The NYFTA is an association of the best mobile food vendors in New York that focuses on full-service mobile catering and experiential marketing.

We believe that food brings people together. That’s why we curate unique memorable mobile experiences with New York’s premium food trucks, bringing better food to you and more people together. Whether you’re looking to hire gourmet food truck catering for your event or facilitate a marketing promotion, we provide a turn-key service for your mobile culinary needs. We are a team of creative minds and industry experts, driven to help companies of all shapes and sizes build brand awareness, audience engagement and consumer loyalty.
We strategize, we plan, we over-deliver. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.

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Project Cycle

Here’s how it works

Give Us Details

Give us details

date, time, location, and number of people

Pick your cuisines

Pick your cuisines

from 50+ premium food trucks with eclectic menu variations.

Customize your experience

Customize your experience

by designing your own menu board, or adding on interactive elements such as a photo booth

Sit back relax

Sit back, relax

and enjoy your event while we ensure seamless execution

Concept development

Concept development

whether it’s a detailed marketing plan or a big idea you need help polish, we will collaborate with you to ensure your vision comes to life.

Location selection

Location selection

we know NYC and can ensure you reach your target audience in optimal high traffic locations.

Truck Customization


endless customization possibilities, from a unique wrap design, to custom menu development, to branded collateral and so much more!

Branded Truck Promotions


we’re pros, which means you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your event while we ensure it goes off without a hitch. This is what we do best so sit back and relax as we ensure you have a successful event!


why choose us

  • The best eats on the streets - from helping develop customized menus, to picking from our hand-selected vendors, we know good food. We offer over 50 types of cuisines, and we’ve tried everything on the menu to make sure you’ll like it just as much we do.
  • Experienced professionals - With 200+ yearly events under our belt, we can identify and prevent problems before they occur and fix those that arise unexpectedly.
  • Compliance and success - It’s more than just ensuring trucks show up on time. We handle all logistics from insurance paperwork to securing the proper permits, to managing a point of sales system.
  • Premium vendors - our members are properly insured and up-to-date on their health inspections, as well as personally vetted for food quality, cleanliness, reliability, and customer service.


The New York Food Truck Association is committed to empowering local mobile vendors to grow their businesses and to succeed in their mission of sharing their cuisine with others. By connecting our members with potential business opportunities and bringing additional revenue streams through branded promotions, we ensure our members always stay relevant and busy year round.

Our members consist of a diverse group of mobile culinary artists who operate throughout the five boroughs of NYC and are approved by the Department of Health. Our relationship with our members is built on trust, and powered by our common love for food and good company. We are community-driven, always aspiring to sustain high-quality food, enforce street safety, and elevate food truck experiences.

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Food Truck Catering
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nyfta faq’s

Can a food truck park in Central Park or near another Public Park?arrow

Food trucks cannot be parked in Central Park, as they have their own vendors. If your event is in the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, check with them first, as they can reserve it for you. In terms of other public parks, (ie: Madison Square or Bryant) trucks can typically park very close to them (across the street or nearby street) but would not be able to park directly on them without permission through the parks department. Unfortunately, that is not something we would be able to handle but can help with finding other parking locations nearby.

What is your cancellation policy?arrow

Given the nature of food products and other passed up opportunities by the truck, any cancellation of this contract will incur a 50% cancellation fee (based on the total contracted amount) if the cancellation occurs 14 days prior to the event. If the event is canceled within fourteen (14) days prior to the event for any reason the client will be responsible for the full amount of the contract.

Can the NYFTA provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for my event venue?arrow

Yes, we are able to provide a COI and you just need to provide us with the name and address of who you would like listed on the policy.

Where will the food truck park?arrow

Unless you are able to secure a location for the truck, they will park as close as possible to your desired location. If you need the truck to be in a very specific location and are unable to secure a parking spot, you can speak to us about our spot holding services ($1,000-$1,500) which can be added to your booking and will ensure a specific spot is available. Depending on the location, a special event parking permit might be required through the city and we would be able to handle that as well ($5,500). The special event parking permit would be able to fit about 4 trucks. 

What type of payments does NYFTA accept? When do payments need to be made?arrow

NYFTA can process payment via Check or ACH for no additional fee. We can also accept credit card payments but those would be subject to a 3.5% convenience fee. We require that contracts be paid in full upon signing. Our Food Truck vendors are reserving dates (in favor of other opportunities) and arrangements are immediately set in motion upon signing.

How long is my truck booked for?arrow

Typically, each booking comes with a 3-4 hour serving window. If you need the truck for an extended period of time there could be an additional fee depending on the total portions.

How does the booking process work?arrow

Once we agree on the truck(s) selection and pricing, we will send over an event portal for you to review the booking and sign off in order to confirm. After that you are all set and an invoice will be sent over.

What are the dimensions of a food truck?arrow

The average food truck ranges between 18-24 ft. long and 8 ft. wide. Food carts and trailers range between 9-24. ft long and 5-7 ft. wide. Check out our members to view each vendor’s truck and/or cart dimensions listed on their member page.

