The Bridge to Naples

Hailing from Naples, Italy Alessandro Capuano has set out on a mission to bring the delicious flavors of his home to the streets of New York City. After coming to the states in search of opportunity and the American dream Capuano couldn’t help but notice there was something very important missing from the New York City foodscape. Amidst all the fine dining the city has to offer there were no options for quick, casual, authentic Italian fare. He knew right away he had to change this – and following a brief return to his hometown, he came back to NYC and hit the streets with Ponti Rossi, serving the scrumptious authentic flavors of Naples here on bustling streets of New York.

Naples food catering


And he’s lived up to his namesake, Ponti Rossi translated from Italian literally means “red bridges” and is not only the name of his neighborhood back home, but is also what he sets out to do. Ponti Rossi is meant to be a bridge from New York to Naples connecting the cities, acting as New Yorks direct link – or bridge – to genuine Italian fare.

Ponti Rossi Food Truck

The menu, simple and authentic, reflects the flavors of his upbringing. From delicious fresh pastas made in partnership with Italy’s own Pastificio Garofalo (one of the most important producers of pasta in Italy), homemade paninis made and pressed to order, and satisfying pastries. Ponti Rossi offers Italian food fast that still tastes like it took all Sunday to make.

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