Sweet 16 Catering

Why name 16 reasons to book with the New York Food Truck Association when all you need is one: we do Sweet 16 catering the best. Whatever cuisine, however many guests, wherever in New York— there’s just no question, we have your back.

Let us take something off your plate by putting something delicious on it. The New York Food Truck Association knows how anticipated Sweet 16s are, and we help transform those nerves into true, unadulterated excitement by bringing you extensive food options, reliability, and attention to detail— as well as dreams just as big and sweet as yours. Our food trucks range from tacos, ice cream, seafood, pizza, Greek, American, Vietnamese, and more. After all, what’s a Sweet 16 without a food truck to satisfy you and your guests’ appetites?

When you’re hosting a large party, it can be difficult to choose a cuisine because everyone’s different, and you don’t want to leave any of your guests unsatisfied. We understand. That’s why we offer the option to book multiple food trucks that serve diverse dishes so that any and every one of your guests is excited by the food options on your special day. Sweet 16 catering is a big responsibility, but we step up to the plate (literally). Enjoy your birthday spotlight and leave the food to us!