Do all NYFTA vendors have health permits and insurance?arrow

Yes, NYFTA only works with food trucks that have health permits, insurance, and have been issued an ‘A’ letter grade from the New York Department of Health. Our members are personally vetted and carefully selected to ensure they meet the highest degree of food quality and hospitality. All certificates of insurance are kept on file and can be provided upon request.

How does payment work?arrow

Depending on your event, payment can be structured in one of two ways: 

    • Private event buyout: Event host covers the cost of the catering and food trucks services directly, and there is no charge for the guests. Prices are estimated at a per-person and time-based rate. 
    • Private event sales: The hired food truck accepts cash and credit card sales on-site. There is typically a minimum sales guarantee required.
Can the staff working the food truck get Covid tested before the event?arrow

Due to their busy schedules, the truck cannot get pcr tested at a testing facility. However, food trucks can come early to your event if you are able to provide on-site tests beforehand.

Can you schedule a tasting?arrow

Tastings can be difficult to schedule since most vendors are booked for private events and not regularly operating street sales. Sometimes they can be arranged with advanced notice but they are not guaranteed.

Will the food truck have any buffer food if they run out?arrow

Typically, trucks bring a 15%-20% buffer of food and can go over the prepaid portions slightly if needed on the event day. However, trucks can run out of certain options and food altogether if the prepaid portions are too low for the number of guests at the event.

Are all the menu options included for my event?arrow

On our website, you can see our individual members’ pages and their menus. For most events, we will need to limit the options to 3-4 main dishes of your choice (sides and drinks are optional and would cost extra per person). This is done in order to expedite service and to limit food waste for the vendors. If you have any special menu requests, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

How many servings can the trucks prepare?arrow

If the trucks are cooking to order they can serve ~100-150 guests per hour. For much larger events we can recommend trucks that are able to do pre-packaged meals in order to expedite service time significantly.

How far will NYFTA food truck members travel for an event?arrow

NYFTA members will generally travel within the Tri-State area, depending on location. Additional fees apply for events outside the 5 boroughs.

What if more people show up to an event than expected?arrow

Food trucks come prepared to serve the number of people agreed upon in the contract. Depending on each truck’s storage capability, our members typically bring 10% more product to serve additional portions at an additional per person cost, which is specified at the time of booking.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?arrow

We understand that unexpected things happen. If you need to reschedule your event date or time, we will make our best effort to accommodate your request. If you need to cancel your event, you are subject to our cancellation policy, which will be discussed upfront at the time of booking.

Can food trucks operate indoors?arrow

Many of our members have trucks and/or carts that can be powered by electric and operate indoors. Check out these members here.

What if I want more than one food truck for my event? Can I rent multiple trucks?arrow

Absolutely! NYFTA can source as many vendors as needed for your event, from a single cart to dozens of food trucks.

How much does a branded promotion cost?arrow

The minimum cost to produce a branded promotion is $15k, but pricing can vary depending on the scope of your project. Please fill out a form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail. 

How does parking work? Do you supply permits?arrow

Although street parking in NYC can be extremely complicated, the NYFTA will work with you to find the perfect parking spot or obtain the necessary parking permit for your branded promotion.

Do you provide brand ambassadors?arrow

Yes, we believe that brand ambassadors (BA’s) can help create genuine interactions and meaningful moments for consumers interacting through the promotion. We work with a great roster of brand ambassadors who are bubbly and love sharing their passion for your product. We can provide you with as many brand ambassadors as needed for your event. Our brand ambassadors are highly trained with the latest data capture programs, so that once the activation ends, you can harness the valuable data and insight that has been collected.

What kind of customization do you do?arrow

Every aspect of our branded activations are highly customizable. We handle everything from custom wraps, to interior/exterior fabrication, branded goods and packaging, and custom menus. Our in-house culinary team can create almost any food and beverage items imaginable for the tastiest interactive experience!

How much lead time do you need for a branded promotion?arrow

Typically about 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the activation, however, every project varies in scope of work and might require additional production time. We recommend filling out our Branded Promotions Form as soon as possible so a member of our team can discuss your project in more detail.

How does the design process work?arrow

After finalizing which truck/cart would best suit your needs, our team will send you a template for your graphic designer to use when creating the graphics for your custom vinyl wrap. We are happy to design the wrap on your behalf, but additional fees will apply.

Do you secure permits?arrow

We do not help food trucks secure necessary health permits and mobile food vendor licenses.

Do you do custom build outs?arrow

We do not handle custom build outs for up-and-coming food truck owners. We only work with pre-existing food trucks that are registered with the department of health and are properly insured.

What are the benefits?arrow

NYFTA will contact you about exclusive event listings, as well as additional branded promotions opportunities as they arise. You will gain access to our vast network of food truck owners and operators in the New York area, as well as receive free marketing from the NYFTA on our social media channels. Additionally, we are always working to change the rule and regulations in favor of food truck owners, and as a member of the Association, we will fight on your behalf for these changes.

What are the fees associated with being a member?arrow

Membership to join the NYFTA is always free!

How do I become a member?arrow

If you are already an existing food truck, please complete this form and a member from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.