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In the mood to pig out? Well, why not go big with the food truck named one of the very “Best Pig Out Foods in America” by both the Food Network and Travel Channel? Eat Callahan’s is truly every meat eater’s fantasy, serving up their iconic deep-fried hot dogs and nationally rated burgers since as early as 1950— but the food truck doesn’t neglect their vegetarian friends, either. Their menu items make sure to include meatless options so that they can cater and please every single New Yorker under the Empire State Building! Whether you’re in it for the Mac ‘n Cheese Stuffed Burger, Flaming Hot Cheeto Soft Shell Crab, or even the Veggie Burger, you and your guests simply won’t be let down when you book this delicious New York food truck for your next event.

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Meet Daniel DeMiglio

Since the early age of seven, Daniel DeMiglio had one goal in mind: to carry on his grandfather’s legacy and make Eat Callahan’s food truck a well-known New York phenomenon. Thanks to the original owner, Artie Castrianni, the food truck had an already successful beginning as a roadside food stand, but it exploded semi-recently in 2014. Over the last few years, Daniel has been able to bring the New York food truck to the forefront of the restaurant scene: from features and reviews from national television shows to shoutouts from publications like Insider and Thrillist, it’s clear that Daniel has fulfilled his lifelong dream of keeping the family business alive, and more importantly, booming. He says himself that “It’s always about the quality and experience, and [he] loves what [he] does every single day!”