Top 5 New York Wedding Food Trucks – 2017

When it comes to that special day, every detail is of the utmost importance.  But amongst all the chaos that goes into making the day so perfect it can be easy to loose track of what really matters most… the food.  Now sure there may be other, somewhat important details, like love and all that, but let’s get real — you don’t want any tummy rumbling when the bride walks down the isle, and you definitely don’t want a hangry bridezilla.

So we’ve put together a list of the best New York City food trucks for your New York wedding. The perfect day is just a click away. 



If it’s a fancy food truck you desire, nothing says pinky’s out like lobster. Luke’s can bring a full on lobster boil straight to you, or keep it simple with an endless stream of Maine lobster rolls. Either way your guests will surely be impressed by your fine choice in fare.

Wedding food truck catering lobster



The Stuf’d truck is always a sight to see. Their specialty being french toast, but with a twist – it’s stuffed! French toast stuffed with s’mores, bacon, or heck maybe you can even stuff the whole wedding cake in there, chances of needing to unbutton the trousers after a visit to these guys highly likely. 

Wedding dessert catering weddings food truck



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Noting brings people together like a big ol’ pizza. So if you need to ease the tensions between the brides side and the groom s side Valducci’s famous New York pizza is sure to hit the spot. Just make sure the bride gets the last slice, ok?

Wedding hors d'oeuvre catering



Cake, cake, cake and more cake. And ice cream! The Good Batch has been changing the bakery game in Brooklyn for a while now. If your looking for highly instagramable, super sweet, and drool worthy treats for all, these are the guys you want rolling up to the reception. 

Wedding Ice Cream Catering



Love won’t be the only thing that;s in the air, if you have the crepe truck cooking up some goodness. Have a custom crepe station for your guests to make their own perfect deserts. OR leave it to the experts, either or – everyone’s coming back for seconds. 

wedding dessert catering crepe
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