Welcome Employees Back to Work With Catering From New York Food Trucks

As New York executes its “Phase 2” reopening plans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of New Yorkers will continue returning to work.

If you’re considering showing some special appreciation to your team after months of working from home, their health and safety will remain paramount for the foreseeable future. 

With that, one of the biggest challenges employers are facing is ensuring work environments are up to city and state-wide standards so employees can come back with confidence. 

But, you can still be a number one boss while hosting a responsible event that helps protect your employees with catering from some of New York’s top food trucks.

With a wide-range of culinary options tailor-made just for you, a dedicated team of professionals who’ll take care of all the details, and integrated systems naturally promoting outdoor spaces and proper social distancing, you can now welcome back your employees with confidence and peace of mind.  

Phase2Nyc Catering

Why use a food truck for catering?

  • Keep employees safe with “Phase 2” outside-eating compliant and social distancing guidelines

  • Make a memorable event to celebrate being back with a branded food truck 

  • Just book it and forget, NYFTA will take care of all the logistics and execution



Before opening your doors for business, you first need to take into careful consideration your employees’ health and safety. With New York implementing its “Phase 2” COVID-19 guidelines throughout the five boroughs, employers are mandated to provide daily health screenings, limit in-person meetings, and more.

Perhaps you want to treat your employees to a nice lunch or special treat as an appetizing way to get them back into the swing of things. But, did you also know that part of New York’s reopening process includes refraining from the communal sharing of food and drinks in larger spaces? 

Food Truck Cateringphase 2 Nyc

How does that affect your plans? Well, you can forget that “pizza party in the conference room” you might be thinking about.     

That’s where food truck catering comes in. With individually served or wrapped dishes to better prevent cross-contamination and trucks or carts encouraging outdoor activity that’ll help keep your team at a comfortable distance, you can now feel good knowing your employees are not only enjoying a special surprise, but also have peace of mind you’re doing your part to keep them healthy during office hours. 



Some of the most popular office eats include the approachability of Italian and Mexican, the ubiquitousness of Asian, and seasonal treats like a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day. 

 on a hot summer’s day. 

Sample mouthwatering bulgogi tacos with pickled vegetables from New York institution Big D’s Grub or grab a classic Neapolitan slice from Abeetz. Craving a burrito with a side of chips and guac? Look no further than the Vendy Award winners for “Bad Hombres,” El Toro Rojo. And, what could be better than heavenly ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery.

With over 50 food trucks to choose from, New York Food Truck Association has a cuisine for every palate and dietary/nutritional needs. 


With over a decade of experience providing an exceptional foodservice throughout New York City and beyond, New York Food Truck Association only partners with the finest food trucks and carts offering the best “street eats” providing quality customer service. Plus, many of NYFTA’s members are nationally recognized, award-winning vendors. 

No matter how big your company is, New York Food Truck Association can be of service. In 2018, NYFTA teamed up with NYC’s iconic Katz’s Deli and helped A+E thank their employees with nine food trucks delivering delicious lunches across the television network’s New York offices.

Eats Corporate Catering Event



While you focus on getting back to business and returning to “normal,” NYFTA will handle all the details for your food truck catered event, from finding the right vendor for your event and crafting a custom menu that fits your needs, to providing wait staff there to make sure your event goes off without a hitch and much more. 

So, connect today with the best food trucks in New York and plan a catered lunch or event perfectly aligned to keep your employees happy and healthy.

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