8 Ice Cream Trucks That Will Make Your Birthday Party Sweet

For kids of all ages, there’s nothing more exciting than the sound of the local ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood. A walk outside your front door meant nostalgic moments to look back on and, of course, a few scoops of delicious ice cream to savor. 

There’s always a good reason to indulge, but catering from New York’s most popular ice cream trucks will make sweet memories for your next birthday party. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a closer look at some of these NYC legends and also get a sample of their signature treats.

New York Ice Cream Trucks


Italian ices are a New York staple and everyone knows Andy’s Italian Ices are “heaven in a cup.” With over 45 different flavors to choose from, Andy’s water and crème ices are made daily and bursting with flavor, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Their “USA Rainbow” water ice is a trifecta of classic Italian ice flavors and a must-try. With weekly and holiday specials, and sugar-free selections, Andy’s Italian Ices can cater your birthday party, with healthier choices that are just as refreshing. 

Signature treat: USA Rainbow’

USA Rainbow Ices


Bona Bona Ice Cream is the perfect addition to your birthday party. The ice cream truck uses the best possible ingredients to make the most unique, flavorful, and indulgent combinations that makes every bite better guaranteed to put a smile on your guests’ faces. If you’re looking to visit the trucks in the summer, you can find them at Smorgasburg in NY and NJ! 

Signature Treat: ‘Holy Cannoli!’

Bona Bona ice cream cup


Synonymous with “soft serve,” Carvel is the undisputed soft-serve champion since 1929. What began as one ice cream truck stationed in a parking lot has grown to over 500 franchise locations in 25 states. There are so many signature treats to choose from, but Carvel’s Flying Saucers are out of this world and helped put ice cream sandwiches on the map. Vanilla soft-serve sandwiched between two chocolate cookies will transport you to your favorite childhood memories. Perfect for any occasion, let the industry leader in ice cream cater your birthday party and make it extra special. 

Signature treat: Flying Saucer’

Carvel Ice Cream Truck Flying Saucer


Mister Softee‘s indelible jingle and blue and white aesthetic is the definition of what a classic ice cream truck should be. The largest franchisor of soft ice cream in the U.S., Mister Softee is known for their legendary cones with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, as well as their creamy milkshakes. But, have you ever tried their banana boat? This behemoth is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth it. Served in between a banana sliced in half lengthwise, soft vanilla ice cream is topped with chocolate syrup, garnished with cherries and whipped cream. After sixty-four years, it’s no surprise that Mister Softee is the Northeast’s most beloved ice cream truck that’s ready to make your birthday party a smash hit.

Signature treat: Banana Boat’

Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck Banana Boat


Ice cream that doesn’t just make you feel good but good for you? Ice cream lovers rejoice because Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is the ice cream truck that’s just for you. Made with only all-natural ingredients, their ice cream is second to none and tastes the way ice cream was meant to taste: creamy, sweet, and delicious. Van Leeuwen’s Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam is a real crowd-pleaser. Cold-ground Tahitian vanilla, jam from Oregon-grown strawberries, and crumbles of gluten-free oat cookies prove eating vegan can be a mouthwatering experience and the star of any birthday party.

Signature treat: Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam’

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam


We’ve talked a lot about ice cream trucks, but let’s take things up a notch by adding a Belgian waffle to the mix. Waffle de Lys’ crispy on the outside, pillowy-soft on the inside waffles are made from ingredients imported directly from Belgium and France. There’s an ice cream/waffle pairing on their menu that’ll satisfy any appetite, but try their ‘La Classique,’ made with fresh strawberries and bananas and drizzled with rich Belgian chocolate and topped homemade whipped cream. With plenty of combinations to choose from, Waffle de Lys is the ice cream truck with a twist that’s perfect for catering your birthday party.

Signature treat: La Classique’

Waffle De Lys Truck La Classique


A New York institution, Walter’s Hot Dogs has been drawing crowds for over a century. In fact, Walter’s flagship location in Mamaroneck, New York is so iconic, it’s recognized as a nationally registered historical landmark. Known for their hot dog trucks cruising throughout the Westchester area, Walter’s is also serving decadent sweet treats. Their fresh-baked ‘Cinnamon Sticks Deluxe’ are topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. With hot dogs and ice cream, Walter’s is your one-stop-shop food truck that’ll cover all your birthday party cuisine needs.

Signature treat: Cinnamon Sticks Deluxe’

Walter's Hot Dogs Cinnamon Sticks


Sip ‘N Swirl is a family-owned, homemade ice cream shop located in the town of Little Falls, New Jersey. On top of its store location, Sip ‘N Swirl serves their delicious ice cream all throughout New Jersey and New York in their iconic ice cream trucks: their swanky 1958 vintage ice cream truck, their soft serve ice cream truck, and their seasonal winter coffee and Santa truck. And, it’s not just their ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try Sip ‘N Swirl’s root beer floats, ice cream, milkshakes, and loaded sundaes! Don’t wait, and book Sip ‘N Swirl for your birthday party. 

Signature treat: ‘Loaded Sundae’

Sip 'N Swirl loaded sundae


Ice cream is the type of dessert that brings everyone together. There’s always a good reason to enjoy a scoop or two, but ice cream and birthday parties go hand in hand. Skip those supermarket gallons and take things to the next level. With ice cream and more from New York’s finest ice cream trucks, you’re guaranteed to make your next birthday party a celebration to remember.

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