Top Food Truck Menus For Mouthwatering Event Catering

Food trucks have become the go-to platform for event catering— from corporate parties to weddings, birthdays, and more. We’ve shown you the many reasons why food truck catering is the perfect partner for hosting mouthwatering events. But one question we’re asked frequently is, “What are the best food truck menus for my event?” It’s an important question to ask because what you serve at your party may make (or break) its success. To get you started, let’s break down popular ideas that’ll help you host the tastiest party of the summer!

Incorporate Popular Dishes Into Your Food Truck Menus

Think about your guests’ palates and what they crave. Some may be mild-mannered, while others may be adventurous. Instead of trying to please everyone, meet them in the middle with tried-and-true food truck menus that always please. That means classics like burgers and fries, hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or foods that are favorites to your region like pizza, tacos, and lobster rolls. It’s also smart to find a vendor offering traditional foods plus creative takes that take your food truck menu to the next level. 

We love Philly cheesesteaks because they check all the right boxes. They’re an American staple, revered in the Northeast, and it’s hard not to drool over a meaty and cheesy sandwich. The Steak Truck by legendary butcher shop New York Prime Beef arguably serves the best steak sandwich on the planet. We know the competition is fierce, but trust us on this one. Their famous steak sandwich features a generous portion of their Special Blend Dry Aged Steak, with caramelized onions, on a freshly-baked baguette. 

It’s no-frills, and that why they’re so popular. The Steak Truck lets the natural flavors of its steak speak for itself. For your guests who want to add some extra flavor, The Steak Truck offers a range of gourmet sauces— like truffle aioli and curried ketchup. So, take The Steak Truck out for a spin and let them win over your guests with a popular dish everyone will love!

Or Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to go big or go home. Spoiler alert: it’s okay to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to food truck menus. The same goes for your party’s theme. Are you looking forward to spending time with loved ones again and need a reason to throw a party? Just open your calendar! Start planning next year’s Mardi Gras celebration with authentic cajun and creole food truck menus. But you may be wondering where you can get a real taste of New Orleans if you’re thousands of miles away. Well, with over 24,000 food trucks in operation across the U.S., they’re easier to find than you might think. 

Over in Western New Jersey, you’ll find CrawDaddy’s Cajun, and they’re serving up a real deal taste of The Big Easy. From gumbo and etouffee to shrimp po’ boys and beignets, CrawDaddy’s food truck menu will transport you to Bourbon St., beads and all. What’s the most popular dish on their menu? The Jambalaya Fries, of course! Featuring hand-cut fries seasoned with homemade cajun seasoning, CrawDaddy’s Cajun tops them with their jambalaya mix, chicken, andouille sausage, fried shrimp, and Cajun cheese sauce. These fries are one flavor-packed side that’s ready to feed a hungry crowd ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in style.

Get Seasonal With Your Food Truck Menus

When we say seasonal, we don’t just mean fresh fruits and vegetables (although that’s a solid idea too). What we mean is that you don’t have to overthink food truck menus. Just look outside and plan based on the weather. We’re about to enter the dog days of summer in New York City, so it only makes sense to plan your food truck menu around eats and treats that will cool your guests down. July marks everyone’s favorite holiday. No, not the 4th of July. National Ice Cream Month! And yes, it’s a real holiday— signed into law by President Reagan in 1984. 

If you need to beat the heat, but also want to satisfy your sweet tooth, Melt Bakery’s ice cream cookie sandwiches will hit the spot! They’re whipping up creations like their most popular “Classic” (two chocolate chip walnut cookies with Madagascar vanilla ice cream). If you’re a chocoholic, try the decadent “Morticia” (two crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream). For a hint of spice, the “Cinnamax” is the way to go (two snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon ice cream). Whatever your fancy, Melt Bakery puts the “melt” in melt in your mouth goodness. Whether you’re planning a summer birthday, barbecue, or feel like delicious ice cream catering just because, Melt Bakery is sure to make your next party one cool affair!

And Don’t Forget About The Drinks!

We spend so much time thinking about the food we’re serving for a party; the beverages get lost in the mix. But they’re an equally important component of food truck menus. Consider a beverage truck or cart as an accompaniment with your food truck. The skies the limit too. Are you hosting a business breakfast? Ditch that break room Mr. Coffee and book a gourmet mobile espresso and coffee bar instead! With a premium selection of locally-roasted coffees, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, and more, you’re sure to make a bold impression that’ll win over that hard-to-impress client!

Likewise, if adult beverages are more your party’s speed, mobile bar and cocktail catering is the perfect complement to food truck menus. With restored vintage vehicles that are eye-catching, these trucks and carts are fully equipped to serve a wide range of perfectly tempered sparkling and still wines, craft beers, and handcrafted cocktails. If you’re hosting a bridal shower, cocktail hour, or want to enjoy an evening of great drinks and great company, let these experienced mixologists elevate your next event.

Food trucks are the way to go when it comes to event planning. Whether it’s casual Friday lunches at the office or the most formal wedding receptions. The reasons why they’re so popular are bountiful, but it all starts with food truck menus. Almost every type of cuisine is at your disposal, ready to serve crowds of any size, without you lifting a finger in the kitchen. Check them out, and create a memorable experience your guests are sure to remember.

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