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Dub Pies is the first specialty bakery to bring the authentic New Zealand-Australian pies to the streets of NYC. Consider their pies a delicious dose of hand-held goodness, made of flaky pastry wrapped around an assortment of savory fillings made fresh every day. Their unique menu also includes vegetarian pies, a range of New Zealand inspired sweets, and specialty coffee beverages like Flat Whites, cold brew, drip coffee, and espressos. Find New Zealand cuisine a whole lot closer to home with Dub Pies catering.

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Gareth is a British-born Kiwi father who calls Brooklyn his home. He moved to the US in 1996, quickly realizing there wasn’t anything to satisfy his appetite for the staple meat pies that Kiwis and Aussies grew up with. Having studied pie-making under New Zealand’s top bakers, he decided to recreate these pies himself. He opened up his own peripatetic bakery in the Lower East Side and expanded to opening a food truck, bringing New Zealand’s ultimate comfort food to the masses