Best Coffee Carts & Trucks for Your Next Corporate Event

Nitrotaps Coffee Food Cart

Planning and executing a successful corporate event is no easy task. Whether it’s a small party or a large special event, a balance must be struck between accomplishing the goals of the event while ensuring the event is fun and engaging for all attendees. Gathering around a selection of food trucks and coffee carts is sure to impress your employees and show your appreciation!

The presence of some style of food or beverage catering is a fantastic way to spice up an otherwise run-of-the-mill event. Access to refreshments offers your guests a chance to take a break from the work side of the things while simultaneously making it feel like a special event.

Mobile coffee catering is rapidly increasing in popularity as a catering option for corporate events, and renting coffee carts has become more accessible than ever.

Just about everyone has a signature drink they love to grab before work from the large coffee chains. With a mobile coffee cart, you can bring all the great local coffee options right to your guests.

Whether an employee wants a fancy latte or a simple cup of cold brew, the plethora of wonderful coffee shops and coffee carts loved by New Yorkers from every burrow will have you covered. 

By hiring a coffee cart for your next event, you can support local businesses while ensuring your guests are served great coffee drinks from a friendly and skilled barista.

From Cups to Carts: A Brief History of Coffee Shops

They say the hardest part of starting your own mobile coffee catering service is inventing coffee. Luckily, that part has already been taken care of, though its exact origins have reached an almost mythical status.

One legend states that a 9th-century goat herder named Kaldi noticed how “spirited” his goats became after eating berries from a certain tree. Kaldi ran to the local monastery with his observations, where a monk then created a brew from the same berries and found he was able to stay up much later praying.

What is known is that coffee cultivation and trade began on the Arabian Peninsula sometime during the 15th century.  The popularity of the drink increased rapidly, and by the 16th century, the sale and growth of coffee had spread to Egypt, Turkey, and Syria.

Towards the middle of the 17th century, coffee as we know it today was introduced to the United States through New York.  The country’s oldest coffee merchant, Gillies Coffee, got its start in NY in 1840, and by 1876 the U.S. was importing a third of the world’s coffee supply.

Towards the end of the 19th century, NYC witnessed a boom of street food in the form of food trucks and wagons showing up on every corner. Coinciding with the increase in the popularity of coffee, it wasn’t long before mobile coffee carts began showing up on street corners as well.  

The popularity of the drink did not stop there either. As of today, there are at least 3400 coffee shops and coffee carts in New York City alone. It’s no wonder New York has earned the title of “the city that never sleeps”!

latte foam art

Why Hire a Coffee Cart For Your Event?

So why pay for a mobile coffee cart when there is a Starbucks around every corner? Adding more to your plate (or cup) may understandably be the last thing you want to do while planning an event.

However, bringing in a coffee cart for your next event will benefit your guests as well as the local community in a number of ways, including: 


Why wait for your employees to wander off to find a Starbucks when you can bring delicious local coffee right to them with a mobile cafe? With a cart hired specifically for your event, you can rest easy knowing your employees can get their lattes and espressos nearby, and quickly. If you have a more long-term project or event in mind, consider a cafe pop-up to shine the spotlight on a local coffee business over a longer period of time.  

Diversity of options

Hiring mobile coffee truck catering for your next event allows you the freedom to choose exactly the right cart to fit your needs. With as many coffee options as New York offers, you can pick a spot that is a favorite of your employees or a cart whose menu meets the needs of your event.

cappucinos and baked goods

Menu Flexibility

When catering special events, most coffee trailers will work with their customer to build a menu that will please employees and management alike. Whether you want to focus on a few signature drinks or offer some food to pair with your coffee, a coffee cart or truck can offer a flexible menu and custom quote when hired. From mocha to matcha, there’s a coffee truck that can accommodate your needs. 

Support local businesses

While there seems to be a Starbucks or Peets coffee on every corner these days, the best coffee is still to be found in the smaller local shops from passionate entrepreneurs. Hiring a coffee cart for your event or party would not only support a local business financially but also provide much-needed visibility and exposure.

Espresso Guys Food Truck

Give employees some pep!

While your corporate events are surely as exciting as a roller coaster, sometimes people just need an extra boost. That’s where one or more coffee stands come in. Providing coffee and other caffeinated beverages will keep your employees alert and energetic. Bonus points for some branding to leverage your event on social media when your employees share a selfie with their cup!

Deploy Coffee Cart

The Best Local Coffee Carts

With quite literally thousands of delicious local options to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the choices. Luckily, the hard work has already been done for you! Below you’ll find a list of some of the absolute best coffee carts and coffee food trucks that New York has to offer.

Citizen Caravan Coffee Cart

Deploy Coffee

Veteran-owned and “deployed” throughout New York City, this compact food cart will prepare you for whatever battle you may face during the day. They source all their beans from some of the best roasters all over the globe. 

They are available to cater just about any type of event. They’d make an absolutely great addition to a corporate event, wedding, brunch, or any other function where people will appreciate coffee drinks.

Deploy is more than just drip coffee (though it is some of the best around). They have an extensive selection of matcha, teas, and specialty drinks as well. Our favorite? You have to try the “MOAB,” which combines matcha, espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk for an explosion of flavor.

deploy coffee cart at night

Blank Street

Founded by talented baristas and not to mention good friends Issam Freiha and Vinay Menda, Blank Street was created with the goal of serving local food and coffee with little environmental impact.

Complimenting their coffee, Blank Street also offers artisan pastries and breakfast tacos from the windows of their zero-emissions carts. From corporate lunches to office parties, Blank Street offers a fully customizable menu to their customers.

Blank Street Cafe Cart Scaled

The Espresso Guys

The Espresso Guys is a gourmet mobile coffee and espresso bar (though gals can drink the espresso too) who offer catering for both indoor and outdoor events.

The Espresso Guys specialize in the classics such as espresso drinks and iced lattes, and offer a menu of delicious pastries to compliment your perfect cup of coffee. An office espresso machine is nice, but not everyone is as talented at brewing up their favorite specialty coffee drink as The Espresso Guys. 

Espresso Guys Coffee Catering Owners

Mobile Coffee Catering at Your Door

With an abundance of options as well as benefits, a mobile coffee shop or truck is a must-have for your next corporate event or company party. Earn brownie points for being a cool boss while supporting local businesses and keeping your employees fed and energized.

Now armed with your (very) brief history of coffee, you’ll know exactly what to talk to others about as you huddle around the coffee cart at your next party. Cheers to your next cup of joe!

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