Festival Catering

When you’re in charge of feeding thousands and thousands of concert go-ers, you’re left with only one right option: booking with The New York Food Truck Association to get the best quality food trucks with the capability to serve large groups efficiently and effortlessly. Festival catering truly is our expertise.

Dine and Dance

When someone says ‘music festivals, many of us day-dream of sweaty crowds, bright lights, and of course, our favorite songs performed by our favorite artists. But what we can’t forget is the most integral part of the festival experience: the food. After all, you can’t dance or fight your way to the front of a stage on an empty stomach, can you? That’s why the New York Food Truck Association is here to deliver a one-of-a-kind food truck experience that will keep the energy levels up and make the festival experience absolutely perfect for thousands and thousands of people at a time.

Easy Breezy Booking

NYFTA has brought gourmet food trucks to the biggest and most adored music festivals in the world, like Governors Ball and Electric Zoo. At each of these festivals, our wide range of high-quality food trucks made the experience of choosing and booking the one that’s right for you— and for all of those happy concert goers—easy and breezy. When you work with The New York Food Truck Association, you get the ability to sit down and browse through all of the best options available, all the while knowing that you simply can’t go wrong.