Top Vegan and Vegetarian Food Trucks for Healthy Catering

Since 2015, the vegan and vegetarian food industries have been up by almost $3 billion annually. That demand means more and more consumers are exploring healthier lifestyles. As brands and restaurants catch up on this popular trend, vegan and vegetarian food trucks have perfected meatless options. These mobile kitchens are known for sumptuous vegan and vegetarian meals, treats, and sweets. Let’s hit the road and take a look at some of New York City’s finest that are worth chasing after.

Why Choose Vegan and Vegetarian Food Truck Catering

Aside from the fact that the vegan and vegetarian trend is now a culinary staple, food trucks have been able to create delicious menu options beyond just veggie burgers. That’s why they’re a great catering choice for any event. There’s nothing the vegan and vegetarian street-food scene isn’t offering, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert. 

Furthermore, these food trucks are ready to serve and be the highlight of your next event. Are you following a plant-based diet and your wedding day’s coming up? Why not book a vegan food truck as an excellent addition to your reception. Do you want to plan a holiday party now that your team’s back in the office? Be on-trend and make all your employees happy with vegan and vegetarian foods that are fresh and customizable. 

Last year alone, a study found that there are almost 10 million vegans and vegetarians in the U.S. When catering a party, it’s always a good idea to offer meals that everyone can enjoy. So be the host with the most and make your event the talk of the town. 

1. Yeah Dawg!!!

Yeah Dawg!!! is on a mission to put a healthier spin on the all-American classic: hot dogs! Owner and chef Marina Benedetto started Yeah Dawg!!! in 2013 to serve nutritious comfort foods to low-income families and children because she believes “food is medicine” and that “everybody can be healed through food.” Yeah Dawg!!! specializes in crafting tasty vegan, gluten-free hot dogs with a variety of good-for-you toppings.

While you can order their products online, Yeah Dawg!!!’s pop-up catering cart is perfect for all your summer weekend barbecues— including the 4th of July, where an estimated 150 million hot dogs will be consumed. Try Yeah Dawg!!!’s “Chix & Shroom Brat,” featuring their “Chix and Shroom” sausage topped with homemade sauerkraut, their CocoNot bacon, garden-grown chives, and chipotle mayo on a pretzel bun. 

2. Makina Cafe

Simply put, Makina Cafe has put Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines on the map. Founded by chef Eden G. Egziabher, Makina Cafe’s winning rave reviews and is one of NYC’s most sought-after vegan and vegetarian food trucks. So what makes it such a popular catering option? Chef Eden regularly travels between Queens and Washington D.C., home to the largest Ethiopian community in the U.S., to buy the finest and most authentic ingredients.   

For vegetarians, the “Vegetarian Bowl” can’t be missed. Make sure to load your bowl with miser (spicy red lentil stew) and gomen (collard greens with cardamom and garlic). For added spice, top it with a drizzle of the jalapeño-based “Makina Sauce” and cool off with a side of injera, a traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean flatbread.

3. NY Dosas

Thiru Kumar is called the “Dosa Man of New York,” and his Vendy award-winning food truck NY Dosas is a Greenwich Village institution serving killer vegan and vegetarian catering. NY Dosas is known for serving up the best dosas— spicy, potato-filled pancakes— right outside Washington Square Park. For his part, Kumar is so popular, NY Dosas is listed in 42 countries’ guidebooks, and he even has fan clubs from California to Japan. 

You can’t go wrong with anything on NY Dosas menu, but for the uninitiated, start with the “Masala Dosa” (rice and lentil crepe filled with potatoes) and a samosa (filled with potatoes and veggies, and served with mint or sweet chutney).

4. Monk’s Meats

Vegan BBQ? That’s not a typo, but one taste, and you’ll be convinced: it’s the go-to way to eat plant-based proteins. Brooklyn’s Monk’s Meats is cooking its “meats” low and slow, creating “fresh food that tastes good.” Monk’s vegan smokehouse catering features various options, all cooked for several hours over mesquite and hickory woods. So you know, “good” is an understatement. Our favorite meal at Monk’s is its classic “BBQ Seitan Sandwich” with maple barbecue sauce, red cabbage slaw, whiskey, and pickles. Make you also order a side of the “Alamo Fries.” These loaded taters are topped with homemade 3-bean seitan chili, cashew queso, scallions, and pickled jalapeños. 

5. Chloe’s Fruit

You may have seen Chloe’s fruit oat milk and dipped popsicles at your local grocery store, but New Yorkers love visiting Chloe’s in-person for a summertime treat. This vegan and vegetarian ice cream truck (and Gramercy Park storefront) is whipping up fruit-based concoctions made with all-natural, vegan ingredients. But a lot of brands throw around those words, so does Chloe’s really deliver? Yes, and in spades. Most of its menu uses only three ingredients: water, cane sugar, and fruit. That’s it! 

We love the “Berry Wild” sundae (strawberry soft serve, fresh strawberries and blackberries, and granola). Or, if you are looking for a portable dessert, try the “Mango Pop” dipped in warm dark chocolate and coconut flakes. Is your sweet tooth tingling yet? Then swing by or book Chloe’s for guilt-free dessert catering your guests will love!

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