The Best of Both Worlds: Top NYC Fusion Food Trucks

Making decisions can be really, really challenging. Especially when it comes to really important decisions about hard-hitting issues, like, what you’re going to have for lunch.  We’ve all been there, stuck somewhere between bibimbop and tacos. Perhaps debating if chicken wings are the answer or if the old familiar hug of a grilled cheese is what you need to get you through the rest of the day.

Luckily the new wave of fusion food trucks has come to rescue us from our daily dilemma. These culinary chefs have been changing the game with their uniquely delicious mash ups, and taking their creations to the streets for our lunchtime pleasure.



Vendy award winner and #tacotuesday game changer Coney Shack has been whipping up some of the most creative taco concoctions this this side of Coney Island. From beer battered fish tacos, to caramelized pork, they are blurring the lines between taco and hotdog and show no signs of slowing down.

NYC fusion food trucks



Sure you’ve had breakfast for dinner, but how about dessert for breakfast? The STUF’D truck has taken our morning favorite and stuffed it full of well, even more of our favorites. Here’s a hint: S’mores stuffed French toast; race you to the front of the line!. 

NYC fusion food trucks



Sweet spicy and everywhere in between, Sweet Chili’s claim to fame is their delicious Thaietnamese Thai – Vietnamese fusion. Oh and the siracha fries, you need to get the siracha fries.

Top NYC fusion food trucks



Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with buffalo chicken, if you haven’t I feel sorry for you… but there is hope. Head to your nearest Gorilla Cheese truck forhealthy dose ofwhat you’ve been missing.

NYC best fusion food trucks



From the Food Network, to the streets of New York City, chef Dom Tesoriero has been hustling his cheesey goodness all over the place. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to have bacon in your mac n cheese, here it is!

Fusion Food Trucks in New York
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