Top 10 Tastiest Food Trucks That You Can Find in NYC in 2019

As the New York City’s food truck scene has become increasingly enormous, trying to find the best food can sometimes feel impossible. Our NYFTA team has done all of the heavy-lifting for you and has taste tested almost every food truck in NYC. After our sampling, we have come to a conclusion that’s worth sharing. Next time you’re trying to decide which food truck to pick to get the best food, service, and value, we have you covered!

Abeetz-pizza wood fire pizza catering westchester



Making pizza as authentic as authentic can get, Abeetz pizza truck is our #1 pick when it comes to pizza. Founder David D’amico managed to bring together his passion for pizza and his family history to create one of the most successful food trucks in NYC. All you have to do now is to decide, whether you want to want to eat your pizza straight, folded, or use silverware 🙂

Tip: Abeetz makes an Avocado Toast personal style pizza. Need we say more?

Big D's grub truck catering Brooklyn



It’s very likely that you’ve spotted one of Big D’s trucks in action serving the hungry crowds of New Yorkers. The Chef and Owner of Big D’s, Dennis Kum, converts his passion for food into amazingly tasty, flavorful food creations that are an absolute must try!

Tip: No need to wait till next Tuesday to get Big D’s Spicy Chicken Tacos! Also, their Bulgogi Rice Platter is just FLAVORSOME!!

Disos nyc food truck catering Queens



If you are an Italian sandwich lover, then Diso’s is the food truck for you. Adam DiSilvestro, a.k.a. Diso, grew up with Italian parents and there is no doubt he exactly knows what a classic Italian sandwich is about. Diso makes his sandwiches using imported Italian meats and cheeses sourced from famous DiPalos in Little Italy, NYC. Diso’s truck was also featured on Food Network’s TV show Great Food Truck Race.

Tip: Vinny Chins, Joey Shakes, or Eddie Mush are among the top picks that we love!

El toro rojo food truck Astoria



In Mexico, street food is a part of their culture, and since Gabriel Apreza and his children opened their truck, it has become a part of our culture, too. El Toro Rojo brings homemade Oaxacan Cuisine to the streets of NYC. They believe in simple, locally sourced dishes, with quick service and consistent quality. Their menu consists of Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and Fajita bowls, all which are just to die for.

Tip: You can pick from six protein options – Chicken, Steak, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Shrimp or Carnitas. You can also go meatless, just veggies.

Mini Donut Food Truck



You’re going to go nuts for these donuts – guaranteed! In a case like this, size doesn’t matter as much as the quality and experience. Lifelong friends Dan and Larry founded Glazed & Confused in 2015 with a simple goal: Bring their delicious & made-to-order mini donuts to the streets of NYC! Served by the tray, their signature donut combos are always a huge hit.

Tip: Flavorssuch as doNutella and S’mores are their customers favorite. For those over 21+, you can ask for their boozy seasonal flavors 🙂

Makina Ethiopian Eatery



As a first food truck of it’s kind in NYC, Makina will surely bring you a whole new culinary experience. Offering both meat and vegetarian/vegan options, Makina Cafe gives a slice of Northeast African culture to the city of New York while giving warm & welcoming service. Their big yellow truck will surely make your day a bit brighter (and more delicious!)

Tip: Makina truck gives you an option to choose and create your own plate. P.S. Their Beef Sambusa is fantastic.

Nuchas nyc empanadas truck



In 2009, Ariel and his wife (Leni) arrived in New York City with two things: $9,000 and a dream! A few years later, a kiosk in Times Square to award-winning empanadas, Nuchas has taken this handheld food to another level and became the empanada king of New York. Nuchas truck serves unique flavors like Italian sausage and pepper, spicy cheese, and Seitan Al Pastor. These empanadas are freshly baked (not fried!)

Tip: Team Nuchas recommend to get about 3-4 empanadas per person to get one full meal. What a great opportunity to try a whole bunch of flavors.

Phils steaks food truck



Phil’s Steaks is NYC’s 1st Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Food Truck and quickly amassed one of the largest followings around. With a combination of high-quality beef ribeye and freshly baked rolls shipped directly from Philly, this truly is the most authentic cheesesteak you can get without actually going there. American Steak, Pepper Steak, Shroom Steak… you can never go wrong with this classic Philly sandwich.

Tip: You will probably hear Phil using the word “Jawn”. That’s how they like to call their truck. For those that don’t know, the word “Jawn,” is Philly slang – a noun that can replace just about anything and everything.

Souvlaki GR Greek Food Truck



One of the only true classic Greek trucks in New York City, Souvlaki GR has been serving their delicious kabobs and gyros to the hungry people of Manhattan since 2010 when they won the Vendy award for Rookie of the Year. The following year they won the Vendy Peoples Choice Award as well as The NYC Food and Wine Festival People’s Choice award.

Tip: Charcoal-grilled meat inside a warm pita, with a slice of tomato, red onion, tzatziki sauce, and french fries INSIDE – Chicken Souvlaki Pita is out hot pick.

Wafels & Dinges Food Cart Catering



So the story goes… In 2007, King Albert II of Belgium mandated the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs to bring his authentic (and very scrumptious) Liege & Brussels waffles to the NYC streetsAnd so, the first Wafels & Dinges yellow food truck was born! The goal: Give America’s “Belgian Waffles” a serious upgrade. Wafels & Dinges is arguably the most award-winning truck in New York City, including the following prestigious titles: Best Dessert, 2009 Vendy Awards + Winner, 2010 Throwdown with Bobby Flay + Best Dessert Truck in America, 2013 The Daily Meal.

Tip: WAFELS & DINGES truck is so good, people like to rent it for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, office parties, and all sorts of events. Everyone ♥s the Wafels & Dinges!

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