Top 5 Food Trucks to Book for a Music Festival

Festival season is just around the corner, and while we have already gotten the news on who’s playing we’re a little more interested in WHAT WE WILL BE EATING. Festivals are the perfect time to throw your cares to the wind, why choose between lobster or mac and cheese when you can have lobster mac and cheese? Go for that extra slice, and don’t forget to hashtag those tacos! Here’s part one of our list of the top NYC food trucks to look out for this festival season.

Music festival food trucks nyc



Nothing helps you get your party pants moving like a perfect slice of pizza pie. So when it’s time for a fan refuel, you will want these guys handy, I mean come on it’s pizza!

Book Food Trucks for Music Festivals



Not just delicious, but also quite beautiful. Possibly the most instagrammed food of 2017, Korilla will bring the trend factor and is guaranteed to keep the likes flowing all night long.

Music festival catering



There is one true king in New York City, the hot dog. This staple of NYC street cuisine is a must have, and no one does the classic better than Papaya King.

hot dog food truck




Another top trend contender, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. With a range of flavors to satisfy the pickiest of pallets, to the most sophisticated, Gorilla cheese NYC offers everything from the classic to the, more complex.

Top Music Festival Food Trucks



Festivals are all about getting weird, and that just so happens to be the specialty over at the Stuf’d truck. Stuffed. French. Toast. Weather you’re stuffing it with s’mores or bacon you can’t go wrong with this ultimate munchies satisfier.

Top food trucks in nyc
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