can rent featuring wood-fired ovens. So, you and your crew can enjoy an authentic taste of the Old World in every crispy-crunchy, ooey-gooey bite.


Named one of Westchester County’s best food trucks, Abeetz has taken New York by storm since opening in 2017. Owned-and-operated by Dave D’Amico, Abeetz’s pizza is inspired by how pies are prepared and made in Sicily and Naples, just like his family’s Italian roots. 

But you can’t call any pizza food truck one of the best unless it has the hardware inside to back it up. On-board, Abeetz features a gold-tiled brick oven imported directly from Italy. And that’s the secret to their award-winning specialty pies like the “Roni” (mozzarella, tomato sauce, and crispy pepperoni) and the “Sawzeech” (crumbled sweet Italian sausage, spicy pickled chiles, mozzarella, and tomato sauce).

And like Abeetz says, “no party is too small or large,” so you know they’ll cater a delicious event and bring the party to you! 


Groundling Pizza Co. promises to give you the best slice of pizza on the go, and they definitely deliver on that bold statement. So, what makes their pizza so delicious and one of New York’s finest? Groundling’s uses traditional wood-fired pizza-making techniques and cooking methods. Danny and Luke Bruckert, Groundling Pizza Co.’s owners, built their pizza food truck from the ground up and even drove it all the way from Portland to NYC. 

What does that mean for pizza connoisseurs like you? Hot, fresh, and authentic wood-fired pizza, of course! We recommend you try the “Salumi” with salami from Brooklyn’s Ends Meat, chili oil, fresh mozzarella pecorino cheese, and sauce made with locally-grown tomatoes and herbs. 

So, step outside, hit the streets, and grab yourself a couple of slices. Or go ahead and book Groundling’s wood-fired oven and food truck to really heat up your next pizza party!


Pizza Moto is in the business of throwing pizza parties. And since 2009, they’ve been making wood-fired pizzas that are some of Brooklyn’s finest. But, get a load of Pizza Moto’s industrial wood-fired oven mounted on a doubled-hulled, 12-gauge insulated steel trailer.   

All that horsepower gives its tangy dough a crispy yet chewy bite. If you want to elevate your pizza, try Pizza Moto’s “Eggs in Hell” loaded with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, bacon, soft-cooked eggs, and drizzled with chili oil. 

With pizza food trucks stationed across New York and a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Brooklyn, Pizza Moto feeds thousands of hungry customers every day. So, you can rest assured if you’re hosting a large-scale event, they’ll take care of all your pizza needs.  


Authentic Neapolitan pizza in the heart of New York City? Bestill our pizza-loving hearts! Chef Adele DiBiase and her pizza food truck Pizza Vita have been winning over pizza-lovers of all ages since 2011. 

But, Pizza Vita’s pride and joy is its wood-fired oven that stays nice and toasty at a steady 900-degrees. That’s hotter than the surface of Venus if you want some perspective. That piping hot temperature allows Pizza Vita to cook their delicious pies in just 90 seconds!

Take a bite of the “Drunken,” with homemade vodka sauce, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Featured on NBC’s Today Show and The New York Times, you’ll be sure to impress your guests with critically-acclaimed, nationally-recognized pizza when you book Pizza Vita for your upcoming office lunch or summer party.


Speaking of Neapolitan pizza, there’s a “little silver box” on wheels roaming the streets of Mamaroneck serving big pies with even bigger flavor. For over 30 years, chef Francesco Vitale has worked as a professionally trained pizzaiolo, honing his skills in Naples, London, and New York. 

And chef Francesco takes his pies seriously. His dough is made daily with Mulino Caputo 00 flour that gives his wood-fired crust a chewy crust. And Pizza Vitale only uses tomatoes grown in the Sarno Valley, fresh fior di latte mozzarella, and other locally-sourced ingredients.

If you’re a cheesehead, make sure you order Pizza Vitale’s “Quattro Formaggi” with fresh mozzarella, ricotta, fontina, and gorgonzola cheeses. Rain or shine, Pizza Vitale delivers pizza catering that’s great for private events, weddings, and more!

Serve Your Guests Only the Best With Wood-Fired Pizza Food Trucks

Sure. You could go for pizza from those big chains that we won’t name here, but why? You’re in New York! Arguably the pizza capital of America! So skip those other guys and take a bite into authentic pizza made by the best pizza food trucks bar none. This handy list will get you started, but there’s dozens more cruising around NYC and beyond. Get in touch with those in the know who will make sure your next pizza party is simply deliziosa!

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