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New York Comic Con Conference Catering

In 2015, the New York Food Truck Association launched, and annually operates, the New York Comic Con Food Truck Lot at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan. With over 250k attendees dressed up in some of the most creative cosplay outfits, from “Game of Thrones” key characters to Robin’s Scoops Ahoy costumes from “Stranger Things,” Comic Con remains the largest pop culture event on the East Coast. As a fast, fun and scalable solution to event catering, New York Comic Con partners with The NYFTA to organize a wide variety of food trucks that best match their needs.

The NYFTA Solution

Each year the NYFTA brings New York’s finest food vendors to the scene, including Vendy award-winning trucks and hidden treasures alike. With the surprise appearance of Nuchas as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, and authentic Philly cheesesteaks from Phil’s Steaks, NYFTA always captures the best flavors for attendees to choose from. Even between attending panels, scrambling to get autographs from special guests, and collecting swag giveaways, fans nonetheless arrange time to visit the lot lined with food trucks for a delicious lunch.

When operating large-scale events and serving a crowd over hundreds of thousands of people, organization and efficiency are key. The New York Food Truck Association offers end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of Comic Con’s event catering and production. Forget unfavorable, unregulated long lines and food that comes out cold. At Comic Con, we control queues and install options such as cashless payments to expedite wait times. We are experts in knowing how much food to plan for and preparing dietary accommodations so nobody is left hungry. Additionally, we manage all of our participating vendors through a centralized point-of-sale system that tracks each vendor’s event sales and real-time analytics, to ultimately provide our client with a fully-detailed sales report.

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"The NYFTA food village was delicious! Really enjoyed the steak fries"

- Cosplay Attendee

The Results

Since first engaging with Comic Con in 2015, the NFYTA has successfully grown our food vendors sales from $200k sales to over half a million in 2018. Our team provides additional on-site storage for food and beverage supplies to keep up with the ever-growing demand. With our highly trained staff available on-site to manage all logistics, the NYFTA continues to make New York Comic Con catering a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients and their guests.

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Comic Con Food Truck Lot

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