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Founded in 2012, Brooklyn Popcorn food truck became the “World’s First Gourmet Popcorn Shop on Wheels,” with over 16 delightful and innovative flavors to munch on made fresh all day, every day. If you’re a fan of popcorn, you won’t believe the different flavors you have yet to try. Unique combinations range from Cinnamon Kettlecorn & White Cheddar to Jalepeno Nacho and Coconut Caramel, with new sensational gourmet creations always available. The Brooklyn Popcorn food truck is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and nameless other events where you’d like to have something special and satisfying on hand for when hunger strikes!

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Brooklyn Popcorn was born from the idea between David and three of his native New Yorker friends who shared a love for popcorn and the desire to bring fast, fresh, and delicious health food with a twist of gourmet flavor added to it. David is passionate about gourmet popcorn, from choosing the perfect kernels to adding the best ingredients that give it a little taste of Brooklyn with each bite. Whether you order hot off the truck or place an order to be shipped, David guarantees that each bag preserves the freshness and taste of daily popped popcorn.