Food Truck Catering for Employees Working From Home

What employee can say “no” to a boss who picks up the lunch tab? With millions working from home this year, why not bring back a little office spirit with food truck catering that’s sure to put a smile on your team’s faces. 

While several surveys performed throughout 2020 show office workers want to work from home at least one day a week, the physical office isn’t obsolete yet and neither are the needs for in-person collaboration, productivity, and sense of community that’s hard to replicate via Zoom. 

So, how can employers bring the best of the “office experience” that boosts morale and elicits camaraderie?

Nothing puts a smile on everyone’s faces like a great meal, and food truck catering boasts some of the finest cuisines from around the world that’s convenient, mobile, no-stress, and at price that won’t break the office budget. 

Check out the advantages of those face-to-face moments in the office and ways you can bring co-workers together again through delicious meals and tantalizing treats.

Working From Home Corporate Catering


At first blush, working remotely can seem like hitting the jackpot. More autonomy, flexible working hours, no commute; the list goes on. 

But, pull back the layers and you’ll find working from home isn’t quite the blessing it appears to be. In a global study conducted in April, over 40% of people surveyed said their mental health has declined since the COVID-19 outbreak, with workers reporting increased anxiety and stress.

With the pandemic causing employees to lose a sense of work/life balance, how can companies provide a sense of normalcy and a reminder of “office life” pre-COVID?

Beyond networking opportunities, higher productivity, and “teamwork that makes the dream work,” interoffice connections have the singular ability to elevate company culture. When you spend valuable time with co-workers, that social foundation makes it easier to form genuine relationships and cement lasting connections you won’t find over the phone, through email, or online. 

For employers, the simple act of treating employees food to a delicious meal is more than just a nice perk. It shows a business cares about its workers and that their efforts and contributions, especially during challenging times, are truly appreciated. 

And, food truck catering is the perfect partner when you’re looking for an easy, budget-friendly, and delicious way of saying “thanks for all you do.”

Walter's Hot Dogs Food Truck Catering


Treating your employees to a company meal is an employee-retention magnet. According to USA Today, it can result in a 67% job-satisfaction rate because it inherently shows a company is serious about fostering a supportive work environment. 

It can also provide a boost to your business’ productivity. Remember the days when, just before noon, workers began thinking about where they’d go for lunch. Delivery? Take-out? What restaurant? Will they have time to dine-in? Those minor worries added up. Now, take that and couple it with your employees working across scattered locations. 

With food truck catering, you’ve found a win/win scenario. Not only are you satisfying your employees’ hunger, you’re also removing a major source of distraction. 

Eating together is also one of the simplest ways to bring a diverse group of people together and allows employees from all walks of life to strengthen social bonds. With more options at employers’ disposal than ever before, food truck catering takes the guesswork out of planning a treat for your team, by providing delicious and authentic meals that’ll boost morale and increase overall productivity.


Food truck catering for your employees is more than just a break from the workday. It can be a satisfying, culinary adventure that only requires your imagination:

From Asian Fusion and Greek, to dessert and everything in between, food truck catering brings people together with turn-key service for all your mobile culinary needs. 


With so many advantages to booking food truck catering for your remote employees, it’s hard not to start planning right now. And, just in time for the start of the holiday season.