The Most Popular Food Truck Menus in America

The booming street food scene is at the epicenter of gastronomical innovation. From gourmet burgers to organic ice cream, food trucks are as culinarily forward-thinking as the most high-end restaurants. But not all food trucks are created equal, and some are more successful than others. Why is that? There are many reasons— like operations and service— but it also comes down to the food. The most established, well-known, and lucrative food trucks in America simply know what their customers want to eat. They also hold quality and taste in high regard. So, let’s take a look at the most popular food truck menus in America. The ones that are delicious, perfect for catering, and will satisfy every appetite!

1. The United States of BBQ

BBQ is so omnipresent in American food culture ranking as the preferred cuisine for a whopping five of our most popular holidays. With the Fourth of July among them and just around the corner, it only makes sense to get fired up for grilling season. It’s hard to beat the smokey taste of well-made BBQ. Whether it’s pulled pork sandwiches or baby back ribs, BBQ pleases any crowd. Lucky for you, BBQ food trucks are cruising across America, so you no longer have to schlep down South to get your fix. 

Located in Somerville, New Jersey, Oink & Moo BBQ is one of the best BBQ food trucks in the U.S. Since opening in 2012, Oink & Moo has been turning out fare like brisket sliders, pulled pork tacos, and coleslaw and cornbread made from scratch. Their award-winning dishes are one reason why BBQ is one of the most popular food truck menus in America.

2. Grilled Cheese That’ll Make You Melt 

Grilled cheese also ranks as one of America’s most popular food truck menus. Why? It’s the most nostalgic of comfort foods. Remember those grilled cheese sandwiches after school— a slice of Kraft American on two slices of Wonder Bread? Fast-forward to 2021, and you might think they’re a thing of the past. Not so! Americans are hungry for grown-up, gourmet takes on grilled cheese sandwiches— and they’re willing to pay gourmet prices. 

How about cheddar with smoked turkey, tomato and chipotle aioli on multi-grain bread? Sounds delicious, right? Well, you can find that specialty grilled cheese and more at Gorilla Cheese NYC. This food truck takes grilled cheese sandwiches seriously, with fresh-baked bread, top-quality meats, and local and imported cheeses. Here, you can embrace your inner child with cheesy gourmet goodness that’s the best of the best in the U.S.

3. Eats Meets West With Asian Fusion 

According to a survey conducted last fall on the most popular food truck menus in America, Asian fusion came in at number three. Along with our desire for familiarity and comfort, humans crave new experiences. You may be savoring a classic burger, but it’s now perfectly blended with a mix of Chinese five-spice. Asian fusion plays on the pleasant memories of traditional dishes and transports you to a new place, culinarily, culturally, and emotionally. One of the best Asian fusion foods trucks in America is located in Las Vegas— because gambling can work up an appetite! 

Dragon Grille serves award-winning, modern Asian fusion street eats right on the Strip. Dragon Grille’s dishes will tantalize your taste buds with tacos, sliders, cheesesteaks, and more. But no Dragon Grille order is complete without their “Dragon Fries.” This signature side takes beer-battered fries and tops them with tender Korean beef brisket, secret “Balbi Q ” sauce, and Japanese furikake. 

4. Everyday Is Taco Tuesday

No list of America’s most popular food truck menus would be complete without mentioning tacos. It’s the cuisine that started the food truck revolution. The tradition of Mexican immigrants cooking and serving their native dishes on four wheels goes back nearly a century. So, it’s little wonder why tacos and food trucks go hand-in-hand in our collective consciousness. Last year, a new trend in Mexican-American cuisine became all the rage: birria tacos. A dish originating in Jalisco, Mexico, consisting of tortillas stuffed with shredded meat and cheese, with a side of consomme broth for dipping. Think of birria tacos as the Mexican equivalent of a French dip sandwich. 

One of the best food trucks in the U.S. for birria tacos is New York’s El Toro Rojo. Recreating traditional Oaxacan flavors, this family-owned food truck is serving up its familial roots throughout NYC. Their birria tacos— that always feed a hungry crowd— are cooked using authentic marinades and seasonings that are simple yet bursting with flavor in every bite.

5. We All Scream for Ice Cream

While tacos may have kicked off the food truck craze, the ice cream industry’s been at it for so long we just call them ice cream trucks. But they’ve come a long way in the 65 years since they first started creating summertime childhood memories. Today’s ice cream trucks serve innovative and exotic creations that are equal parts delicious and (gasp!) good for you. Because they’ve consistently changed with the times— and palates— of Americans, it’s no wonder why ice cream has always been one of the most popular food truck menus in America. 

Take Portland, Oregon’s Fifty Licks. With an ice cream truck that only operates in the summer, their seasonal flavors feature a French custard-style base for the perfect creamy consistency. Standout creations include the “French Toast,” “Lavender Salted Caramel,” and “Blood Orange Creamsicle.” However, their most unique ice cream is their (vegan) “Golden Milk.” This cool treat will get you warm and cozy with coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and cinnamon. Fifty Licks is the perfect compliment for a birthday party elevated just for grownups. 

While some menus get more attention than others, overall, food trucks are so popular because of their creativity, novelty, and— of course— delicious meals. The most popular food truck menus put a fresh spin on dishes we either know and love or are intrigued to try. So hit the road and grab a taste of America or stay home and book a food truck that’ll make your next event special (and delicious)!

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