Wedding Dessert Food Trucks

Weddings are a celebration of love, and no love is truer than that of New Yorkers and dessert. You, your spouse, and all your loved ones deserve wedding dessert food trucks that will make your stomachs as full as your hearts on a day no one will forget! The New York Food Truck Association brings the best sweets and treats just for you.

In Love and In Luck

Not only have you found someone to spend the rest of your life with, but when you book with NYFTA, you’ve found over twenty wedding dessert trucks to choose from and book for your big day. How much more lucky can you get? From helping you pick the right food truck, to handling the logistics on your big day, our goal is to alleviate some of your wedding-planning stress and curate the perfect dessert food truck experience for you and everyone you love.

Book Now and Become a Bride

Quit calorie counting and start booking: The New York Food Truck Association’s wedding dessert food trucks are of the highest quality in New York, and they’re also a better price. No matter what, our team goes above and beyond to make sure that every detail and every bite is planned and cooked to perfection. Book with us for the day of your life!