Live Like the Irish: New York’s Best Food Trucks to Toast St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day 2023 is almost here. For New Yorkers, this means you can expect to find streets and restaurants busier than just about any other time of year; from the iconic St. Patrick’s Day parade to bar crawls and block parties all throughout the city, New York definitely does not shy away from celebrating how lucky we are to have our Irish community. 

And like all great holidays, St. Patrick’s Day revolves around two main things: the food and drink! So, when you’re planning a big St. Paddy’s Day bash, remember that there’s more to think about then just the guest list and the decor— what really makes or breaks your party is the caterer. 

Getting a menu right for a big group is difficult, but don’t stress: we make your life easier by listing six of the best St. Patrick’s Day food truck caterers in NYC! Some of these food trucks incorporate special items on their menu, and others just naturally fit the bill as a St. Patrick’s Day caterer.  You can book any (or all) of these food trucks to double down on the St. Patrick’s Day theme and make your bash a true success. 

Let’s take a look! 

St. Patricks Day


Cold Stone is a crowd favorite across the entire country. Spanning from California to New York, Cold Stone’s creamy and elaborate concoctions set a high standard for ice cream flavors; from the aptly named ‘Chocolate Devotion’ to ‘Cookies Make Everything Batter,’ it’s hard to compete with this well-known chain, and the challenge doesn’t get any easier on St. Paddy’s Day. 

For the last two years, Cold Stone has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with their delicious and Lucky Charm ice cream. The special green Lucky Charms-flavored ice cream was first introduced in 2021, and because the addition to their menu was such a hit, Cold Stone is set to continue the flavor as an annual St. Patrick’s Day tradition! 

You can bring this special Irish treat to your St. Paddy’s Day party by booking the Cold Stone food truck today! 

Lucky Charms ice cream


Chip City follows suit with a similar Irish-themed treat, the Lucky Charms Cookie! The base is made with real cereal flour, topped with a vanilla glaze, and filled with marshmallow fluff. Sounds delicious? Then don’t miss out on these sweet treats and book the food truck to cater for your next event!

Chip City luck charm cookie


Wanna Empanada celebrates this special holiday in full force, serving St. Patrick’s Day-themed empanadas for the entire month of March! From the ‘Irish Cheddar’ and & ‘Cabbage & Potato’ flavors to the ‘Guinness BBQ Pulled Pork’ and ‘Baileys Irish Cream,’ there are few ways better to impress your St. Patty’s Day party guests than an Irish twist on a Mexican dish. 

If you’re interested in these sweet, savory, and truly cosmopolitan snacks for your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, then book the Wanna Empanada food truck today! 

Wanna Empanada empanadas


You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy House of Cupcakes, but St. Patrick’s Day is a day better than any other to book this food truck as your party caterer! This New York food truck never misses an opportunity to theme their cupcakes; from customized birthday cupcakes to Superbowl-themed toppings, there’s no special event out of House of Cupcakes’s reach. 

On St. Patrick’s Day, this means you can ask for cupcakes decorated with shamrocks, like the photo below, or anything else that comes to mind when you think ‘Irish.’

House of Cupcakes St Paddys Day themed


Kona Ice naturally fits the St. Patrick’s Day aesthetic with their delicious Green Apple flavor and green cups. This is a simple, festive, and cost-effective option for your St. Paddy’s Day event this year! 



Elevate your St. Patrick’s Day and add some class to your St. Patrick’s Day event with craft beers (and Italian Prosecco, still wines, and crafted cocktails) from Bubbles and Brews. Whether your event is a grand affair celebrating “the luck of the Irish” or an intimate gathering to say “sláinte” (that’s “cheers” in Gaelic) with friends and family, Bubbles and Brews has two trucks to suit your needs (and budget). 

The Creamsicle is a fully-restored vintage “mobile bar” offering two onboard taps ready to serve up pints of Guinness, Smithwick’s, or the Irish ales of your choice, and you can even work with the caterer to serve green beer! But, if you want your private event to be the St. Patty’s Day party of the year, The Ape is your party animal on wheels. With service for up to seven drinks of your choice you have the ability to host your own Irish pub (and even a tap for some fine Irish whiskey). 

With customizable packages available, service with a smile, and even graphics that can be tailored to your St. Patrick’s Day theme, make your private event as green as a four-leaf clover with one of Bubbles and Brews vintage trucks.

Bubblesand Brews Theapesite


NYFTA has over a decade of professional food truck experience in the New York area, and knows the best food trucks and carts to select, with the best service and the highest quality food and drinks. From the moment you book your truck and create your custom menu, to the end of your private party or event, NYFTA sweats all the details and works with you every step of the way. 

So, make your St. Patrick’s Day gathering the place to be that’ll have your guests feel like they’re saying “Erin go Bragh” while kissing the Blarney Stone!

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